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If people need any special preparation in the first place, isn't that a sign that the testing is severely flawed and needs to be changed?

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So are you independently wealthy or what? How can you afford to keep paying taxes on a $1.4 million property that is essentially useless and brings in no money? And more importantly, to what end?

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Did it seem like they had an inaccurate and wildly exaggerated impression of the wealth of typical US Americans?

It seems like a common problem, where they don't understand the true cost of living and think someone here losing $600 in a scam is more like losing $20.

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No, it DOES happen in the UK! It's horrific, but it's a huge problem right now... And people are too damned afraid of offending these religious assholes and being accused of discrimination to do anything serious to stop it.

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So the basic premise of an ETF is that it very cheaply diversifies risk by spreading investments over a larger surface, right?

Your proposal is to increase the risk 100 fold by asking people not even to choose which particular company is going to be profitable, but which individual project within a company will be the most profitable? That is insane. What research and expert analysis do you provide to help average investors make a smart investment?

Do you have any idea how bad this sounds? If you take the environmental side out of it, you become snake oil salesman. People will absolutely fall for it, and a couple will even get lucky and get rich, but it is barely better than "investing" in the lottery.