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35 year old member of the zipper club.... I still kinda hate mine.

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This is the best question here. I've never heard of band of horses before, but I logged in just so I could upvote HORSE the band questions.

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Not true at all. The majority of English speakers on the planet are non-native speakers. Hearing a variety of accents and learning to distinguish the variety of sounds are imperative to a speakers success in the language.

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It's not different. That's part of the problem. While celebrities are still shucking their wares, they unlike these two guys may have legitimately interesting AMAs about their careers. One of the reasons why we have a cult of celebrity is because we buy into this idea that they are completely different than common folk. Then we can act surprised as hell when they reveal that they're human too. I buy into it too. That's why I like certain celeb AMAs but downvote advertising like this.

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Your English is really good! What's your TOEIC score? Just kidding! Enjoy your Solnal, and winter break before school in March.