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SirLenzalot1567 karma

Is there anything unexpectedly positive you can find about your condition? Like maybe another level of appreciation for satin or silk bedding?

SirLenzalot1363 karma

Has anyone looked at you like they recognize you but not quite sure about why you look so familiar?

SirLenzalot1207 karma

As an adult now, would you do it again? Alone? With your parents? Your own family? What would you different?

SirLenzalot386 karma

Hey Zach, I love your comics.

Was it tough growing up with that last name though?

SirLenzalot347 karma

Like in a common trope for a Saturday morning cartoon show; when you accidentally go down the wrong fork in the river that leads to a deadly waterfall that shouldn't exist, what is your plan?

But seriously, what did you mean by barely surviving?