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What are some of the best platforms for freelancers and employers to connect? Or what is a generally good methodology for freelancers to find employers?

Also how does the global marketplace affect the local economies of remote work? In other words what are good measures that a freelancer in, say, North America can take to not be outsourced by countries with different currencies and lower cost of living?

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Hey thanks for doing this AMA! :) This is a kind of vague question, but do you ever try looking at your country from the eyes of a visitor? Like how the landscape and culture which is normal and everyday for you might effect someone visiting it as new and exciting?

This is something I think about a lot and just curious to hear thoughts of someone from another part of the world :) Especially since there's a lot from South Korea that I think has captured the imaginations of westerners! Certainly me at least, like how nostalgic some of the streets look at night, or on rainy days. Hahaha

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Thank you for the reply!