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So are you independently wealthy or what? How can you afford to keep paying taxes on a $1.4 million property that is essentially useless and brings in no money? And more importantly, to what end?

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Did it seem like they had an inaccurate and wildly exaggerated impression of the wealth of typical US Americans?

It seems like a common problem, where they don't understand the true cost of living and think someone here losing $600 in a scam is more like losing $20.

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No, it DOES happen in the UK! It's horrific, but it's a huge problem right now... And people are too damned afraid of offending these religious assholes and being accused of discrimination to do anything serious to stop it.

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Will you try to get a restraining order of some kind as soon as you decide to leave? Are your parents in a community where they might et the help of others to do you harm?

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That is terrible. Here in Minneapolis, they are cops, and they have guns (US, of course...). The complete other extreme, which is equally awful.