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Do you play videogames? If yes, which game is your favorite?

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Programmer here, We have to be extra efficient when working on the front end so those programs can work well.

I'm happy to do it, I can't imagine not being able to use the internet.

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Hi Stefan, I am already pretty good at getting lucid dreams and love it very much and can support everything you said so far.

My question is : During your studies/observations, do you know if it could be linked to daydreaming, I mean, litterally having dreams while being awake? I'm pretty sure that usually everyone dreams non-stop but our consciousness only communicates with those dreams during sleep but I've had moments where I could tell you about dreams I just had while eating (for example). Sometimes it's enjoyable and other times it's just invasive and at some point impairing. After some reading, I figured I had some kind of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, but to me it seems all linked. I can't find much information on this, I'm guessing since it's not very dangerous it's not worth spending money on research for that but anyways... Do you have some insight on this by any chance?