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Assuming you are home alone right now doing this AMA..?

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Hi Al, thanks for taking the time to do this. I have a pretty basic question.

I have no knowledge in coding, at all. For someone like me who could devote say 10hrs a week to learning - how long do you think it could take someone who is a rather quick learner to learn a more basic coding language?


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How do you think the CME introducing crypto futures will impact how crypto is traded going forward, and once account become safer do you think banks will become more active?

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Hi Jessie!

What’s the most interesting piece of information you’ve come across as your time as a historian?

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Yeah I figured as much, the musical instrument comparison makes complete sense to me. Basically I work in options trading and thought maybe I could build some software that can assist with bid/ask pricing and finding arbitrage in them. May gave it a go.

Thanks very much for your reply and have a nice evening!