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Do you get comission on pricey wine sales?

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Are you worried about the zika virus?

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first off i wanted to say you did a great job telling your story in english and you have this cool russian english spanish mix going on def understood everything but can tell the russian and spanish influences. second i think you should enjoy your status and hey at least if "they" are looking for you they might have a hard time finding you! i bet you can just buy some fake passport and go from there but i also heard that like you could buy a real passport from the venezuelen embassy and maybe you cant anymore but i bet you can buy a real deal passport from other corrupt embassy. so can you do me a favor and after the spanish economy collapses can you let me know where your family is moving next so i can avoid that place too?

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did that stuff come with a lifetime warranty?

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what do you think about the situation in venezuela?