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With all of the speculation about drug abuse, how bad did it actually get? What were your drugs of choice?

Do you still use any drugs? Drink?

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Cool, I always wondered how much of that was celebrity gossip. I'm glad you're doing well, and I've loved all your movies.

Thanks for the answer!

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I don't think you'll get an answer to this one. Any dog that responds protectively will be shot, false call or not.

The police came to my door to arrest me on false charges, and my daughter, being smarter than me thought to put the dog out back, which created a whole other "Someone escaped out the backdoor!" scenario.

At least my dog lived. And after getting out of jail, losing my job, pissing in a cup for a year, and showing up to a dozen court dates, I was free to live my life without a conviction. God bless the USA.

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How much is prepared by your kitchen vs how much is prepared outside of your kitchen? Are things like sesame chicken already breaded or do you do that?

I just noticed over the years that buffet food is fairly consistent across restaurants and made me think it's mostly prepackaged.

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Glad to hear that actually. Mine wasn't a SWAT raid, a bogus DV arrest. Kicked a girl out 2 days earlier, and she decided she'd been roughed up then. It was dismissed eventually. About 6 cops pounding on my door while me and my daughter were playing video games. I didn't create a scene, and it all went smoothly.

I don't hate cops or anything, but getting wrapped up in "the system" can definitely be frustrating. And again, good for you for using some restraint. Stay safe.