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Why do we keep getting these AMA's?

How many cheap flight "hackers" do we need?

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I have found almost all urgent care doctors do just brush you off. And you are right. Mine moved in weeks it’s possible a different mutations moves st different paces. I will accept my downvotes.

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I’d like to point out acute leukemia’s kill in weeks not months. She didn’t have leukemia the 4 months she was ill.

Edit : Since I’m getting downvoted so much: I have acute leukemia. I just happened to have a blood test done 4 weeks before my diagnosis. It was normal. When I was diagnosed I was told it was a late diagnosis and I wouldn’t have lived another week untreated.

I’m not sure why people are taking such offense to this. Doctors cannot read the future.

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You just said mint.com 3 times in 1 comment.

If you're a paid shill. At least try to hide it.

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Have you ever actually listened to his show?

This is exactly who he is, and it's very apparent to anyone that actually listens to the show. The only people that think he's not a very caring and nice person are people that don't listen to his show.