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How old are you? I'm a pre-med student who's applying to medical schools this year and I was just wondering if you remember the process of applying to schools and whether it'd be relevant still.

How hard is surgery? I really want to do surgery and cardiac and neuro is up there. I heard that with neuro, you pretty much have no life outside of med. Is that true for cardiac?

How did you come to choose cardiac surgery?

And did you make the right choice? Is this all that you've dreamed it would be and that you're living a very happy and successful life?

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I recently became obsessed with BTS. How big is it actually in korea? Who's your bias?

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Do you guys do all of the statistical work? Why not use a statistician?

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Ah ok. I didn't even think of processing!

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Hi Dr. Reynolds! It would be great if you will please tell us all about the flu virus- like how it mutates every year, the molecular and genetic processes that allow for that to happen (as detailed as possible, I really want to know), how it infects, how the infection causes the symtoms to appear (like why do you get a fever, why do you feel fatigue, etc), are you doing any research or know someone working on stopping this mutation? Thanks!