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Have you ever spent ages compiling a page only for that meme to die almost immediately?

How long do you 'wait' before you consider it a meme and how long does it take to document one?

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Presumably your day to day work environment is pretty candid. Do you ever accidentally start an anecdote outside work and then realise it's totally inappropriate?

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Only 45% of the London Underground is actually in tunnels.

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Just whizz out the door. Not like anyone will say anything. People don't talk on the tube.

Chris Moyles (radio DJ) has told a story of a friend of his who did exactly this. He had to race to get on the last tube even though he was busting for a pee. Eventually as they stopped at a platform with no one waiting by his door, he said "I'm really sorry" and then pissed out the door (he tried to aim mostly down the gap). Zipped up, doors closed, and no one said anything or acknowledged he'd done it.

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You'd think they'd have cottoned on to the fact it's not working by now.