On Citytv and Muchmusic, and TV channels around the world, my humour guided you to see through the hype-machines, PR spin and media manipulations of the music industry, celebrity culture and political machines. I spoke to you and for you and together we formed a mighty force in the War on Stupid.

Then I went away to write my memoirs and look what happened. Tree Toss. Speakers Corner. Loud. Electric Circus. Fromage - all swept away, taking our fun and gleeful anarchy with it. Fake news, alternative facts, micro-aggressions, safe spaces, tiki torches, 24 hour cable news amplifying the loudest and stupidest voices while drowning out any voice of reason. But I am louder and with me as your megaphone, we will again wage the War on Stupid through my online channel FUN - The FU_Network.

Help me bring back FUN by supporting our IndieGoGo Campaign - We're producing new versions of your old favourites like the ones above plus brand-new shows with that sly, subversive spirit that is truly Canadian. So Ask Me Anything about anything. But don't be an idiot.

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EDIT 2: OK, I'm back. Let's (Continue To) Do This. You people are insane. Just the way I like it.

EDIT 3: Alright Everybody. It's past midnight. We just passed 10,000 clams. This has been incredible. It's officially time to wish you all a #HappyCanadaDay and it's time For Ed The Sock to go live with Liana and say thank you!

EDIT 4: Big shout-out to all the people - over 600 commentors with questions - and the over 100K people who followed the AMA today. We're keeping it going all weekend, so keep asking me anything. Except stupid questions!

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EDIT 5: Oh, and the guy who's been helping me with this says I should say thank you "for the 2 X Reddit Gold." But I have no clue what that is. So, thank you? Whatever. Hey - I was asked earlier about my worst interviews and I promised video. Here's one about Vanilla Ice -

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EdtheSock777560 karma

Was just this moment talking with fellow Canadian comedy hero Tom Green about maybe doing something together. What do you guys think, want to see that?

yimmy51275 karma

FUCKING YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

EdtheSock777179 karma

Okay, there's a vote.

EdtheSock777517 karma

So far I'm impressed, good questions all around. Not surprising. My audience has always been smarter than average, and not just because you watch me. One of the reasons I quit Muchmusic was management put in a new edict that the audience was too stupid to remember anything older than 3 months ago, so don't reference anything beyond that. They told me "our viewers are stupid and just want sh*t, so we're just going to give them sh*t". That's a direct quote. I wasn't going to dumb-down, and they were vindictive morons, so I left.

Darkchyylde509 karma

Dude. Where the hell have you been? Canada needs you! What cigar do you prefer?

EdtheSock777392 karma

Cheap ones. I'm in Canadian media. Cigars aren't cheap.

Darkchyylde78 karma

Why not fly to Cuba and grab some decent ones before all the Americans are allowed to go back again?

EdtheSock777164 karma

Why would I waste my money? It's not like I can tell the difference. No taste buds.

ArticArny46 karma

Try Aspiras, they already taste like old socks.

EdtheSock77722 karma

Do you work in their marketing department?

EdtheSock777248 karma

Been away writing my memoirs. Also, the Canadian Tv industry curled up and died. Very conservative now, whatever remnants still exist. I said "remnants" not "rampart".

TPL_on_Reddit68 karma

Your memoirs ... want to do a book launch at TPL?

... I think you would really enjoy the Atrium space of the Toronto Reference Library or the newly renovated North York Central Library reopening July 5th !

EdtheSock77739 karma

Good promo work! I like the North York Central Library, or liberry as a previous mayor called them. Made many photocopies of books for school projects before the internet. Hated it. Books don't photocopy well!

JAndiz10 karma

100% a launch location I could get behind /would love to join at. Yes, for the most part, the direction the media is going in isn't the greatest... But the direction the TPL is going in is, and continues to be, a danm impressive one, and one that all responsible citizens aught to be proud to support and be a part of at every turn. <3.

EdtheSock77710 karma

Dude, nice post but you're still going to have to pay your overdue fines.

EdtheSock777334 karma

Three things I don't want to be asked:

- do you have problems with lint?

- do you use dryer sheets?

- do you have a brother lost in the dryer?

These are all alleged 'humour' based in my ethnicity and, additionally, stupid.

hammernick45 karma

Cynicism vs sarcasm vs despair vs optimism.

Which side of the 4 sided coin are you on?

I put you dead centre... which make it the most FU-N of all

EdtheSock777141 karma

Hmm...I'd combine them all except despair. Cynics and the sarcastic are essentially optimists because we know things can be better than they are, which is why we are commenting when they aren't.

sasksasquatch165 karma

I remember you with MuchMusic and absolutely loved your Fromage specials. Was there any of the rants that you gave during those shows that you wish you didn't do or a video that you feel you took it lightly on?

EdtheSock77784 karma

Crackmacs131 karma

  • Remember when Weird Al took over Muchmusic? Any fun stories from those times? He always looked so fun.

  • Did you ever visit the Mike Bullard talk show that was on comedy? I could never understand the appeal of that guy. Just awful.

  • Will we see any of your old co-hosts on FU with you?

EdtheSock777178 karma

I do remember and Al was always fun. He did my show as a guest I think 3, maybe 4 times. But since he shaved the mustache, none. Odd.

Bullard? No. They did ask if they could "borrow" me for a sketch, but wouldn't let me actually be myself. Told them to FU. Bullard was a product of heavy marketing $$ but maybe I shouldn't sh*t on him now, considering his recent troubles. Actually, he caused his own troubles, so F him.

Liana K is with me on Cooking with Ed and Red, the cooking show for people who hate cooking shows and she has her own series - Lady Bits, about women & videogames, which is funny and smart, and Hey Ladies, where she and two other women sit around a table drinking wine and talking about things as real women do, not like TV's version of real women do.

yimmy5124 karma

Can Ed the sock and Weird Al please go on tour and take all of my money

EdtheSock77714 karma

Well... How much money are we talking about?

Transcowboy108 karma

Who were the most annoying and/or douchiest canadian rock stars you dealt with? And who were your favorite?

EdtheSock777416 karma

Best? Mostly liked all of them pretty well. Nickelback really knew how to roll with the jokes. I don't know if you've heard of them, they're a Canadian band, but nobody you know has ever bought their albums.

Also Avril Lavigne - I did her first interview ever, when nobody else wanted to because she was an unknown. Had a great rapport ever after.

Crash Test Dummies - Brad got really high before an interview and snotted on his own face. Then once did a live interview with me where he said that his favourite magazine was "Shaved Asian". Management was not happy. I was.

Transcowboy47 karma

Oh man, anyone have a link to these Brad interviews?? Sounds amazing! I love CTD's!

EdtheSock777159 karma

There's almost nothing of classic Much online. I have tapes of my VJ shifts and Fromage but that interview i likely buried in the bowels of CTV's library and they have refused to show any of my content. When they did their 'best of' weekend for their 30th anniversary, they didn't run a single bit of my content. Said they had "too much good stuff" from others. I disagree.

EdtheSock77786 karma

Canadian? Hmm...I always judged them differently because let's face it, they didn't have the resources the Americans did. That said - rapper Snow and Jeff from Tea Party.

EdtheSock777154 karma

Both Snow and Jeff from Tea Party said they wanted to beat me up. Jeff wilted as soon as I was in front of him, but Snow actually came down to Much and his manager stopped him from going inside. I didn't know about it until later that day. Nor did I care. I crap bigger than Snow.

sluggathugga24 karma

Damn. Depressing that Tea Party had no chill.

reznikpa26 karma

I like the Tea Party's music but Jeff Martin aaalllllways gave off the vibe that he took himself way too seriously

Dimensha21 karma

There is a good reason that he got so many Jim Morrison comparisons. It wasn't just the look, it was his whole selfish, egotistical attitude that he has.

EdtheSock77722 karma

Bingo redux

EdtheSock7779 karma


EdtheSock77791 karma

Feel free to ask me anything about Much, back when I was there and it wasn't crap.

yimmy5147 karma

What are the craziest stories from old much music parties or backstage at huge concerts or festivals? Please name names and please do it all day because I can't get enough of this

EdtheSock777132 karma

Craziest/worst story was when we were covering an Edgefest, I was walking along talking to people, and we got to this couple laying n each other, and I started to talk to them and they didn't respond. At all. We noticed they didn't seem to be breathing. They had overdosed and none of their friends around them noticed. We called paramedics, they were revived (they had been breathing but faintly) and they went to the hospital. Frikkin eerie. If I hadn't approached them they probably would have died there. And the grounds crew hate clearing away bodies.

EdtheSock777109 karma

The truth about Muchmusic backstage parties? Okay, you asked, so here it is: nothing crazy happened. The VJs were mostly straight-edge or if they did drink or smoke weed, it was really minor. I don't remember smelling weed at any of the parties. We weren't teenagers acting out, we were people doing jobs with people we liked. So...sorry, boring.

yimmy5160 karma

I still love you Ed but you could have at least lied a little bit here and told me that you and strombo used to fly helicopters with Hunter S Thompson and shoot shotguns

EdtheSock777198 karma

We did that, but with David Suzuki.

necromundus85 karma

Hey Ed. As a teenager in the 90's you were an icon, an inspiration. Glad to see you're still making waves.

I wanted to ask you if you've got plans to showcase independent Canadian artists who are making music out of their homes, with no real budget or studio to speak of. Will the FU network have a place for us?

EdtheSock77774 karma

Absolutely. Contact [email protected].

KangFu76 karma

FYI, I just crossposted this to other Canadian subreddits to spread word like r/Toronto, r/Canada and get more traction.

Do you have any plans to setup another location downtown to interact with people on the street?

EdtheSock77742 karma

Yes, but where and when will depend on the crowdfunding campaign, then advertisers.

joecool51975 karma

I just wanna say thanks for the hot tub girl segments on the old show. Big part of my masterbating habits as a teen.

What's Ur relationship with other famous puppet Triumph the Insult Comic Dog?

EdtheSock77775 karma

Well, I'm glad to have helped you refine your masturbation technique for adulthood.

And to answer - same as Superman has to Bizarro.

FauxCapitalist73 karma

Your handler once ran for public office. Given the state of politics today, will you yourself be running for office in the 2019 federal election?

EdtheSock777217 karma

No. Because I'm afraid I'd win.

Crackmacs38 karma

oh noes, we'd have a sock puppet in office. that'd be a first

EdtheSock77736 karma

I'm nobody's puppet.

DarkoMilicik5 karma

America beat you to it.

Source: am American.

EdtheSock7779 karma

He's more like a wavy tube guy, hollow and blowing hot air.

necromundus21 karma

you'd have my vote

EdtheSock77729 karma


proggR66 karma

Hey Ed, thanks for stopping in here and for the endless entertainment as a kid :)

Re: Canadian music in the post Much world, what things bum you out? What things give you hope? And what Canadian artists are you stoked on that might not be getting the attention they deserve at the moment?

EdtheSock777142 karma

What bums me out is the lack of a place like Much to promote Canadian music that would benefit from having proper exposure to reach a wider audience. That's one of the goals of FU Network, and why, if you support Canadian independent music, you should back my Indiegogo today.

I could get you a list of those bands, and maybe I will.

proggR67 karma

I work at Exclaim! (I'm the programmer who makes all the bugs :P) so I definitely try to support Canadian independent music. Even for us though, its hard getting word out there to people who don't already know the artist given how everything is so dependent on algorithms now. I miss the days when Much gave me LOUD, the Punk Show, New Music, Fromage, hell, even Speakers Corner was occasionally useful for finding new music. We had a good thing going. One more reason why Bell can eat a dick.

I'll definitely toss some money at the IGG next week. I want those goddamn socks man!

EdtheSock77766 karma

Maybe Exclaim and us can make a show together. Shared vision.

EdtheSock77762 karma

OK - I'm here! Fire away!

ThoiveAgain53 karma

If Much (and the rest of the Canadian media) hadn't been totally mismanaged over the past decade, what do you think it would have been like today in the current social climate?

What video from the 2010s would you most like to give the Fromage treatment?

EdtheSock77794 karma

That was the question that led me to create FUN - The FU_Network (check out the Indiegogo and new shows at It would be alive, in-the-moment, down to earth, honest, relevant irreverence using social media and the internet to reach even more people and make our dialogues go bigger.

I did a Fromage online for, I think, 2012? 2013? I'd have to look. Anyway, if we get funded properly on FU Network's crowdfunding campaign, the plan is for new Fromage that looks at current videos but also a weekly series on The Cheesy History of Music Videos. So, think about backing it, OK?

oahayder41 karma

You once did a “what’s wrong with hip hop” show that was really well done. Has your opinion on hip hop, it’s fans and the media surrounding it changed since then?

EdtheSock77798 karma

Not so much. The show you're referring to is my "Smartass: The Ed the Sock Report", the last series I did before I quit Muchmusic because they became lying idiots.

The premise of that show was that hip hop/rap was getting criticized for having the exact same things amd messaging in their videos as had been in 80s music videos, but because they were black, it was seen as menacing and dangerous. I think the big difference now is that hip hop has become so mainstream to attract those white suburban $$ that I don't think it reflects the Black experience like it did when it started. But that happens to anything that gets popular, it loses touch.

yimmy5140 karma

Hey Ed.

Can you describe exactly what the hell happened to Canadian television? Especially comedy? How did we go from you, Tom Green, Kenny VS Spenny, Trailer Park Boys - some of the most Innovative and boundary-pushing content ever seen in the world... to now. Where you can't find a single Canadian stand-up comedian or musician on television. Where shows are cancelled instead of promoted. What the hell happened to this country? And how will you save us from ourselves?

EdtheSock77762 karma

What happened was the collision of 4 things - the 2008 recession, the internet and the lack of vision among TV execs in handling both and the CRTC bending over.

Also, companies bought each other and got bigger, with bigger debt and higher overheads.

When the CRTC allowed networks to put all their Canadian content money into prime time, support for shows during the other hours disappeared. And the prime time shows they are making have to have a long shelf-life and be middle of the road enough to sell in foreign markets.

The comedies you mentioned were all creative risks that big nets can't afford to take anymore. Or don't think they can.

My FU_Network is going to restore that tier of programming that takes risks, innovates, is timely and responsive and doesn't need to be understood in Luxembourg.

yimmy5124 karma

I guess that's the part that I don't understand from the TV Executive / Corporate perspective.

Didn't Tom Green and Kenny versus Spenny and Trailer Park Boys become gigantic, highly profitable, International Sensations? Didn't SCTV and Kids in the Hall and Lorne Michaels do the same before that? Jim Carrey? Mike Myers? Russell Peters. Norm McDonald. The list goes on and on.

Aren't Canadian stand-up comedians regarded as some of the best of all time as are our musicians and our actors and our sketch comedians etc etc? Aren't these Executives and corporate idiots completely wrong? I feel like it's pretty obvious that Canadian comedy and art is a massive commodity that makes huge amounts of money and his beloved around the world and yet we do not produce original content anymore and it is all safe boring bullshit.

I guess what I'm saying is that once you have finished bringing back your own show can you please bring back all those other shows too and make new ones just as good?

You have always been a champion for Canadian artists and we really need that right now because I know lots of hip-hop artists and stand-up comedians and actors who literally have nowhere to go in this country other than to leave and try their luck in the US or Europe

EdtheSock77741 karma

I'm not bringing back *my* show, I am bringing back lots of shows and giving new ones a place to grow.

hondacrv40 karma

Is the fun network going to be exclusively online? Or is the long term goal to make it back on tv?

EdtheSock777134 karma

F*ck TV.

Kstarsbest38 karma

Hey Ed, good to see the comeback underway! As a Much kid, I miss you and all your guests. Any one in particular The Sock wants to hit up this time around?

EdtheSock77768 karma

I want to see Christina Aguilera again. I interviewed her when she was just some Disney kid on the "Mulan" soundtrack and we were instant pals after that. She had me host her national press conference, which was a hoot. She's going to be in Ontario in October, looking to see what we can arrange.

vwsr37 karma

Fuck that insult dog. Sorry that wasn’t a question. Fuck that insult dog?

EdtheSock777104 karma

Listen, when he started imitating me, we were both doing the same kind of shtick. I've grown from that vaudeville/borscht belt crap to being a commentator on various issues, and he is still just pooping on things. Also, Conan's show is shrinking to a half-hour, and the dog tried but could never carry a show of his own a full season, and with Ed's Night Party (later Ed and Red's Night Party) I went about 17 years. So, F him.

MetalOcelot37 karma

What's your favorite current Much show, old Simpsons reruns or old South Park reruns?

EdtheSock77732 karma

So hard to choose. It's like Sophie's Choice.

translucent33 karma

Were you annoyed when Tom Green poured milk all over you when you appeared on one of his shows?

EdtheSock77760 karma

Comes with the territory. That would be like someone being pissed at being interviewed by me and actually feeling insulted.

crusher19924 karma

Tom Green and The Sock on tour.... hmmm

EdtheSock77748 karma

One never knows. I was just DMing with Tom 5 minutes ago.

yimmy5139 karma

In related news I am having a Canadian nostalgia orgasm in my pants.

Fitting this sunny #CanadaDay long weekend.

While the rest of the country is at a cottage or a lake I am staring at my phone like a psychopath reading every word of this glorious AMA

EdtheSock77737 karma

Maybe you should get a tissue.

necromundus16 karma

Now I'm picturing Ed the Sock as Dungeon Master for a campaign. I never knew I wanted this until now.

EdtheSock77725 karma

I didn't need to know that ever.

EdtheSock77733 karma

I'm getting a bit woozy from not eating. Sally Struthers just showed up with a camera crew.

Aipy5529 karma

Ed, how are you ?

EdtheSock777115 karma

Thank you for asking. I am dismayed...ok, pissed off at the state of the world since I left TV in 2008. This place looks like the aftermath of a house party in an 80s teen movie. Fake news, alternative facts, safe spaces, colouring books, Jordan Peterson as some sage voice, arguments over bathrooms, and a giant A-hole in the US showing us just how little Americans really care about facts, civility or honesty. That's why I'm back, to be your voice, out loud. Through the FU_Network.

Sixsixsixties27 karma

What about Johnny LaRue’s boom shot?

EdtheSock77727 karma

It's a dream. If we get funded right on our Indiegogo, could be a reality. As well as new Fromage.

CactusJack1325 karma

Hey Ed, what happened to Ed the Sock lives? I looked forward to the commentary every week, and loved the back and fourth between you and the guests you had.

EdtheSock77736 karma

I think you mean "back and forth" but it's Saturday of a long weekend, you're forgiven.

We took a break and then re-thought the whole thing and instead I'll be doing shorter videos. But you liked the interaction with the team?

EdtheSock7778 karma

Also, we don't have a place to do it right now. Hard Rock is gone and the place we were using, Pigeon Row, who are amazing people/company, isn't available any more. So looking for somewhere new as a home base. Any ideas?

callthcopswhenuc2pac24 karma

This FU network. Will it be made available on devices like Roku, Amazon, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc. - or just Desktop/mobile?

EdtheSock77741 karma

Likely yes, we just need to get our crowdfunding in place first. Baby steps.

EdtheSock77723 karma


StereoTypo23 karma

What do you think of Letterkenny? Are there any other Canadian shows that give you an inkling of hope for Canadian TV?

EdtheSock77767 karma

I'm a big fan of Kim's Convenience on CBC. Well-written, well acted, well produced and something people with immigrant backgrounds of any kind can relate to, which is all of us except First Nations. It's very Canadian, but in a good way, not the crappy way that is usually the hallmark of things on TV that are 'very Canadian'.

SwissCheeseUnion22 karma

Do you have any plans to hook up with other classic Canadian personalities for the FU network? PJ Phil is long overdue to host something for a more mature audience.

EdtheSock77751 karma

Me and PJ Phil got together and talked a few weeks ago. Expect to see him on panel for probably "Is This Racist".

underscore1121 karma

Hey Ed, loved your stuff as a kid. What do you think of today's music?

EdtheSock77742 karma

Depends - the music that is heavily marketed, auto-tuned, run through endless focus groups and empty as Trump's soul? Not impressed. But there is a lot of great music under the radar that we hope to feature on a show called FU_Music once we get our crowdfunding in place on Indiegogo. Check out ou site at and see some previews of new shows.

thenewoldschool5521 karma

Canadian hiphop has grown tremendously since you left, especially with the rise of Drake.

Did you ever anticipate this?

And what are your thoughts on Toronto emerging as a credible hiphop city?

EdtheSock77780 karma

It was clear to see that hip hop was the new pop music. I watched as it went from something record companies were afraid of to something they embraced after Eminem made rap safe for white people.

I would like to hate Drake, I really would. But I don't. He's retained some of that Canadian humility, as compared to standard hip hop bravado.

And Toronto as a credible hiphop city is a testament to Toronto's embrace of the Black community and to people like Master T who had to fight to bring that music to Canadians via media.

expertlevel20 karma

Dear Ed, So much has changed in your absence. Why now?

I remember a couple years ago when Nardwuar interviewed you for his radio show. Now that you're back, any plans for more hijinks with him?

EdtheSock77739 karma

Why now? HOW MUCH LONGER SHOULD I HAVE WAITED?? The word has gone to hell in a Trumpbasket.

re: Nardwuar - maybe, he's an interesting character.

rtgorrie19 karma

How do you plan on battling the new class of stupid in the world, and combatting the media based idiocy in the celebrity world this time around? Any new tricks down the ol' sock hole?

EdtheSock77751 karma

First of all, don't go talking about my "ol' sock hole".

Going to take the fight to the internet, which is the source of all stupidity in the world today, a Pandora's Box of idiots spouting insane theories, repressive thought-policing and belligerent nonsense. I don't need new tricks, just using new media. Social media is like a Hydra, cut off one a**hole, two more take its place.

rtgorrie11 karma

Can't wait to see those snake heads roll!

EdtheSock77719 karma

I think that was a Dr. Demento song.

zombiexbox19 karma

Hi Ed! Can't wait to see more of your awesome megaphone voice against stupid!

Question: how did you manage to keep ownership over yourself, and not be the tool of a TV corporation? Sorry if this is a stupid question. I think of it like how WWE owns The Rock, and there used to be shenanigans over whether he or the movie was in was allowed to advertise himself as The Rock.

EdtheSock77746 karma

I had the best contract in Canadian television thanks to my lawyer David Himelfarb. I also own all my old shows and VJ content too, and will be posting them online.

letransient18 karma

When I was eighteen (in 1997), I was dressed in full gutter punk regalia and you stopped me to ask me a question and, not having a clever reply, I instead slapped you across the face, knocking your cigar our of your mouth, which annoyed some of your entourage.

Do you remember me?

EdtheSock77735 karma


iwasnotarobot18 karma

Are there any up-and-coming Canadian music groups from the past few years that you think deserve more exposure?

What is something you hope to achieve with FUN in the next year or two?

EdtheSock77739 karma

There are many up and comers that deserve exposure, but who aren't crassly commercial and poppy enough for record labels. One of the things we want to achieve with FUn is a place to showcase those musicians, not just their music but their personalities by doing nutty adventures with them

The goal of FU Network is to revive the spirit of classic Much - unpredictable, unafraid, honest, fun and funny - and apply it to all kinds of programs about politics, social issues, music, pop culture, video games, comedy and more. And we want to give Canadians back a media outlet that looks like them, talks like them and sounds like them.

DbBooper201615 karma

Ed, who are your favorite (active) comedians?

EdtheSock77729 karma

My friend Russell Peters, with whom I go waaay back to the early 90s, is a favourite. I'd have to think about others, I don't keep up with stand-up much because most of it is shit.

jagerking66615 karma

Ed, First off,k thank you for teaching me the joys of sarcasm and insulting people. What about hosting your channel/shows with the guys at SWEARNET?

EdtheSock77719 karma

Why would we want to amalgamate everything in one place like that? Then we can be taken out with one fell swoop. Whatever a 'fell swoop' is.

ToliB15 karma

So Ed, what were your thoughts on Much Music biting your Holiday Crap Up series with "Video On Trial" doing the same thing?

EdtheSock77733 karma

Here's some backstage history - my team proposed a show called "Video Court" where I'd be the judge and we'd review new videos and if the verdict was they were crap in some unforgiveable way, they'd be pulled off the air for a week. Much refused it. They later wanted me to do Fromage every month, and I said "no" because then we'd be using music videos that didn't deserve the treatment because we needed to fill time. Then shortly after, I quit and they came up with "Video on Trial". Which was never as good as Fromage despite them having literally 3 times the staff we did.

ToliB14 karma

I had a feeling it was bitten styles, when I was in my teens I really looked forward to Fromage, along with Air Farce's Review as part of the year end wrap up.

EdtheSock77717 karma

Much stopped doing anything original when I left, because I was the last person with the power to push for it.

skippykorea14 karma

Long Time fan from MM days.

My question is what brand of cigar do you smoke?

Also any relation to the Honest Ed of Honest Ed's store?

EdtheSock77729 karma

Usually Century Sam.

No, no relation. And what the hell did they do to the store?? Condos?? To quote Charlton Heston at the end of the original Planet of the Apes - YOU MANIACS! YOU BLEW IT UP! AH, DAMN YOU! GOD DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!

mechanate14 karma

Only you could bring balance to the media. But when the world needed you most, you vanished. Are you the Avatar?

EdtheSock77720 karma

Yes. now shut up about it.

kidgore11 karma

what is your opinion on global warming?

EdtheSock77769 karma

Who gives a crap about my "opinion"? My opinions don't change facts. Climate change is real.

orzydorzy14 karma

you a real one

EdtheSock77723 karma

I'm aware of that.

MrFlagg11 karma

Why is there no google home Ed the Sock device? Or at least a way to add your news opinions to my briefings

EdtheSock77715 karma

I don't know. I think there will be.

yimmy5110 karma

I would pay 1 billion dollars for an ed the sock GPS voice app

EdtheSock77723 karma

Put it in my Paypal and we'll get it done.

expertlevel11 karma

Is it weird that at least 11 people (so far) are going to wear you on their feet?

EdtheSock77718 karma

It isn't me, it's an incredible facsimile. And what amazes me is that there aren't more yet. Is there anything cooler than Ed the Sock socks??

yimmy514 karma

That is not nearly enough people in my opinion and I think that Justin Trudeau needs to mandate Ed The Sock socks to be in every sock department in every retail store in Canada. This is a national emergency and it is the only way that we will survive Trump's anger towards Canada

EdtheSock7779 karma

Let's not go crazy.

MrFlagg11 karma

Do you have a good egg nog recipe ?

EdtheSock77739 karma

There's no such thing. Egg nog is like spiced vomit.

EdtheSock77736 karma

However, I do have a recipe for Ed nog that would curl your toes.

monkey_sage10 karma

Too few Canadians are willing to stand up for what they believe in and believe the only guiding principle in our lives should be the economy. What are some fun ways to tell them their views are bad and they should feel bad?

EdtheSock77720 karma

I don't want to tell someone their views are bad, I want to give them entertainment that helps them come to that themselves. You don't change someone's mind by telling them to change their mind.

theryanlaf10 karma

Ed! Love your work and happy you’re back!!

Who’s been your favourite celebrity to hang out with? Alternate question, lamest celeb you’ve ever hung out with?

EdtheSock77710 karma

Favorite I'd have to think about. Lamest I will give you the story on in a video soon. But also Vanilla Ice. Maybe I'll give you that story on video too

fopucopkop10 karma

When Sook-yin left MM she mooned the camera as she was signing off for the last time. Is there any video or pics of this anywhere?

EdtheSock77721 karma

I hope not.

blockerpunch12349 karma

Have you ever had a celebrity get really bent out of shape about something you’ve said?

EdtheSock77740 karma

Canadian rapper Snow's mother apparently misheard something I said about him and called him crying, so he came to the building to try to beat me up, but his manager stopped him. I knew nothing about it.

When Mariah Carey was scheduled to come in, her people said they needed a bigger green room than the one Much had because of the size of her 'staff'. So I said on air that she needs a lot of staff because she needs every square inch of her ass kissed at the same time. The president of Sony music called and insisted I apologize or Mariah wouldn't show up. Management, specifically Dave Kines, didn't ask me to apologize, and I didn't. This was in the days of good Much management. And guess what - she showed up anyway. Can you imagine a network standing behind a performer like that today? No way.

I'm sure there were others, but remarkably few. The majority of celebrities wanted to be interviewed by me and insisted they'd only be on Much if I did the interview. The bigger the star, the cooler they were.


Zippyzootnoodle9 karma

Hey Ed!

You have been my hero ever since you made my band teacher cry at snow job 98!

Have you softened in your age or have you become a bitter old bastard like I expected?

EdtheSock77710 karma

Wait how did I do that? What teacher? Where?

Patches679 karma

Are you going to bring back sexy dames in hot tubs? (And possibly cat ears and maid outfits)?

EdtheSock77730 karma

No. When I did it, nobody else did and it was a commentary on a few things, including how ridiculous attitudes were towards sexuality. Now, elementary school kids are running trains. No need for a hot tub, more like a cold shower. Though attitudes toward sexuality didn't mature, just got more juvenile.

TPL_on_Reddit9 karma

What's your favorite book?

... I'm asking for a friend.

EdtheSock77722 karma

Hmmm...I don't really subscribe to the 'one favourite' thing, on anything. Why do I have to narrow anything down to just one thing that I like best?

I read so many books it's hard to remember them, which sounds like a Donald Trump BS answer, but with me it's true. Among the books I like are Catcher in the Rye, Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman, anything by David Sedaris, anything by George Carlin but especially his earliest works, Pearls Before Swine compilations and Uncle John's Bathroom Reader.

I guess my top two would be Orwell's '1984' and 'Animal Farm'. We already see how the US has always been at war with Oceania, and I see "two legs good, four legs better" repeated over and over in politics and business, and have forever.

trailertrash_lottery9 karma

Holy shit. I completely forgot about the Christmas tree toss and speakers corner. I loved ed the sock and Rick the temp. Anyways, what are your thoughts on the political climate and social media? Do you think it's a bad thing or good that people are discussing politics more?

EdtheSock77714 karma

People aren't talking about politics, people are yelling at each other to make themselves seem like true defenders of the faith. Politics may never have been less understood than now. Ever learn anything from a CNN panel other than which panelists hate each other?

sideways_blow_bang9 karma

Do you still talk to Howard Glassman? Was he a good guy to work with?

EdtheSock77710 karma

We do still talk, I will be on his show on in a week or so. They are doing great work there and I am impressed by what they've built. A pair of Canadian talents that should never have been let go from radio.

thenewoldschool559 karma

You once called out Triumph when Conan did his show over here for a week.

Was there a plan to actually work with NBC / Much and stage a confrontation?

EdtheSock77721 karma

Ha! A plan? I guess you never watched Muchmusic?

EdtheSock7779 karma

I'm hungry. I should have eaten something before we started this.

BlackSwordsman89 karma

Hey Ed. I noticed you mentioned Jordan Peterson? What's your opinion on him, if you care to elaborate?

EdtheSock77731 karma

I think he rose to attention using a bullsh*t "I'll go to jail for not using the right pronoun" whine that misrepresented the law and how Canada works, and now he's some guru for young men who need to be told how to wipe their ass.

SandStorm2738 karma

Good day Ed. I was wondering if there was ever anyone you tried to interview that was unable or just unwilling to go with the shtick of being interviewed by a sock?

EdtheSock77724 karma

Nah. Some were annoyed, like Anthony Kiedis of Red Hot Chili Peppers, but he was used to wearing socks on his rod. Also, he was an a-hole. Vanilla Ice was a classic jackass, I'll tell that story maybe later.

hackel8 karma

Why has no one (outside of Canada, I assume) hard of you, if you're a "TV legend?"

Come on. Now that Alan Thicke, he was a Canadian TV legend!

EdtheSock77711 karma

Typically Canadian attitude, you only matter if someone outside Canada know you. Putz.

EdtheSock7776 karma

Also they know me in countries I was on TV in. There's a racehorse in Australia named after me!

Call_Any-Vegetable18 karma

How would you plan a death match between the FCC and CRTC?

EdtheSock77725 karma

I wouldn't. the CRTC would enter the ring, bend over and hand the FCC the lube.

sideways_blow_bang7 karma

Have you ever had a foot inside you? Or are you still a virgin?

EdtheSock77710 karma

Why don't we meet later and I'll show you about getting a foot in you.

cordonus7 karma

Hello. Will you be visiting cons as part of the FUN Network. Doing interviews with gaming and media icons?

And just because I'm curious. For the Horde?

EdtheSock77711 karma

I've been invited to Atlanti-Con in Corner Brook, Newfoundland in the Fall. Been asked about a few others too.

EdtheSock7775 karma

Wait, are you with Hordak?

the-d-man7 karma

Hi Ed, what new Canadian rock/metal bands would you recommend checking out?

EdtheSock7778 karma

I think I'll do a video about this this week. Look for it on my twitter @edthesock

6dabz6 karma

Did you ever hookup with Rachel Perry?

EdtheSock77715 karma

None of us did any hooking-up with each other. We were like brothers and sisters. And not like the "brothers and sisters" in porn movies, actual family. So no, that would have been gross. And Rachel is doing well living in LA, a wife and mom and a painter. She is really quite a good artist!

6dabz6 karma

Nice. Glad she’s doing well

You should connect With Rick C and do a fireside chat... for ol’ times sake.

EdtheSock7778 karma

we did a podcast for a few weeks a few weeks back called GenPOP, about pop culture. Then Rick got busy with family things, but we'll be back at it soon.

CactusJack135 karma

He actually did an interview on Ed the sock lives on his YouTube channel and was doing a podcast called Gen Pop on Podbean with The Temp

EdtheSock7775 karma

Yeah, what he said. Good to know people are paying attention.

EdtheSock7776 karma

Okay, we have a few minutes left, then I have to go eat. Wilford Brimley also wants me to check my blood and check it often. Ask your questions now.

Political_nonsense5 karma

How do you propose to solve the 'West Lothian' question? Is the English Grand Committee an acceptable solution to the problem at hand?

For some context to readers outside of the UK, certain powers are devolved to the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and Northern Ireland Assembly, but no such devolved body exists for England.

Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland voters elect MPs to the UK Parliament who often cast deciding votes on these devolved issues for laws which only affect England, while English voters have no say on these matters for Scotland, Wales and NI.

After the 2015 election in which then Tory leader David Cameron pledged support for 'English votes on English laws', a conclusion of the McKay commission established under the Liberal Democrat-Tory coalition, an English Grand Committee was established, which votes on bills or portions of bills that the speaker has determined to be relevant only to England and/or Wales. This still leaves Scottish, Northern Ireland and Welsh MPs to vote on bills which do not apply to their constituents on a later reading.

EdtheSock77712 karma

I think you got lost on your way to another AMA.

Murawana5 karma

Is there a chance of you and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog maybe doing a roast of Trump together?

EdtheSock7775 karma

Maybe on some parallel Earth.

Murawana3 karma

Isn't that where we are at though? Welcome back bro!

EdtheSock7773 karma

No, that other parallel Earth. With the Justice Society.

Soulphite5 karma

Ed, I don't want to know what you do. Just tell me, who are you?

EdtheSock77715 karma

I haven't time for navel gazing philosophical musings.

MohosSauce4 karma

Now that weed is going to be legal soon, will you be replacing your Cigar with a Blunt? :^)

EdtheSock77710 karma

I don't need to dull my senses, you people need me as sharp as possible so you can dull your senses.

svbg8694 karma

Do you have an opinion on monstercat, or Thier rise online and especially on Twitch?

EdtheSock7777 karma

Why would my opinion be anything other than supportive of people who started from nothing and built using hard work and wits?

Needaveela4 karma

Time for a deep question.... Samantha or Jeannie?

EdtheSock7779 karma


WaxStatue4 karma

Do you have problems with lint?

Do you use dryer sheets?

Do you have a brother lost in the dryer?

Did you know that telling people not to do things is a great way to make a few of them actually do it?

EdtheSock7778 karma

It's also a great way to smoke out a-holes with nothing to actually contribute.

WaxStatue6 karma

It's pretty ironic when a professional comedian can't take a tiny bit of ribbing.

EdtheSock7775 karma

Oh yeah, you wounded me terribly.

sideways_blow_bang3 karma

Have you ever worked with Triumph the dog?

EdtheSock7778 karma

I guess you could say so, if you consider having someone repeat your shtick "working together".

SlipKid_SlipKid3 karma

Ed, should I piss on you and tell you it's raining?

EdtheSock7774 karma

Just by you asking that, I know you know what the answer is.

SubZero8073 karma

How many hours of Drumpf jokes per day will be mandatory on the FU Network? Do you feel like a heel for selling your sole to the sanitized “progressive” movement?

EdtheSock77711 karma

Not sure how many Drumpf jokes there will be. Maybe on the show America's Hat, which will be a panel show of Canadians talking about American politics. But otherwise, there's enough of that everywhere else and not a lot original left to say.

As for "selling out" to a progressive movement - dude, I've had the exact same opinions for years. I lean right-ish on some things and left-ish on others, but my gauge is not if an idea is liberal or conservative but if it makes any frikkin' sense when applied to human beings instead of ideologies. Just want what works, wherever it originates from. And I can't stand the extreme left as much as I can't stand the extreme right. Extremists in general are more heat than light.

Mewling--Quim3 karma

Yes, hi. Are you any relation to Sifl and/or Olly? If so, can you bring them back too? Many thanks.

EdtheSock7773 karma

No. No.

RangerNS3 karma

When are you going to have a crossover with Triumph?

EdtheSock7773 karma

Never. Ever.

RedArmy-3 karma

Some things from the last decade just need to be left dead there. The whole Drumpf is bad shtick is done, no?

EdtheSock7773 karma

Meaning what? Calling him "Drumpf" or he should have been left back there?

ilovekickrolls1 karma

How much of a hybris do you need to have to call yourself a TV legend?

EdtheSock7778 karma

First of all, I don't have a hybris, I drive a standard engine car.

And I don't call myself that, everyone else calls me that. So have to give the people what they want.