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What was your experience like working on The Pagemaster? Did you have any involvement with the animation, or did you film your scenes long before the drawing began?

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What has been inspiring you lately?

Love all your work, man. My Dandelion Gum LP is on constant rotation.

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Mr. Kirkland, would you please list a few of your favorite animated films? In particular, anything off the beaten path you feel a student of animation should be watching? Kudos on all your amazing work!

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I will definitely revisit each of these! I grew up with them, but know I'll appreciate them more as an adult.

I am a comic book artist and have been teaching myself traditional animation. I have been watching Simpsons since it premiered (when I was 3 years old!), and it's been my biggest inspiration as an artist. I still watch the cel-painted Simpsons seasons daily, and am continually awed by their beauty.

Thank you again for elevating animation to new heights.