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This may be asking a lot, but can you provide with some bullet points of things that we need to listen to in order to prevent people from turning to racism and what are the most effective way to act or react?

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What is the greatest thing you wanted to debunk SO badly that it genuinely made you upset?

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A yes, the Miss Ping Episode! That one is a personal favourite of mine and convinced me to subscribe to your channel.

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Got any pirate themed eyepatches? Or are all eyepatches pirate themed by default?

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Go crazy. Okay you're on.

We see a lot of abbreviated nonsense linked here about 'How to spot six signs of a sociopath/schizophrenic/whatever."

Can you explain how difficult it is to diagnose a serious mental disorder? And the process and list of professionals it takes for a person to be diagnosed as schizophrenic/sociopath/delusional paranoid/etc?