Thanks everybody for the questions. Back to finishing up the final push in the campaign. All of us are far closer on the issues than we're led to believe. Have a great day, be sure to write-in Lee Busby tomorrow at the polls.

Hi, I’m Colonel Lee Busby, a centrist, write-in candidate running against Roy Moore and Doug Jones for the U.S. Senate in the Alabama special election.

I am running because I believe the race has focused on the left and right extremes, and that I am a better representative of the vast conservative middle where most Alabamians identify.

Personally, I’m lifelong Alabamian, University of Alabama graduate, and a retired Marine infantry colonel. During my military service, I received the Legion of Merit (3 awards) and a Bronze star. I am a father of four, a business owner, and a Republican voter. I own a brewery and an investment firm, receive my healthcare through the VA, and spent the last several years as a sculptor creating bronze memorial busts of Alabamians killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. AMA!

Here's my proof and here’s how to vote for me!

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Have you ever dated a child? Pre teen or teenager as an adult?

-Former squid

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What’s you’re stance on the legalization of marijuana. Born and raised I. Alabama my whole life good hard working man here and I’d rather relax with a joint at the end of the day then a beer. What’s so wrong with that?

leebusby123 karma

I think it's an issue that the states should take up, not the Federal Government. I fully support the use of medicinal marijuana.

SelectstarfromCA73 karma

Do you think you might actually give Roy Moore the vote considering you're not getting his base but you might/probably will get some of Doug Jones votes?

leebusby38 karma

We felt when we set out that there were moderate Republicans who would vote for Jones but our main concern was the estimated 82% of voters in the state who weren't planning on voting. Those estimates have changed since we entered the race, now turnout is estimated to be 25%.

hey-look-over-there69 karma

Former airmen that spent 3 years at Maxwell AFB. What is your opinion on the widespread poverty and discrimination in Alabama? Do you have any plans to address either of these things?

For context, I am Hispanic. It wasn't something that happened every time, but there were times that I went outside of the base and felt like I had a target on my back. My first visit to Prattville, I got told "no espanol" and asked what part of Mexico I was from (and asked for picture ID matching my credit card).

Also, just driving down the road in Montgomery was so depressing. So much poverty.

leebusby19 karma

The best remedy for combatting poverty is a good job. We're seeing that go on now. One of my concerns is whether jobs will be scared away by companies who are considering coming here but are watching this election. On cultural acceptance, it's coming, certainly not as fast as most people (myself included) want, but it is coming. Thanks for your service.

bolivar-shagnasty66 karma

Colonel -

Alabama voter here. I heard you on NPR a few weeks ago, but since then, I have heard neither hide nor hair about your campaign. In fact, most of my coworkers and friends know nothing about your write-in campaign. Are you planning some kind of Hail Mary blitz leading up to tomorrow?

leebusby6 karma

Trying our best to spread the message in the last hours of the campaign. We've focused more on local news in recent days.

PmMeGiftCardCodes58 karma

Non-Alabaman here. What is the appeal of Roy Moore to Alabamans?

leebusby114 karma

Many Alabamians are concerned their values are under attack and they've defaulted into believing Moore is the only one who is willing to represent those values. I believe it's possible to represent those values but perhaps in a way that's more palatable to the majority of Alabamians.

fawnster26 karma

Could you please explain those values for those of us from out of state? Are you standing up for those values?

leebusby18 karma

Two hot button issues are the right to life and the 2nd Amendment. In reality our values are defined more broadly. We're staunch believers that the Federal Government should have a minimal role in our individual lives, individual beliefs, and individual choices as long as those don't infringe on the rights of others. We certainly recognize our beliefs are more conservative than the rest of the country but we believe we have the rights to those beliefs and to live them out in our daily lives.

Hot_KarlMarx55 karma

Are you allowed in every mall in Alabama?

leebusby118 karma

I am "cleared hot" for all malls in Alabama

Mutt122333 karma

What is your favorite amendment?

leebusby37 karma

The first (it allows me to get online and talk with you) followed closely by the second. I think the first has been coming under more attack than the second lately.

acupuncturist2528 karma

do you think you will get enough votes to affect the outcome of this election?

leebusby19 karma

I do. I think we'll give Alabama voters a choice.

Tjblackford27 karma

Colonel, I am an Army veteran of OIF. I am lucky to have served with minimal injuries physical or mental ,but many were not as lucky. What would you like to see done in the ways of improving the VA and other support programs for past, present, and future vets?

leebusby40 karma

I, like you, was very fortunate. I get my healthcare through the VA now, I'm familiar with its strengths and its frustrations. My biggest frustration is simply getting to talk to a human being when I'm trying to get something un-screwed. I think one simple thing that would help is hire more veterans or make the workers use the VA health system.

rushmid13 karma

Do you support the GI bill for veterans?

How about for civilians?

leebusby20 karma

I support the GI bill for veterans. Can you clarify the second part? If you mean for defense contractors, no, they're employed by private companies and their compensation reflects that.

tarlack12 karma

As a Canadian I can see you system is not working. I get the impression to many far right and left views attract big money from angry people. Do you feel a 3rd party will for out of the aftermath of all this extremism on both sides? Personally most Americans I know are very center, but just to lazy to do anything to fix it.

leebusby21 karma

I think technology is removing the middle man in politics in the same ways it has in business. Right now, the middlemen are the two big parties. That's currently in the process of eroding. People are able to get their news from so many places outside traditional media and the two parties. Eh?

ilovethissheet11 karma

Colonel, if elected to the US Senate, where do you see yourself as a Senator in regards to Iraq and Afghanistan? Would you work to finally end our involvement or do you see it as something the US Troops will need to be involved in till the end of time?

leebusby10 karma

I'd be a hardline supporter of funding the US Military to keep it the best in the world. I'd also be a hardline supporter of keeping our military out of roles that we aren't built for. There are other ways to win than simply putting American targets in there.

katiebuggc11 karma

Colonel, do you have any plans or ideas on how to begin bringing the two extreme sides in politics back together again?

leebusby36 karma

I thought this candidacy was one. Most of us are not really as divided as the media and political parties want us to remain. I'm trying to give that issue a voice.

zer0mas7 karma

Are you concerned that you could be blamed for "stealing" votes from either/both of the candidate's like what happens with the Green/Libertarian parties?

(I don't believe that anyone can "steal" votes from another candidates, you have to earn those votes)

leebusby6 karma

I agree. The outcome of this election will be a function of party decision and strategy, not one retired Marine and a few volunteers.

revanon5 karma

Thank you for your service.

Do you believe Roy Moore's accusers, and why or why not?

leebusby21 karma

I know nothing more than the average person walking in front of the television. The accusations created enough questions in my mind where I could not vote for him.

ironman824 karma

what do you thin kof the situation in venezuela?

leebusby14 karma

It's the inevitable outcome of individuals who were too comfortable to stand up when it could have been stopped and reversed. It saddens me, Venezuelans are amazing people.

meatboat2tunatown2 karma

Colonel, ima need to know your favorite 3 war movies please?

leebusby46 karma

Full Metal Jacket, A Bridge Too Far, The Sands of Iwo Jima

coryrenton2 karma

what are the most overrated and underrated restaurants in Alabama?

leebusby19 karma

That's out of my field of expertise. I enjoy home cooking.

zuch0698o2 karma

Thank you for coming on reddit and thank you for your service.

What is the major drive that brought you into politics? What helps you seperate from roy moore? (Besides the obvious)

leebusby5 karma

I was brought into politics by this disgust I felt that so many of the centrist conservative voters in Alabama were not represented by the two choices they were given. I'm not a lifelong politician and have no desire to be. If you look at my professional background on our website, you'll see my experience is broader and more useful in the US Senate. This includes not only military service but a wide array of private sector experience. These experiences gave me a broader perspective than either of the two candidates.

meatboat2tunatown-5 karma

Colonel, in the classic war movie "Heartbreak Ridge," the Gunny beats down a giant human meathead they called "Swede." Do you think YOU could have taken down "Swede"?

leebusby4 karma

No but I've had plenty of gunny's who could

meatboat2tunatown-10 karma

Colonel, is it true that dudes only go into the US Army if their ASVAB scores aren't high enough to get into the US Air Force?

leebusby2 karma

Don't know. That's a question for the Army.

meatboat2tunatown-12 karma

Colonel, let's say a person is transgender and wants to physically transition and at the same time wants to be a Marine. Assume that in order to do so, this person would have to undergo extensive surgeries and pharmaceutical and therapeutical regimens. Would this not then make that person ineligible for expeditionary operations and, as such, ineligible to serve? Aren't all Marines supposed to be expeditionary? Or are some Marines allowed to be designated POGs?

leebusby6 karma

All Marines should be riflemen first and expeditionary always

meatboat2tunatown-13 karma

Colonel, smug redditors insist that poor republican voters in the South are "voting against their own interests™" - do you believe that to be true? Or is this simply a vapid talking point propagated by lazy leftists?

leebusby3 karma

No, I don't believe it to be true. At all.