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Hmm, America or Italy! Italy bc my father studied there when he was young and has a passion for the place, and he told many stories of the wonderful food there. America bc I really want to see how wide and diverse the country is. Did you know that Yellowstone is like twice the size of our country??? I really want to travel around and experience as much as I can!

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We dont have any grudge against each other! We have ULTIMATE MEME targeted to Shinzo abe, and if you lose against Japan in a sports match you are quite literally gonna get cussed out, but nothing bad.

...we just want them to apologize for their sex slaves and war crimes.

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Negative is an understatement, honestly. We have a military system that forces every male to attend army for at least 2 years in their life, and it's all thanks to north Korea: the money wasted in military skyrockets every year and we loathe Kim Jung Un for his horrid crimes to his people.

We do not hate the people, however. We have a system that accepts all north Korean people who ran away from their awful system, and we know that all the suffering is caused by Kim family themselves only.

We never fear them, though. We usually just make memes out of Kim's hairstyle (seriously who thought it was a good idea). I think we got numb over multiple threats. We usually just go "oh, again?" over their nuke threats. Happened too much for us.

Edit bc I misspelled un into in

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My grandparents are from North Korea.

Dad was born in the south, and my grandad died when my dad was 10 so I never really heard about their story, but I know that my grandmother misses her home dearly after all these years. I really want to see north and south united, bring granny back to her home village, and free the suffering people of the north.

(Also north food are not spicy at the slightest so I have literally no tolerance to spicy food thanks to dad genes. In a land of spicy food, it's a torture. Save me. I can't eat out with friends.)

I really never met a Malaysian person, and only heard of the country in a brief social studies class. I'm really sorry I can't answer you on that.

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We like America a lot! I think it's like a mutual friendship. American gov and our gov are in good terms, and we think they're cool.

We have racists here, too, who thinks that 'asian nationality is superior, bla bla, american guntoting bastards', but you can ignore them- it's usually a really small amount of weird people.

We call people who eat a lot of food "You eat like an American" as a joke, tho. (We don't eat greasy foods a lot.)

Our view about trump is neutral with a tint of disapproval, since he kinda talks about us likes he's bossing us around, but otherwise we really don't care that much.

Ask me more if you have more questions!