Hi! I'm 19 and I live on the West Coast. My job entails waiting for calls from men all over the US and Canada, and being open-minded about fetishes and kinks. These men could be single or taken, old or young, etc. and my job is to be as accommodating as possible. I've taken calls in public, in between classes, in my house, and during my own dinner. So far this has had no impact on my personal sex life, which just so happens to be nonexistent. (Feel free to laugh at my singleness but pls be gentle)

Proof: I have private verification from the mods.

Edit: I'm in class right now, and I know I answered comments out of order. I will answer all of them eventually!

Edit 2: Thanks so much to everyone for asking me stuff! This is really fun and it feels good that people care. :)) If you want to ask me stuff about my own life (not where I live of course, but what my college is like, my favorite food, my pet peeves, my Taiwanese culture) I’m open to that too. Ask Me Anything!

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Tournament_of_Shivs151 karma

What are you wearing?

periwinke43 karma

A dress and a fleece jacket

Tournament_of_Shivs23 karma

I fuckin' love khak... wait...

You answered my real question in another comment.

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shitsouttitsout142 karma

should we do a demonstration here for everyone? you know, for science? i’ll start.

...i put on my robe and wizard hat.

periwinke136 karma

I suck on your magic wand...

...is something I’d say if I were on a call and you came through.

Fallofman234714 karma

Underrated comment of the century. I’d love to see that thread again, it’s been forever!

periwinke15 karma

Oh oops I did NOT get that reference haha

BerttPork108 karma

Have you ever been so weirded out or scared that you couldn't do what a client asked? Or maybe even hung up on them? If not, what is something you wouldn't do over the phone?

periwinke183 karma

Never got weirded out until yesterday, when a client started out by telling me he liked young girls...like 5 yos...and that he had a 5 yo daughter...and that he forced her to blow him...and that his mother held her down while they both peed in her mouth and he cummed inside her (the rape sirens were going off in my head). I asked about her reactions to this. He said she cried and screamed a lot.

He then asked me what I really thought of him. I asked if he would be offended and he said no. So I was honest and said, in the nicest way possible, that he shouldn’t rape girls, especially not that young. He asked me if I was gonna report him. I lied no.

He told me that it was the calmest response he’d ever gotten. He explained that he does these social experiments for fun with the phone girls he calls, and usually they tell him he’s sick and twisted. He doesn’t have a daughter. He felt like he could talk with me forever. He asked me which which city I lived in. I lied. Coincidentally he lives right where I lied about, down to the very street. Our time ran out several times and he added more money each time to continue talking with me. He gave me his phone number and said he thought we’d have a chance in real life. He didn’t want me to help him jerk off anymore because if he was gonna take me out, he didn’t want to jump into the sexual stuff so fast. He said I had a nice accent. I had been practicing my New York accent for the entire call.

I feel bad about not intending to call him, but I’m not interested.

u/BerttPork, I know you were one of the first ones to ask on this thread. This question required a good response from me and that’s why I took so long to answer. Thank you!

goonch_fish54 karma

How much can you make while doing this? It seems like such a dying industry, with porn being so easy to find nowadays.

periwinke60 karma

What I make depends on how many people want to call me and how many minutes a call lasts. I get paid 30 to 40 cents a minute depending on what phone system they're calling from.

prxchampion5 karma

Average per hour?

rzalexander70 karma

Well let's see....

.3x60=18 .4x60=24

So between $18-24 an hour.

Proof: I used math.

prxchampion39 karma

You assumed you are on calls for all 60 minutes in an hour, which will not be the case. It will have busy and quiet times. Hence my question of average per hour. It will also vary by day, time of day etc etc. Not many people callin sex lines 10am Monday morning.

GrumpySeaLion5 karma

I'd guess even in a busy time OP doesn't field many calls longer than 10 minutes and probably no more than 4 calls in an hour... $12/hour is my guess.

periwinke4 karma

Can confirm

DiverGuy198250 karma

No offense but are you fat? I always imagine those chicks being fat... Just wondering if it holds true

periwinke59 karma

Nope, pretty skinny actually

theconchmaster50 karma

Have you ever gotten off to a phone call with a client?

periwinke88 karma


Am debating if I’m proud of this or not

Cyxios21 karma

Was this at school?

periwinke48 karma

You mean on campus? No I did it in my home, but I would do it on campus if there was a private room

SirLenzalot47 karma

Have you ever taken a call from someone who sounded and is underaged? Is that even legal for all parties involved?

periwinke42 karma

No, and probably not.

ObiWanCanubi31 karma

Do/did you watch LOST?

Ever have a client like John Locke that thinks it is a relationship?

How scary is that?

periwinke10 karma

I’ve never watched Lost. I just googled John Locke in hopes of finding out more about this “thinks it is a relationship”. I did not find much. I have never had a client think it is a relationship THANKFULLY but actually look at u/BerttPork’s question and my answer, one guy came pretty close

NeotericLeaf29 karma

Would you consider doing Hentai voice acting?

periwinke55 karma

Hell yea

BigBadBeluga29 karma

What's your major or what are you planning on studying?
On a scale of snacks to tuition, how much do you make off phone calls?

periwinke56 karma

I'm intended Nutrition Science on the dietetics track, which means I have to study a LOT of organic chemistry (help me I'm dying) and Bio (help me I'm dying).

What I make depends on how many minutes I talk, and THAT depends on how many people actually call me. So far I've made a couple of Brandy Melville tops.

I do know that I definitely won't have enough time to make enough for my tuition.

lividimp72 karma

Can you help my son with his chemistry homework for $0.30 a minute?

Thousand1k100 karma

Orgasmic chemistry?

periwinke74 karma

Oh my god I choked on my orange

upvoteguy628 karma

Besides yourself, how attractive are these women really?

Also what about male sex operators, do they mostly get gay men callers?

periwinke89 karma

I have no idea about male sex operators, but I would think so. I have had one caller who thought he might be gay and wanted a woman (me) to confirm it.

I also have no idea what my coworkers look like. However, my boss sounds like she's attractive.

I can tell you for sure, though, that the pictures on my company's website that are presumably of the girls you talk to are not the girls you are talking to. My picture is a jaded Latina who looks like she's in her late twenties, and I suspect that it was taken in the 2000s based on her lip gloss, eyeshadow, and hairstyle.

Gold_Ultima73 karma

My picture is a jaded Latina who looks like she's in her late twenties, and I suspect that it was taken in the 2000s based on her lip gloss, eyeshadow, and hairstyle.

Are you going to school to become a detective?

periwinke65 karma

Shh don't blow my cover

friedrs58220 karma

How did he ask you to confirm if he was gay?

periwinke59 karma

“I used to be straight but I recently had sex with a man and I thought it was the most amazing sex I’ve ever had...do you think I’m gay?”

Reddit_Executive26 karma

What's the most common kink you come across?

Did/do you contribute to /r/gonewildaudio?

periwinke41 karma

I have not contributed to r/gonewildaudio as I think recording a phone call is illegal.

The most common thing is just masturbating to my voice...which I don’t think anyone would call a kink. I’ve only had one time of each “kink” I ever got. Sorry if this is a bad answer!

TheLoanRangers19 karma

Wait, if they just want masturbate to your voice, what do you find yourself saying?

Do you list of recipes or something?

periwinke34 karma

I usually talk dirty or something like that. Sometimes they like telling me about their lifestyles while fapping, and I just "mhm" along until they cum.

BobbieRobbie24 karma

Has it ever been at least slightly arousing to talk to one of those callers? I assume it's most of the time boring and sometimes disgusting or sad.

periwinke59 karma

I hate to admit it, but if they come really loudly, yes, it turns me on. Something about a groaning male just gets me every time.

You’re right. Most of the time it’s gross, especially if the caller has a “choke the woman and be mean and degrading to her” attitude.

Earthboom20 karma

Is it advised to have a sultry voice or can any girl do this so long as they talk sexy? Trying to convince a friend to do it. I'm a terrible friend.

periwinke29 karma

I can tell you my voice is not sultry naturally. I’m not even sure if my “bedroom voice” is sexy but I guess it works since I’ve had a lot of guys cum from me. Your voice can be cute though! It doesn’t always have to be sexy. There are lots of guys out there who like different things.

Warn her that the pay isn’t exactly top notch. And that she’ll have to take calls where people can’t hear her.

neederbellis19 karma

I don't know if this has been asked yet, but how did you get started in this industry? Also, do you create your own schedule, or do you schedule your classes around work? And finally, what do the financials of this industry look like? Are you able to get through school without student loans?

periwinke47 karma

I got into it because I’m not eligible for work-study at my college, and there’s not really a lot of jobs around the city. Stupid as it sounds, I was reading this Cosmopolitan article on Snapchat about phone sex workers. I googled a few sites and applied.

I call in between and after classes. I wish I could schedule my classes around work, but the professors weren’t willing to change their class times for me even though I contribute to their salaries. They won’t even cancel finals or stop assigning prelabs so that I can have more call time. I can’t believe how rude they’re being gosh wow

I don’t get paid that much, 30-40 cents per minute for every minute that I’m lucky enough someone calls haha but it’s better than nothing

If my parents weren’t supporting me I’d definitely not be able to pay for college at all! I know legally I’m an adult, but I’m not a real adult. What are taxes?

BToast16 karma

How did you come across and decide to work such a job?

periwinke25 karma

I got into it because I’m not eligible for work-study at my college, and there’s not really a lot of jobs around the city. Stupid as it sounds, I was reading this Cosmopolitan article on Snapchat about phone sex workers. I googled a few sites and applied. A perk is that I can work anywhere since I can use my cell phone to call them.

mattwb7214 karma

Wait you call them?
TIL I dont understand how phone sex works.

FourWordComment17 karma

PSOs call into a service, which does billing and connects the agent to the customer, without exposing the agent’s number to the customer.

Edit: source: dated a PSO. Not OP, probably.

periwinke16 karma

Can confirm. Both the service thing and the dating thing.

BToast8 karma

Followup question: Were there any requirements/experience needed for the job? Also, do they train you?

periwinke11 karma

They didn’t train me, and they didn’t require experience, all I had to do was call them and let them hear my voice / personality. I specifically signed up for this job because their ad said “no experience needed”.

bonerforyou14 karma

Is this your only job? Do your peers or family members know about what you do? What's the longest call you've been on?

periwinke43 karma

This is my only job. I’m a full time student, and I gotta stay focused on academics and research first!

Only my roommate knows. My closest friends don’t know, my parents don’t know, my classmates don’t know.

Longest call was 72 minutes. He had so much to say about castrating his balls and gifting them to me!

IHateHappinessAndYou23 karma

what the fuck

periwinke38 karma

Idk man it was his kink

egrith12 karma

What is the oddest thing you have been asked for?

periwinke19 karma

Guy dressed in a diaper asked me to baby-shame him.

Other things that you might consider odd but I consider mundane: horse sex, dog sex, donkey sex, [straight] males wearing thongs (can you say ouch?), attraction to your hot daughter...

The_Eleventh_Hour11 karma

Do you work for NiteFlirt?

What's the longest call you've ever had?

periwinke18 karma

Lol yea I do use Niteflirt! Why does everyone seem to know this line?

72 freaaaking minutes dude! I thought I would be okay after that, but I was exhausted. Emotion and having to be attentive takes a toll on you 😅

The_Eleventh_Hour13 karma

I use NiteFlirt myself, or I have. The most I made was 300-400 in a month.

It can be a bit draining, depending on how attentive you are. Some people you can get away with doing other shit in the background (browsing the Internet, typing quietly) because they're too wrapped up in their scenario that any feedback to them is confirmation that you are listening and engaged.

periwinke18 karma

Yep ikr

TheRazzor11 karma

How much do you make per month?

periwinke16 karma

$100-300 not much

limmerpeach8 karma

What advice would you give to other girls who would be interested in starting?

periwinke26 karma

Be open-minded, never say "ew" or imply that a guy's kink is "ew", be confident because having no confidence is a turn-off, and don't EVER miss calls because your company might fine you and take it out of your pay. Also expect slow days where you don't make more than a dollar.

periwinke27 karma

Oh ya and watch porn!!! Watch it enough and you'll know the difference between an annoying moan and a sexy-as-hell moan

SosaUZI7 karma

Have you had any requests so weird that you held back laughter or even laughed?

periwinke9 karma

Diaper man. Wanted me to baby shame him. I covered the microphone on my earbud and then laughed.

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periwinke6 karma


BobIn7276 karma

Do you ever get legitimately turned on during a call? Do you like older men?

Edit: I truly am curious and would greatly appreciate an answer, u/periwinke.

periwinke7 karma

I don’t dislike older men...

Yes I do get turned on by loud moaning. Gets me every damn time.

BobIn7273 karma

Have you ever masturbated along with the client during a call?

periwinke13 karma

Yes, in the beginning, to make it more realistic. Now I don’t have to, I’ve gotten the sounds down. Although sometimes I can’t help myself, the guy genuinely sounds hot and I let my imagination run wild and it’s just fun for me

inno76 karma

  1. When you first signed up, how was the interview process like?
  2. Do you get paid based on a block of time (5 minutes $x, a second over it, you get $2x) or can you choose per-second? Can you pre-screen your callers if you don't like someone?
  3. Do you use a mental script?
  4. I am unable to visualize what goes on in a conversation. Like someone else asked, can you reconstruct a sample minute long conversation. It doesn't need to be an actual client call to give us the idea.

periwinke5 karma

  1. No interview

  2. No, I get paid per minute. I can’t pre-screen my callers.

  3. Nope! Every caller wants something unexpected, I go with the flow

  4. Hold on a minute I’ll edit this comment


Typical call goes like this.

Caller: Hey.

Me: Hi, how you doing today?

Caller: Good. I'm [caller]. You sound really pretty (or something similar)...

Me: Thank you. So, [caller], what can I do for you?

Caller: Well, I like to be dominated, maybe you can help me in self-guided masturbation. I'll do whatever you tell me.

Me: What are you wearing right now?

Caller: My sister's roommate's red panties.

Me: Alright. Does your sister's roommate know?

Caller: No.

Me: Are you in your bedroom?

Caller: Ya.

Me: Alright. I want you to put me on speaker so that you can use both hands. Then start by your neck and slowly slide your hands down.

Caller: Ohhh yeah...

Me: Pull at your nipples...then slide your hands down your stomach and slowly stroke yourself.

Caller: How many times, Mistress?

Me: What?

Caller: Mistress.

Me: ...Three times.

Caller: * moans * You're being so good to me. Can I spank myself?

Me: Yes. I want you to fondle your right butt cheek...knead it...massage it...then spank.

Caller: * spanking noise and groaning *

This goes on until he finishes.

Theallmightbob4 karma

I was a male sex worker who used to pretend to be a girl on internet chat. Is it all female staff at your work?

periwinke7 karma

I think so, because in the company emails, my boss says, “I can’t reply to the emails immediately because we have too many girls” haha

Numbuh1Nerd3 karma

Have you ever been recognized by a former caller or recognized one yourself? Do you use your personal phone number?

periwinke10 karma

Yes, I use my personal phone number. I use two systems:

• An automated system calls my phone and I’m hooked up to the caller

• My company calls my phone, tells me the client info and name, and then I call them from my phone after blocking my number.

If the client is calling from the website or ad or whatever (idk my company runs the ads) they can choose what girl they call, so obviously if they choose me they know they’re getting the same girl.

Edit: if you meant do they recognize me irl? No, my voice is not distinctive at all haha and same with their voices. They just sound male. Although sometimes I practice my New York accent for fun—I want to master it!

GoodLife4life2 karma

You take client calls on your personal phone right? how does this work from a business side of things, Do you have to pay your own phone bill or is it paid by the company?

periwinke7 karma

My phone plan has unlimited free talk!

expat933 karma

Will you talk dirty to me?

periwinke43 karma

Not for free...

Boobedelic3 karma

Do you like Indian food?

periwinke5 karma

Depends on what it is

hexdmage3 karma


periwinke2 karma

No mental impact. I would only be affected if they said something to shake my self confidence or offend me personally, which hasn’t happened. I don’t get emotionally invested either, because I know that they’re not somebody I’ll probably ever speak to again, and they might live halfway across the country. Plus who knows what they are like outside of their phone personality, what their lifestyle is.

I know there’s weird stuff they bring up, but living in my city and being around some crazy people have immunized me against crazy.

wbenwick3 karma

How has this affected your own dating life?

periwinke3 karma

I’ve never had a dating life and this hasn’t helped me get a dating life. The boys here are too immature and they also kinda scare me just cause they’re boys

fhginger2 karma

What's your favorite part about your work?

periwinke12 karma

Having a shocking job that you wouldn’t expect from me (I’ve always been the introverted nerdy girl with straight A’s and functional rather than fashionable clothing. Teachers like me, I don’t party, I live under my parent’s whip, etc.), and also having a secret that only one other person knows (my roommate).

Hamoct2 karma

Do you ever actually DO what you say you DO on the phone?

periwinke9 karma

Yes sometimes I masturbate if they want me to

PurplePupilEater2 karma

What prestigious west coast college do you go to? And how did you get started in this business?

periwinke2 karma

UC Berkeley. If you’re applying to colleges don’t apply here. Do you know why we have the biggest meme page of all the universities? It’s cuz the coarse load is heavy and we’re all depressed and memes are a coping mechanism. Sorry for this rant but I feel like I had to warn you haha

I got into this business because I read an article on phone sex workers and got interested!

all4reddit2 karma


periwinke28 karma

I walk towards you. You’re so hot. Beneath my white tank top, you can see my nipples hardening. I sink to my knees and slowly unzip your pants. Your hard cock springs free, and without hesitation I lick it from the shaft to the tip. It feels amazing. As I open my mouth wider to envelop it with my lips,

E.L. James bursts through the wall, shouting, “THAT’S MY JOB! And if you want more you better Venmo her!”

KissingYou2 karma

Have you ever considered working as a cam girl? It sounds like being a phone sex worker is exhausting

periwinke2 karma

I would consider it once I get a better body and my face fixes itself hahaha I’m ugly help me

gamer1230981 karma

How did you end up with this job?

periwinke1 karma

I got into it because I’m not eligible for work-study at my college, and there’s not really a lot of jobs around the city. Stupid as it sounds, I was reading this Cosmopolitan article on Snapchat about phone sex workers. I googled a few sites and applied.

cgtdream1 karma

Have you ever had an experience where YOU were actually turned on or interested in the caller?

periwinke11 karma

I have never been romantically/emotionally interested in the caller. But male groaning (esp. while cumming) gets me every time, it's like a hotwire to my

LitigiousWhelk10 karma

To your what?!?!

periwinke26 karma