Hey, Reddit! I was an active drug smuggler for a period of 6 months. I mostly operated within the states, but from time to time I would smuggle from Mexico. During my time I was caught a total of 3 times. 1st time by DEA, 2nd time by Border patrol and 3rd time by State Police. You might be wondering how I'm not in prison, well it's kind of a long story; Deny everything...

After the 6 months I worked my way up the food chain. Instead of being the mule, my unofficial job was to recruit mules. I had the option to smuggle it myself, but I'd rather hire someone else and just give them a percentage of the sale. Going head to head with the FEDs is not something I want to do again, it was safer this way.

Being able to provide proof on this was kind of tricky. It's not like I was put on a payroll, I did my best. The mods will provide a statement, anything outside of that you'll have to take my word for it.

Proof: refer to comments

Edit 1: I will still be answering questions, but at a slower pace. I'm not done yet so don't worry. I'll get to you eventually.

Edit 2: I want to address something a lot of you have been asking. As a mule I was caught, yes. 3 times exactly. You're asking why the cartel would allow a mule to explain himself, well that's because I wasn't your average mule. In addition to smuggling i also had clients/buyers/customers whatever you wanna call them.

These clients of mine were powerful people who would buy a lot, frequently. I was the middleman between the cartel and clients. My very first sale, I sold 50k of product, simply by introducing the two parties. Of course I only made $1000; call it a finder's fee. I was lucky enought my clients would only speak to me to set up buys. So If I went down then there goes a huge client. It was after this initial sale that I was strongly discouraged from smuggling.

When I first thought about doing an AMA I originally wanted to represent myself as a low level boss, but it's difficult providing viable proof for this line of work so I went with the mule instead.

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incredibly_ordinary1718 karma

How are you able to do this AMA without getting fucked? Are you not paranoid? I'm paranoid for you haha.

Hoo-yah928 karma

I'm in the clear.

NapClub371 karma

how did you feel when you were caught ?

do you think a boarder wall would hinder smuggling efforts in any way?

Hoo-yah847 karma

I never really panicked. The DEA agents that were interrogating me mentioned I was "Unusually calm".

Wall isn't going to slow down drug smuggling.

_Legendairy_255 karma

How did you stay "unusually calm", were you doing breathing exercises or anything, or did it just come naturally?

Hoo-yah340 karma

It came naturally.

Thr33guy1060 karma

How many people did you rat on to be caught smuggling 3 times and not be in prison?

Hoo-yah881 karma

None at all, but that was the main concern the cartel had.

Raxor53441 karma

What did convincing them of such look like?

Hoo-yah630 karma

Basically me going to Mexico and explaining what happened.

somethingtosay2333383 karma

How did they respond to the loss in money? Any warnings?

Hoo-yah574 karma

Wasn't my fault so I was in the clear.

FatboyChuggins315 karma

Who's fault is it?

Hoo-yah1885 karma

A bitter ex girlfriend of my boss. She ratted us out. She was killed 1 month later.

HerbalBalance31 karma

did you shit your pants when you had to do that? they probably would have killed you if they had even the slightest doubt

Hoo-yah39 karma


mamamedic405 karma

It's not as though "drug mule procurement" works on a resume, and savings will only last so long. Any ideas what you might do now?

Hoo-yah539 karma

I was a police officer in the military and am currently going to school so not really an issue for me.

Pfft13272 karma

U.S military?

Hoo-yah345 karma


jj-twatt377 karma

Have you ever seen a two hampsters have sex?

Hoo-yah239 karma

I don't think so, no.

systemhost331 karma

So you live in "the valley" of South Texas by chance?

Hoo-yah231 karma


thewitness1120 karma

McAllen or Brownsville? Anyone who grows up there is constantly surrounded by drugs.

Hoo-yah125 karma


ThatYoungBro295 karma

How did you get into being a drug mule? Did someone come up to you or did you go to someone to get into the business?

Hoo-yah348 karma

I went to someone in the business. It took me 6 months before he offered me a job.

Coronis12295 karma

Aren'y you worried they will kill you for doing this AMA?

Hoo-yah296 karma

I don't really care.

Vakboy128 karma

Why not?

Czar_Castic780 karma

'Cause he's in the clear.

Hoo-yah324 karma


LifeIsOnTheWire120 karma

How does "being in the clear" help you against a cartel who wants to kill you?

Hoo-yah189 karma

I've proved my loyalty to them.

Flint_Ironstag81272 karma

Were you doing any drugs yourself?

Hoo-yah466 karma

When I got back from a job I would go out and party. I'd get quite a bit of coke as a reward so I'd do that with my friends.

kylejoesph11253 karma

Based off your username and some of the other comments being surrounded by CID, were you in the military during this time?

Hoo-yah299 karma

No, but I am a veteran.

misdirected_asshole252 karma

Which cartel did you work for?

Hoo-yah373 karma

Cartel del Golfo (Gulf Cartel)

713apparel543 karma

hey, thanks for the goods.. I did time for selling some of your products.

Hoo-yah330 karma

You're welcome!

seanspotatobusiness237 karma

Why were you not imprisoned? If you were imprisoned, how long would it be for?

StonedZombieUK231 karma

1 - Was it voluntary or involuntary?

1A- If it was voluntary, what were your thoughts at the time of joining the cartel?

1B- If it was involuntary, what circumstances led up to your forced participation?

2 - Did you ever think of crossing the border and running away from your employer?

3 - How did you eventually leave the cartel (if you did)?

4 - How do cartels manage to operate with so many pieces, is it a dictatorship, a hierarchy, something else?

5 - If you could go back in time how far back would you have to go to avoid ending up in the cartel?

If you reply to even just one of these then thank you for your time but you should really be writing a book 😁

Hoo-yah372 karma

  1. Voluntary.

    1A. I thought it would be cool to be a part of such a powerful criminal organization.

  2. Never

  3. After my 3rd run in with the Feds, everyone said it was in my best interest to quit, which I did.

  4. It's a chain of command basically. I report to my boss, he reports to his and so on. They don't skip a step. Meaning, I will mostly likely never speak to my boss's boss.

  5. I wouldn't go back in time. I didn't do this for me only. I have people I love and care for. If I was able to help them financially then it was worth it.

ToadLoins138 karma

everyone said

I was under the impression that joining a cartel was a permanent arrangement. You could just quit whenever and they'd be cool with that? Or was it specifically because of the close call.

Hoo-yah312 karma

As a mule you can quit whenever. By the 3rd time I was somewhat important. In addition to recruiting mules I was also bringing in buyers (people who buy in bulk). When I got caught the 3rd time the big bad boss in Mexico had no problem with me walking.

916hotdogs231 karma

You mentioned cocaine and weed. What were the wholesale prices of those? And how big were the purchases? Did you bring it to customers or other cartel people elsewhere to sell?

Glad you stopped doing it. It was bound to end badly eventually

Hoo-yah284 karma

The price of one brick if cocaine in southern Texas/ California is about 19k. In Pittsburgh it's about 38k. That should give you an idea. I'm not too sure about weed, I never stuck around for the sale. As for your 2nd question most often I would take it to other members of the cartels and they would present it to the buyer/client/customer.

I_creampied_Jesus168 karma

Coke in Australia is currently AUD 350/gram (about USD 250) and it’s absolute shit unless you know some serious dudes. Can’t even imagine bricks for 20k...

Edit: I love everyone telling me coke prices in their countries. God damn I’m jealous.

Hoo-yah269 karma

Damn, that's crazy. The purest form of coke is found south. Once it goes up north the street level drug dealers start cutting it up, ruining it for everyone. Oh well...

MechaCatzilla204 karma

What’s the worst thing you’ve seen while on the job? How have your experiences changed your perspective on the world around you.

Hoo-yah385 karma

Worst thing on the job? Hmm... I had to deliver a shipment of coke to Louisiana when hurrican Harvey hit. That was bad in many aspects.

As for your 2nd question. I learned a lot of things about this world. The people you'd least expect buy narcotics in bulk because there is money to be made.

BurnsinTX116 karma

Example? Not names of course, but roles? Mayors? Big city lawyers?

Hoo-yah401 karma

Judges, patrol units, court clerks, lawyers, business owners, churches, priests, etc.

badger991188 karma

Can you maybe ping us in a couple of months so we know you didn't lose your head?

Hoo-yah159 karma

Will do!

questions_for_us164 karma

Have any questions for us?

Hoo-yah208 karma

Username checks out

sepixprime158 karma

Have you ever at any point had a close call or had your life in imminent danger by the cartel for a mistake or misunderstanding such as losing a load?

Hoo-yah522 karma

The 3 times I was caught and was able to walk away made everyone paranoid. The cartel thought I had ratted them out. I had to convince the boss in Mexico I would never. That was probably the scariest moment I had with them.

I'm more afraid of the cartel than the Feds.

yucatan36103 karma

I've watched a lot of docs on cartels, are they really that hardcore? Like murder you for something like that?

Hoo-yah240 karma

The people I worked for never showed a violent side, but I'm sure they're not afraid to get their hands dirty. Just don't backstab the cartel and you'll be fine.

spitefence158 karma

How much you make?

Hoo-yah298 karma

3 thousand to 5 thousand a week.

jimmycarr170 karma

Did you save the money you made? And if not where has it all gone?

Hoo-yah99 karma

I saved some

Shoobs2772 karma

3 to 5? Are these odd jobs?

Hoo-yah1 karma


anonymas129 karma

What do you think about Trump's idea of a wall? How effective would you think it would be against smuggling and preventing crime in your opinion/experience and why?

Hoo-yah318 karma

The wall would only deter the Mexican mules. The cartel hires young kids to strap M.J. backpacks and walk to the U.S. all for about $100.

Awportune123 karma

Were you ever forced to put something in your body?

Hoo-yah204 karma

No, the closest thing that comes close was strapping a brick of coke to my crotch with velcro in between my pants and undergarment.

jayantbhawal37 karma

A brick of coke? Was it really perfectly concealed? Such that someone looking for it wouldn't notice?

Hoo-yah76 karma

Nah, if they patted me down they would've felt it.

Hoo-yah2 karma


lilpumpxanss121 karma

How many times do you think your life was truly in danger?

Hoo-yah154 karma

Not even once.

somethingtosay2333114 karma

How much was total wealth at the end? Did you invest it and get out?

Hoo-yah272 karma

I laundered my money into a local bar. I still receive revenue. I made at least 200k

Orcinus24x555 karma

I would love to hear details on how exactly you're doing this, but I'll totally understand if you don't want to talk about ongoing money laundering operations!

Hoo-yah189 karma

The city I live in is extremely corrupt. Many business owners are tied to the cartel in some way. Cops are on Cartel payroll. All I had to do was ask for a favor and it was granted.

zT1TzbaT114 karma

1.) What were the top commodities of your cartel when you were in? I've read that the majority of the world's coke supply comes from the cartels, but did meth enter into the equation at all? Heroine?

2.) Obviously, the war on drugs hasn't been super effective, but based on your experiences, what do you think is the most effective strategy to convince people against purchasing narcotics?

Hoo-yah161 karma

Coke, weed and meth. I never touched meth, that was a whole different league.

I don't know how to answer that. The war on drugs is a never ending battle. An average Joe like me can't possibly solve that equation.

J3STER_4108 karma

Was all the money that you made seized?

Hoo-yah152 karma

No, I never had any money seized.

J3STER_464 karma

Wow! So I’m guessing your doing pretty well now?

Hoo-yah124 karma

Yes I am!

sparxalot86 karma

Do you still have connections to people working for the cartel?

Hoo-yah93 karma


nini181885 karma

Did you or you organization sometime pay a federal agent bribe?

Hoo-yah155 karma

Federal agent? Not sure, that's higher up the food chain.

SoulCraftey16 karma

Could you have made it higher up the food chain if you wanted?

Hoo-yah31 karma

With time, of course.

feelslifeman79 karma

What was the closest call you had where you weren’t caught?

Hoo-yah221 karma

I was smuggling coke from Mexico to the U.S. in a modified car. Customs pulled the car over for a secondary inspections. They used X-ray's, dogs, etc to search the car. They did not find it.

Iamonreddit69 karma

Where was it in the car that they couldn't find it?

Hoo-yah171 karma

Can't say, sorry.

marcelinemoon53 karma

How the heck does that happen? Or are you not allowed to discuss how they hide it

Hoo-yah98 karma

Can't say where it was, sorry.

ifaptotheexercist76 karma

Did you go through the desert or the mountains or cross at a border? any wall hopping?

Hoo-yah166 karma

I went straight through the bridge in a vehicle.

ifaptotheexercist54 karma

nice. did you ever move anything up to Canada? I knew a few guys from calgary, they got caught, that were trading pot and mdma for keys of meth. 2 of their mules got busted in Utah with 100 keys of meth or something stupid like that. they were driving it down to la to trade with cartels.

Hoo-yah64 karma

No I never did. We had plenty of buyers here in the U.S. so there was no need.

skyblueleaves66 karma

Ever see someone or hear of someone getting their head chopped off?

Hoo-yah59 karma


JustFox_65 karma

You mentioned that you were doing this for the benefit of people you care about. Did they know about what you were doing at the time? Do they know now? How do they feel about it?

Hoo-yah134 karma

Nobody with the exception of my girl bestfriend knew what I was doing. When I first started I was living at home with my parents. This job isn't a 9-5 schedule. Most often I would leave at last minute notice so I had to come up with a good excuse as to why I would leave all of a sudden and not come back for days.

Eventually I got my own place so it was easier. My family and friends know what I did, it took a while for my parents to accept it, but we're good now. My friends don't really care, so long as I have a beer with them.

Veedree_Sweden60 karma


1, What do you think it would take to stop the drug smuggling into the US?

2, How corrupt are the police, border patrol and government officials in the surrounding border towns? How do they get away with it?

  1. Are the cartel bosses as professional and educated as any CEO/executive of a legitimately successful company in the US? What are their credentials? (MBA, etc.)

Hoo-yah244 karma

  1. Legalize drugs which won't happen.

  2. I would say majority of them are corrupt. I don't mean corrupt in the sense that they'll fight against their own government, but if they see something they'll look the other way.

The top cartel bosses are damn near geniuses from what I've seen. To operate an entire network across the states is an accomplishment. Most of them attended school in the states or just learned from being in the business. It was said that if all the top cartel leaders came together to eradicate world-wide poverty they could do so easily.

leotushex56 karma

Damn. I'm in Texas. I go down to the border weekly. I could not do this. Did you ever have a problem with anxiety of paranoia?

Hoo-yah176 karma

Not at all. I don't choke under pressure. I'd like to thank my military training for that. My boss would often brag to other cartel bosses that he hit the lottery with me since I was fearless, or just stupid...

As for paranoia, yes. I constantly check my surroundings.

ethan341153 karma

Are people of different races chosen for different jobs?

I feel as if a white American guy would be less likely to be pulled over or inspected again opposed to a Mexican guy.

Does this play a role in anyway?

Also, what is your workforce made of?

Is it only Mexicans and Americans or are there international members of the cartel?

Hoo-yah76 karma

To answer your first question, kind of. If they have the proper employees then they will tailor the job to that specific individual.

I'm an American citizen that blends in well in the U.S. and okay in Mexico. I don't have the common hispanic accent most males in my area have when speaking English. I was a good fit for travelling within the U.S.

seraphim-2052 karma

Was it awkward asking your boss permission to post this AMA?

Hoo-yah42 karma


catcradle551 karma

Where do you work now?

Hoo-yah106 karma

I'm not working anywhere at the moment. Just living off my savings.

catcradle532 karma

Is it a choice, or are you having trouble finding a job (perhaps due to run-ins with the law)? If the latter, do you think you'll be compelled to make money illicitly in the future due to a lack of good options?

Hoo-yah89 karma

It's a choice. I'm currently in the process of going back to school.

xXSpaceTurtleXx46 karma

How easy were the jobs? Did you have to come up with creative ways to transport the drugs? If so, what's your most creative way of doing it?

Hoo-yah145 karma

It was easy. The cartels have been doing this for a long time. They know exactly how to mask the smell and modify the vehicle. I can't tell you the most creative way I've done it. The cartels have adopted it and now use it regularly, sorry.

sopersonicsnail56 karma

Whoa do you get a royalty from your inventions?

Hoo-yah133 karma

No, I got a one time bonus and that was it. I'm satisfied with that.

EpicDragonRaptor42 karma

What sort of arrangements are made if a person in your position is caught. Let’s say your caught and you went away for 10 years, unless you rat out the cartel. Obviously you don’t rat them out cause you don’t want to die, do you receive any sort of reward or payment for keeping quiet and doing time or is the reward not being beheaded?

Hoo-yah72 karma

They'll get you a lawyer to ensure you stay quiet. Your reward is your freedom.


How important is the head capo to the average Mexican worker? Like is it just a business relationship like someone here world see a CEO as or is there more loyalty involved? I figure the status would warrant loyalty but then again people get tortured for that so idk personally I'd just go with the mass murderer paying me whoever that is

Hoo-yah46 karma

Not important at all to the average citizen.

crank1off29 karma

I find this ama fascinating in every aspect. Negative outcomes to positive revenues. Great AMA. Native of cincinnati, STAY OUTTA MY HOOD! HAHA. Did you carry a fire arm?

Hoo-yah30 karma

No, but the follow car did just in case.

Wasabisteamer23 karma

Do you ever think you will try being a smuggler again, if so, what would your nickname be?

Hoo-yah43 karma

Ha, no. I will never return.

samcook121923 karma

Did you ever have anyone try to give you fake money or flip on you who was a buyer? Any threats?

Hoo-yah48 karma

Never. The name "cartel" itself is powerful enough to deter threats.

J3STER_423 karma

What has been the scariest situation you’ve been in? Any close calls (with law enforcement)?

Edit: hey, don’t downvote me! I’m just here to ask a question!

Hoo-yah32 karma

From a previous comment

The 3rd time I was caught I was in handcuffs and surrounded by state police, local police, DEA, CID (criminal investigations divison), etc. I thought for sure I was going to do some time. When I was able to walk away I knew my lifestyle had to change.

Jesta234 karma

How do you walk away if you are caught holding drugs?

AzogKing224 karma

If you got caught three times, and denied to get out it each time, how could you get out of the second time, let alone a third time? Do these guys not keep records, say to themselves “this guys has thought he was bringing sugar when it’s actually coke into the US 3 times now!? How!?”

Hoo-yah8 karma

Not that one, look at "Lack of knowledge"

FatboyChuggins6 karma

So you play illiterate or something?

Hoo-yah12 karma

I'm pretty good at playing stupid.

yucatan3617 karma

Any of your work buddies die in this process?

Hoo-yah33 karma

No, but 2 were arrested.

Taser-Face15 karma

Did you ever encounter cartel-connected people that seriously gave you the creeps? Cold hearted hitmen etc? Not creepy toward you personally, I just mean in general.

Hoo-yah30 karma

Not at all. My ex roommate was a sicario for the cartel. He was a chill dude.

jackflerp4 karma

What made you realize you had to leave that organization/lifestyle? How did you go about doing it? Any repercussions?

Hoo-yah5 karma

The 3rd time I was caught I was in handcuffs and surrounded by state police, local police, DEA, CID (criminal investigations divison), etc. I thought for sure I was going to do some time. When I was able to walk away I knew my lifestyle had to change.

Seraph_Grymm2 karma

What was the scariest moment when you got busted the first time? When did your "oh shit, not again" mindset kick in on the second time and what did you do?

Hoo-yah14 karma

The first time I got busted I was smuggling a large quantity of coke. Only by stupid (and I mean stupid) luck was I able to walk away.

The 2nd time I was smuggling weed and I was caught under different circumstances. The DEA was called in and I thought they would know who I was because of the first time. They did not... So it worked out.

Astrofish1232 karma

Did you ever use a dog for smuggling?

Hoo-yah4 karma


da522 karma

Hey bro I'm down in the valley too, badass ama.

Did you use your own car on most trips? I heard about some crazy compartments and traps

Did you get nervous when you see cops? I get wired when I see that trooper parked in the cross roads and I'm only a college kid with a g, couldn't imagine with much more

Whenever me or a friend get stopped sometimes I can tell if the cop is digging because all the questions and shit they ask. You have a story lined up or what?

Hoo-yah1 karma

No, they provided me a car, insurance and everything. I never get nervous about seeing state troopers.

I was never pulled over. I made sure to drive cautiously. If they did pull me over I probably would've come up with a BS story.

jaketl78901 karma

Have you seen any one by killed/ serious injured by the cartel?

If so what happened? (if you don't mind me asking.)

Also how did you get into the "business"?

Hoo-yah2 karma

Never seen anyone hurt by the cartel.

I had to search for someone who could get me in. Took 6 months of actively searching.

hitemwiththeflex1 karma

Have you ever...pooped...a balloon?

Hoo-yah1 karma


MattHoudini19891 karma

Can you go into more detail as to how or why you were caught the first time? What led them to you?

Hoo-yah1 karma

A bitter ex girlfriend of my boss knew the destination of where I would be arriving. She tipped off the Feds. Only by luck (stupid, fucking luck) they missed me.

Kingofcards331 karma

How did you leave that lifestyle? Did you just walk away?

Hoo-yah6 karma

Yes and yes

coltonmil1 karma

Are you from the states or from Mexico (or elsewhere)?

Hoo-yah3 karma

I was born in the states.

somethingtosay23332 karma

How did that contribute to getting in with the cartels not being born in Mexico would seem less likely a need for demand?

Hoo-yah7 karma

They prefer American citizens. I'm fluent in both English and Spanish, no tattoos and no criminal record. I was a gold platter.

ELTH3GR3AT1 karma

Have you ever tried dmt?

Hoo-yah1 karma


nini18180 karma

Points of smuggling (cities) and prison where you had been?

Hoo-yah2 karma

Cincinnati, Lexington, Louisville, Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans and every major city in Texas. No prisons...

AzogKing222 karma

Texas is big buttt...they got states I don’t know about?

Hoo-yah1 karma

My bad, fixed!

j0n66-28 karma

Don’t you feel guilty? Drugs are bad. What about the children?

Hoo-yah7 karma

I do not.