I’m former child Macaulay Culkin, that guy who did stuff. I currently have a podcast called ‘Bunny Ears’, a website called BunnyEars.com, and other stuff involving bunny ears. Ask me about stuff... and bunny ears

Proof: https://i.redd.it/2fsppozcj9c01.png


Hey guys; it's been fun. We actually went into overtime. Id love to do this again soon. Thanks for all your stupid questions.

In the meantime, check out my new weekly podcast Bunny Ears and BunnyEars.com. I only recommend em', cause I think youll dig'em.


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killingALLTHETIME13706 karma

The hotel that you stayed at in home alone 2 does not actually have a pool. What do you have to say for yourself?

MacaulayCulkinAMA25384 karma

A pool is wherever you want it to be

zeperf12924 karma

What's your favorite memory of Michael Jackson?

MacaulayCulkinAMA35455 karma

When I almost crashed my golfcart into his and he called me "Applehead"

hello_there24711098 karma

Assuming you are home alone right now doing this AMA..?

MacaulayCulkinAMA14340 karma

You wish

themonsterbrat10864 karma

If Wes Anderson sends you another script, would you say yes?

MacaulayCulkinAMA14263 karma

Im no fool in patrick stewart voice

Bittykitty66610328 karma

I had a huge crush on you when I was 10. Did you also have a crush on me too?

MacaulayCulkinAMA22736 karma

Is your name Kelly Kapowski?

Hippos589503 karma

Are you happy? Looking back would you do anything different?

MacaulayCulkinAMA12898 karma

I am definitely happy. I know it sounds contrived or easy, but I wouldnt change a thing

mloganc8931 karma

How's life man?

MacaulayCulkinAMA16532 karma

Pretty great. Im here, arent I?

916hotdogs8536 karma

With all of the speculation about drug abuse, how bad did it actually get? What were your drugs of choice?

Do you still use any drugs? Drink?

MacaulayCulkinAMA19948 karma

Yes, I consumed and imbibed in drugs in my life. Never as bad as people said. Its not really a thing in my life right now. Im an adult.

I like to drink.

joelberg7961 karma

What's your favorite Christmas movie?

MacaulayCulkinAMA14683 karma


Negativebra6946 karma

Hey man, just wanted to say you were great in Party Monster.

What's the craziest NYC club/party you've been to?

MacaulayCulkinAMA13185 karma

My bathroom gets pretty wild in the early am

madame_costello6674 karma

What made you decide to do an AMA? Also- Helloooo from northern Vermont!

MacaulayCulkinAMA17895 karma

So you will check out my podcast and my website.


Im no fool

DonnyShocker6557 karma

What's your biggest regret?

MacaulayCulkinAMA18020 karma

I dont have a biggest regret but most of my regrets involve women

0riginalpub6334 karma

how on earth did you get the bunnyears.com domain in 2018?

MacaulayCulkinAMA8053 karma


Frajer6244 karma

How did it feel to be referenced in Summer Girls by LFO?

MacaulayCulkinAMA8510 karma

Both flattered and conflicted

Prof_JL5665 karma

Could you have played Wallace in Scott Pilgrim vs the world better than Kieran?

MacaulayCulkinAMA10081 karma

Absolutely not. He totally killed it

l_am_very_sMaRt5637 karma

playing any video games right now?

MacaulayCulkinAMA13712 karma


MacaulayCulkinAMA5228 karma

Hey guys; it's been fun. We actually went into overtime. Id love to do this again soon. Thanks for all your stupid questions.

In the meantime, check out my new weekly podcast Bunny Ears and BunnyEars.com. I only recommend em', cause I think youll dig'em.


zaldronthesage4643 karma

What is the most important thing in your life currently?

MacaulayCulkinAMA20803 karma

to destroy my enemies, seen them driven before me and to hear the lamentations of their women

oldschoolsensei4144 karma

You seem like a pretty chill dude. Can we hang sometime?

MacaulayCulkinAMA12767 karma

Im busy that day.

Also what are your feelings on the word Literally.

pbjohnny5873951 karma

What was your favorite memory playing WoW?

MacaulayCulkinAMA10264 karma

When I was maxed out I could run Scarlet Monastery in two pulls

Jess14913754 karma

What book inspires you in your life?

MacaulayCulkinAMA17859 karma

When I was younger I used to get "The Little Prince" in the mail all the time.

When I was in my teens, fans sent me Catcher in the Rye.

In my 20s, It was Alan Moores Watchmen.

Now its just letters from Prison

barnesenrab3617 karma

What's next for you?

MacaulayCulkinAMA9376 karma

Lunch probably

liamquane3438 karma

I know you directed an incredibly deep-pan short film about your adventures with a slice of pizza but have you ever thought about working on a full feature film as a director?

MacaulayCulkinAMA4471 karma

Yeah, sure; haven't we all? Nothing to report at this moment, though

arsenelupinVIII3432 karma

What was your experience like working on The Pagemaster? Did you have any involvement with the animation, or did you film your scenes long before the drawing began?

MacaulayCulkinAMA6410 karma

Animated takes years to make; I pretty much just showed up in the studio, talked alot; and a couple years later it was done


Cellular-Suicide3095 karma

If you were offered a role in any comic book movie adaptation, what would you wanted it to be the most?

MacaulayCulkinAMA4622 karma

Longshot, cause he's lucky

TomCruiseDildo2993 karma

How do you feel about Steve Buscemi?

MacaulayCulkinAMA7960 karma

You mean, Uncle Buscems?

jmsturm2979 karma

Hey Mr Culkin,

Are there any movies you passed on, or didn't get the chance to make for what ever reason, that you wished you would have taken?

MacaulayCulkinAMA6943 karma

I was sent the script to Rushmore; I was still retired then.

That's a perfect movie

fnarfnarr2803 karma

Hey, you were a massive part of my childhood!!

Could you say hello to my wife, Toni?

MacaulayCulkinAMA7982 karma

Hi Anthony!

And no. I cant.

Misgunception2553 karma

What do you feel is the biggest misconception about you?

MacaulayCulkinAMA6221 karma

My youthful wit and charm

rayrayshutlesworth2551 karma

I always wanted to ask whats your favorite athlete?

MacaulayCulkinAMA6853 karma

Chris Jericho. Cause hes a boss

vancouvercanucker2456 karma

Hey! Thanks for the AMA. What's your favourite city?

MacaulayCulkinAMA4798 karma

I dont want to be "that" guy, but yes; Paris.

bfgarzilla9k2374 karma

Any chance you would collaborate with Redlettermedia again?

MacaulayCulkinAMA3129 karma

I havent been asked but Im a big fan of what they do

chaingripped2341 karma

Do you still have and/or use a Talkboy?

MacaulayCulkinAMA4727 karma

Yes; thats what we record the podcast on every week

liamquane2281 karma

What was it like working on a Frasier episode?

MacaulayCulkinAMA3887 karma

It was easy; I did it from my room over the phone.

I have no regrets

man_mayo2248 karma

Do you have a favorite piece of memorabilia that you have saved from any of the projects you've worked on?

MacaulayCulkinAMA5537 karma

I have my platform shoes from Party Monster; I regret not saving my wheelchair from saved

CaseyBullfrog1963 karma

What has been the highlight of your 2018 so far?

MacaulayCulkinAMA5434 karma

Yellow and Pink

Harionago1799 karma

Do you get sick of people talking about Home Alone?

MacaulayCulkinAMA4324 karma

Its a self-answering question

Joker-Ventura1660 karma

Has Matt managed to get you to watch any One Piece or any other anime?

MacaulayCulkinAMA4220 karma

Not yet but on my list is One Punch Man, One Piece, FLCL, Cowboy Bebop- I have homework

Oakfate1658 karma

What Is your current favorite band / artist?

MacaulayCulkinAMA4988 karma

I always listen to the Talking Heads but I've been listening to a lot of Beirut lately

rxneutrino1612 karma

Would you rather travel back in time and meet your ancestors or forward and meet your descendants?

MacaulayCulkinAMA5438 karma

My ancestors are mostly Irish cops and fireman; I have a feeling theyd be pretty racist. So let's go forward; plus Im in the market for a hoverboard

SoberBetty1488 karma

How did you and Jim gaffigan get set up for working on his show?

MacaulayCulkinAMA2403 karma

I have a friend who owns a comedy club; he reached out. I didnt answer his email till the last minute. We did one episode; I suggested that I come back as a background character sometimes. We ran with it. It was a lot of fun

qunty04141368 karma

what is your all time favorite finishing move in wrestling ? <3

MacaulayCulkinAMA2300 karma

The small package

ScrawnDiggy1337 karma

Macaulay... What's yr favorite kind of 🍕?

MacaulayCulkinAMA4025 karma

It's always Joe's Pizza (in NYC), and not to be all normal about it, but I do like a proper plain. That's how you can judge a place. I've been with lots of vegetarians so I can get with that, but I wouldnt kick a pepperoni and sausage out of bed.

QuagmireDP1307 karma

How's your mom's meatloaf?

MacaulayCulkinAMA2149 karma

Meaty and delicious but not as good as Stew's moms.

ZergMcGee1277 karma

What's your best hangover remedy?

MacaulayCulkinAMA2948 karma


Hair of the dog

pm_me_pie_recipes1256 karma

Every time I see a photo of you, you look hungry and it kicks in my desire to feed people. You're not hungry are you?

MacaulayCulkinAMA2650 karma

No I have all the pizza a kid would ever want

Mortar91191 karma

Do you play videogames? If yes, which game is your favorite?

MacaulayCulkinAMA3059 karma

Toe Jam and Earl; I play it on a daily basis

eastrneuropean1048 karma

What's your favourite dinosaur?

MacaulayCulkinAMA3161 karma

Brontosaurus but we know thats not real anymore. Like pluto. Or math.

Dothraky968 karma

Hey :) What is you favorite place in Europe? Greetings from north Germany :)

MacaulayCulkinAMA1955 karma

Hello, North Germany.

Centre Pompidou in Paris. I know their collection inside and out.

emigaren952 karma

Where did we go wrong?

MacaulayCulkinAMA2130 karma

I ask myself in the mirror everyday

charliedarwinsfather881 karma

What will it take to fully expose/overthrow the culture of exploitation in hollywood?

MacaulayCulkinAMA2969 karma

The Illuminati/PizzaGate/Kony2012

PirbyKuckett875 karma

On a scale of 1-10, how good a kisser is Har Mar Superstar?

MacaulayCulkinAMA1329 karma

I give him a 16 and three quarters

maxima423765 karma

Play any mmo's?

MacaulayCulkinAMA2166 karma

Not anymore- Warcraft really took it out of me

hrtl684 karma

Snickers or Milky Way?

MacaulayCulkinAMA2677 karma

Snickers Snickers Snickers

also Snickers send me free Snickers

emigaren616 karma

Why bunny ears? What's wrong with koala ears?

MacaulayCulkinAMA1243 karma

Nothing against other ears, but Bunnys happen to be the best

spiffysimon588 karma

Play any DnD? Favorite class/race?

MacaulayCulkinAMA1084 karma

I always liked being a tank; something like a fighter

liamquane567 karma

Have you thought about doing theatre work again?

MacaulayCulkinAMA1203 karma

I love doing theater- its my favorite form, however Im not really perusing anything at the moment. Not looking for any gigs.

But yah. Sure. What ya got?

flufflestew534 karma

The first time you heard of/saw the Culkin Christ, what was your reaction?

MacaulayCulkinAMA1431 karma

My first thought was "What took them so long?"

liamquane503 karma

What do you like most about podcasting? Why do you think so many people choose to do it?

MacaulayCulkinAMA1695 karma

I like to talk at people and I like the sound of my own voice.

jorkjumpskull449 karma

Hey Macaulay, how was your weekend?

MacaulayCulkinAMA1585 karma

Totally Rad. I loved the Royal Rumble this year. Big Nakamura fan.

rpknight51444 karma

What’s your favorite ride at Disney World / Disney Land?

MacaulayCulkinAMA3349 karma

The cigarette smoking area by the Haunted Mansion

hobnobbinbobthegob378 karma

I like your pizza box sign- is "Macaulay Culkinama" your Japanese pseudonym?

MacaulayCulkinAMA682 karma


Phish_Tank367 karma

You ever smoke weed?

MacaulayCulkinAMA1054 karma

I totally forgot.

Wait What?

NeverTopComment352 karma

When I was a kid in New Hampshire (like 20 or so years ago) my friend was an extra in one of your movies. He said you ate lunch with him amd some others after an ice skating scene. I told him he was full of shit. Is there a chance he wasnt?

MacaulayCulkinAMA737 karma

Sounds about right.

Was she cute?

bobeany333 karma

Do you ever think you’ll return to acting or the movie industry?

And how did you get into podcasting?

MacaulayCulkinAMA818 karma

I do gigs here and there- its not a job. Its a hobby.

I just did Seth Green's directorial debut- "Changeland"- find it wherever Changelands are sold.

My buddy Matt Cohen hit me with a microphone and made me. Also I like the internet. And talking.

Quazmodiar273 karma

What two wrestlers, alive or dead, would you have play Harry and Marv so you can torture them in your funhouse maze twice?

MacaulayCulkinAMA459 karma

Heath Slater and Mantaur

emigaren149 karma

Wait who's Matt?

MacaulayCulkinAMA330 karma

Matt Cohen. My podcast co-host. And some dude

KGB112147 karma

What's your favorite episode of Nathan for You?

MacaulayCulkinAMA302 karma

Best Buy/Crocodile Walk. The thearpist portion is a masterstroke

portijon90 karma

Hows the punk scene in Paris? Got any bands to check out?

MacaulayCulkinAMA238 karma

CHeck out Chris Jericho's Fozzy!

w_a_s_here72 karma

Thoughts on Ronda Rousey wrestling, does that just add to the "McDonalds" wrestling? Just found out that's your passion! Wearing bunny ears now

MacaulayCulkinAMA162 karma

I think its good for the sport and for the division. Im looking forward to Mania. I just hope shes not fighting Stephanie

juliagreiner65 karma

Why you aren’t on social media?

MacaulayCulkinAMA454 karma

Why are you?

FrazzledMind53 karma

You mention your website bunnyears.com and seem quite focused upon them (bunny ears); are you a furry?

MacaulayCulkinAMA128 karma

I wish. The possibilities would be endless

ThisManDoesTheReddit48 karma

What would it take to get you to wear a T-shirt with my face on it?

MacaulayCulkinAMA154 karma

I dont know; whats your face like?

liamquane31 karma

What made you start 'Bunny Ears'?

MacaulayCulkinAMA54 karma

I was going through my notes and I though; why not? Also- I have an affinity for Bunny Ears

whatthecluck7227 karma

How do you take your coffee?

MacaulayCulkinAMA203 karma

I take it as Coca Cola

Tom_SeIIeck66618 karma

What do you think of Montana?

MacaulayCulkinAMA38 karma

Sky is big

jrsaba6 karma

Can you tell us more about Bunny Ears?

MacaulayCulkinAMA15 karma

The podcast is a weekly show where me and my friend Matt talk about stuff and things and stuff. Sometimes with a guest (Kevin Smith being our first, coming later this week!)

The website will be a collection of articles, videos and more; its is a online lifestyle magazine where I hope to shine a light on some of the things that influence my life.

Plus- everyone else has one. Why not me?