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Do you hope for reunification of north and south korea? Like east and west germany. If so, After the reunification would you like to visit there? What do you think of Malaysia and the Malaysian that you ever met.

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Sorry to hear that. I wish your grandma can visit north soon once the border that separate people is no longer there. FYI Samyang Ramen is very popular here in Malaysia. Korea is popular among Malaysian thanks to K pop. What should we expect when I visit korea this year? I’m interested in seeing nature and experience local culture, or popular festivals that I should not miss. Sorry to ask about this if it sound rude or ignorant, are all korean food spicy and also very expensive?

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Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the trip. You have been to one of the most diverse place of culture in Malaysia.

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You are very lucky to be able to see fireflies on a boat trip, due to habitat loss fireflies are rarely seen nowadays.

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I'm a technician in oil refinery, why are fuel addictive were added at the very last moment before sending into tanker? Not sure about in USA if they do this at all. And do you take fuel from refinery A supply to other competitor brand of gas station?