Hey there! We’re Jeff, Madlene, Pete and Harut. We work at PicsArt as the Head of Marketing, Director of Content and Community, Mobile PM and Software Architect. PicsArt is a top social destination for creators to discover and make awesome interactive content. It offers both creative editing tools and a highly engaged creative community in one place. One of our most popular features is our Dispersion tool which helped create the viral IDontFeelSoGood meme craze. We also hold editing challenges with brands and artists, including AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” and POPSUGAR just to name a few. Plus, we just wrapped up a challenge with with Maroon 5, check it out! User feedback is important to us, and we’re here to answer your questions. So, go ahead and ask us anything!

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mariawatsonnn543 karma

I’ve been using your app for a long time now, but why are you putting so many annoying ads there? I preferred the ones you used to have, nowadays it’s a bit hard to use the app

incith408 karma

"we didn't realize how much money we could make"

TizardPaperclip299 karma


$8. Per. Fucking. Month. — No Option to Buy.


If you want to purchase this app, the best alternatives are (according to this thread):


  • ToolWiz Photos: Purchaseable and ad-supported versions available. No spyware.

  • Snapseed: Free to use, but may contain spyware (Google).


PicsArt-53 karma

As the people behind PicsArt, we get it. We have a large global team to make PicsArt awesome. We’re working hard to continuously improve our features and build a kick-ass community. PicsArt users always have a choice between a free experience with ads and a subscription supported, ads-free experience… we offer a free trial, and encourage you to try it out.

PicsArt-151 karma

Ads allow us to keep our app free for everyone. If you would like an ad free experience, we offer a subscription called PicsArt Gold :) https://picsart.com/gold

AHughes1078190 karma

Holy shit, $8/month? You really think your service holds up at $8/month? For stickers, filters, and cheesy effects?

For $10/month you can get the Adobe Photography pack (which comes with Photoshop) and learn how to actually manipulate photos instead of using a watered-down gimmicky app.

Edit: Added a sentence about Photoshop.

PicsArt-142 karma

For the price of 2 cups of coffee, you get access to thousands of premium content items (stickers, frames, fonts, backgrounds, etc.) every month, which are worth well over $3,000 if you were to buy individually. Also, we have millions of free, community assets that can be used without subscribing.

roygbivA2345 karma


PicsArt-92 karma

Sorry to hear that's been your experience. Quality is an important initiative to us. PicsArt is a free app that's ad supported. As mentioned, we do offer an ad-free experience with PicsArt Gold.

What device are you using?

sobersally124 karma

Why do you feel the need to include the level of advertisements that you do?

PicsArt-119 karma

We want to continue to keep the app free so that everyone can be creative. Ads make that happen.

Batou203471 karma

Why in ten years of apps has no one made an image editing program as powerful-yet-simply as Deluxe Paint on the Amiga? It's not even difficult to do, compared to photoshop style image processing.

PicsArt-21 karma

Batou203418 karma

Yes that kind of Amiga. Deluxe Paint is a pixel editor, with a great feature that you could make a brush out of anything. It'd be great to have such software again in the 21st century.

PicsArt-36 karma

Then you would love our Brushes tool! You can use any of your stickers or our 5M+ community stickers, dotted lines, colors and preset patterns

_Z_E_R_O64 karma

What do you think of my artwork? I made it for another Reddit user on request several months ago using your app.

I‘m open to endorsement deals!

PicsArt-46 karma

Lol you should share that on PicsArt

2009_G8GXP_for_sale60 karma

Do you save copies of the original or edited photos on your servers? Why or why not? (Pending the first answer)

PicsArt5 karma

We only store the photos you explicitly ask us to store. Also, save your drafts for you so you don't lose your work and you can work on your projects at any time. These are only kept privately and only you can see them.

incanick26 karma

Are these photos used in any way by PicsArt? Sold, copied, used for marketing, etc?

PicsArt26 karma

Our Terms do give us leeway with publicly posted images. While we never sell images, sometimes we use exceptional public posts for marketing. What's different about the PA app is our "free-to-edit" feature. If a user posts an image as free-to-edit, anyone can remix it. This often leads to really cool variations of an original image. If we post images somewhere else, we always give the users credit :)

GeneralDon12 karma

If you post images elsewhere or use them for marketing, is the original author notified?

PicsArt10 karma

If the image is used on PicsArt, absolutely. The original author gets a notification through their PA account. We do our best to notify users when the image is posted off-network.

Schonke6 karma

So you store the photos as drafts. How long are drafts stored for? What conditions must be met before they're delete?

PicsArt12 karma

We keep the project files locally on your devices, and the stickers are kept in your private photos, you can delete them anytime you want.

3shirts49 karma

Would you rather have a ham hand or an armpit that dispenses sun cream?

PicsArt59 karma

A ham hand would be too tempting to eat. A sunscreen dispensing armpit sounds more practical provided you have control over it.

Sodonotcare42 karma

Are you often confused with Pixar?

PicsArt34 karma

Yes, when we talk to people we are sure to say PicsART, emphasizing the "ART" :)

LordApocalyptica23 karma

My question was gonna be was that intentional?

PicsArt-35 karma

Nope, it was a combo of "pictures" and "art"

gonchit441 karma

Why did you remove the option to make GIFs?

PicsArt-51 karma

GIFs can be created with PicsArt GIF and Sticker Maker. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/picsart-gif-sticker-maker/id1063953163?mt=8

FluffyV18 karma

Why won't my custom fonts work? I tried to reach support but they just gave me the answer on the FAQ, which wasn't the problem I was having.

PicsArt-40 karma

We've recently made some enhancements to custom fonts! If you're still having issues, please contact [email protected] with more info and we can help you out :)

jmdierkhising042 karma

Hello! I work for the company that’s now in ur old office space. Small internet. What would be ur dream client or project to work on ?

PicsArt5 karma

We've worked with lots of great partners like Maroon 5, 30STM, MTV Fear Factor and POPSUGAR. Given how popular Kpop is on the app, BTS would be great to work with :)

guavacadus0 karma

Have you ever thought about adding a collaborative mode between users? You know, sectioning off pieces of panel to be worked on in unison or completing the artwork in rounds like a game of scrabble.

PicsArt0 karma

We've done that! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=km2iPhTT3wc

Also check out our Daily Remix Challenge. AKA, Madlene's favorite :)

aaronzolla-4 karma

Can you add a special meme editing mode?

PicsArt-3 karma

That's a great idea ;)

sosadmyturtleranaway-5 karma


PicsArt-6 karma

Keep an eye out for internships on our career page! https://picsart.com/jobs

noapparentfunction-5 karma

i use the app sometimes to combine images. is there a possibility to expand the canvas size on an already opened image?

PicsArt-3 karma

To expand the canvas size, go to "tools" and then select "resize"

noapparentfunction0 karma

i have tried this before, but 1) it forces the same proportions and 2) sometimes i want to create white space on the top or bottom.

PicsArt2 karma

Selecting "square fit" in the editor will format your image with the white space you're looking for :)

airenglandd-10 karma

Have you guys run any global editing challenges with local artists? ie instead of Maroon5, working with a big time contributor on PicsArt?

PicsArt-2 karma

Absolutely! We work with some of our top users to create global challenges.

dbrucesu-10 karma

are you hiring?

PicsArt-4 karma

We are! Check out our openings: https://picsart.com/jobs

alleyeb-10 karma

What does a Mobil PM do?

PicsArt-2 karma

All the things! Most of the time mobile PMs work alongside designers and developers building and improving the product, whatever that may be. When we're not working with our direct teams, we're in the trenches with data analysts, researchers, marketing, finance (every department), figuring out what to launch, how, what it will cost, and when.

Lunalize-13 karma

In your opinion what makes Picsart unique among other editing apps?

PicsArt-3 karma

PicsArt is a combination of 3 things (1) a powerful mobile photo editor w/3000+ tools, (2) an active community of over 100M monthly creators and (3) a growing collection of content, we have millions of #FreeToEdit and remix images, stickers and assets.

alanasofiao-17 karma

PicsArt considers adding a triptych effect?

PicsArt-1 karma

That's a great idea! We don't have a one touch tool for it but with our collage tool you can select a three frame option and create your own.

alanasofiao-25 karma

I've been in Picsart for many years and I've always had a curiosity. Among millions of users and tons of images posted daily: what is the process of a curator to select outstanding images? Is it something based only on AI? What do you look for when selecting images to feature them?

PicsArt-4 karma

Hi Alana, so cool to chat with you here! We do use AI to scout out drawings, edits, and photos from the community! Of course we don't depend solely on AI though- our curators also scout Challenges, Hashtags, and remixes under #FreeToEdit images to find awesome content!

gamehound266-42 karma

What inspired you to make this specific app?

PicsArt3 karma

Our founder, Hovhannes Avoyan, has a daughter and she was the inspiration for PicsArt. She is an artist and received negative feedback on other social platforms regarding her artwork. Hovhannes set out to create an app that was more positive and collaborative. He wanted his daughter to be creative on the go, at a café or restaurant with easy ways to share, get feedback and connect with similar people. He wanted an app and platform that enabled everyone to be creative and inspired.

gamehound266-18 karma

As a person who one day hopes to be a successful entrepreneur, this inspires me. Good luck team!!

PicsArt-3 karma

Thanks! Good luck to you as well :)

karotte999-47 karma

Are you planning on releasing a desktop version? I really love the Android app.. it's so easy to use

PicsArt1 karma

PicsArt is available on Windows 10 and above which works on desktop and mobile

ianmalcm-50 karma

I had no idea your app does all the Thanos memes until yesterday when I stumbled upon a random single mention in a forum post. For a month now I’ve been looking for the triangles filters and tutorials to no avail. Could you advertise on knowyourmeme or some relevant subreddits so when your app becomes a trend it’s easier to find?

PicsArt-9 karma

That's a great idea! :)

alanasofiao-82 karma

If the statistics exist ... what are the three most used editing tools in PA?

PicsArt-14 karma

This month the #IDontFeelSoGood trend made our Dispersion tool quite popular! Magic effects and cutout are also very popular one-touch tools that turn your images into artwork. And of course, the Crop is always a favorite :)

PicsArt-18 karma

Looking into that now :) What are your favorite PicsArt tools?

Lunalize-83 karma

If you could work in any department/team at Picsart for one day, which one would you choose and why?

PicsArt-13 karma

Madlene: I would want to work in the China office for a day! Jeff: Working in AI to help develop a more personalized PicsArt experience. Pete: China is the obvious choice for me because I've already had the opportunity to go to our Yerevan office. Harut: My department, the data department is the best...

PicsArt-5 karma

Harut: If I were forced to choose another department, it would be the Operations department