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Yeah this is a fucking stupid ama lmao

Cotton is absolutely awful for the land it's planted on. It's also probably very mediocre - nearly every piece of cotton clothing I've ever ordered online feels like shit.

Paying people a fair wage does not mean sustainable. Sustainable would be, idk, rotating the cotton's field every so often. Sustainable would be making limited batches to conserve water usage. Sustainable would be not doing this in the first place, and leaving it up to larger scale operations and just investing in them instead of trying to make a quick buck off of gullible, naive, but justifiably green-thinking people.

The only good thing the dude is doing is planting trees, which I'll admit, is 243 times more than I can almost guarantee anybody here has, myself included.

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That's still more than most people reading this ama. Go you!

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When I was in that age range, we were given our own single tree to plant. I put mine in my backyard, and I think on a trip we planted some trees, but not 50. Maybe like.. a dozen, max, if that.

Not sure if they do it anymore.

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That sounds like a good program. I mean, not every tree survives, but if even like 5 per kid does, that's still a good increase in trees.

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How does your site source the information on pricing for products we are about to buy?

Note to all students, use libgen.is for your textbook pdf needs, you can often find commonly-used textbooks on there. You'll still need to buy codes for math shit though.