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You'll be feeling it full Force soon.

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On his journey of introspection, /u/lordapocalyptica finally got in touch with his inner butt

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I will never forget Ryan's final line in the bloopers "If we do another hoedown I swill slit my fucking wrists" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RG49Qg8L1h0&feature=relmfu&t=07m53s

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Only time I did assembly was when I wanted to make a game on my TI-84, and decided that I didn't want to.

I miss those days too.

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Lol I was gonna go "CAN YOU HEAR ME" but thought that was too much as clearly the answer is no, then I come to the comments and someone has the idea I had with just that extra drip of finesse I was looking for.