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As an amateur you generally plan your dive to not require any decompression stops and always keep a clear line to the surface above you.

If your air runs out you signal to your diving buddy that you're out of air and use their spare second stage to breath their air. If that fails you drop your weight belt which causes you to become lighter than the surrounding water and start ascending to the surface. If you planned your dive without decompression stops and remember to exhale as you ascend you'll be fine when you reach the surface apart from some ear pain.

Edit: one part of your scuba training is practicing dealing with emergencies like running out of air, dropping your mouthpiece, losing your mask and controlled emergency ascent.

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How about the fact that male actors make very little money outside of gay porn?

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People with bigger guns (police/army) outside the walls.

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Not even any snow here. :(

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For those of you that grew up (like I did) back east, you may not be aware of what a privilege it is to have Public Lands out here in the West. Cattle and people both roam freely out here, there is land aplenty for recreation of all kinds, it really is an entirely different feeling than the eastern half of the country where there is a constant questioning of whose land you're on and if you're allowed to be there doing what you're doing.

Y'all mother fuckers need some allemansr├Ątt!