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Clicked it expecting to be Rick Rolled there.

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You asked about ideas before. There it is. Have your group go away for a weekend away. Have the set be like an old Victorian mansion that has the secret passages and hidden rooms and they find them and see the other members having their fun. You can have the classic peep holes in the eyes of a painting. Have a couple go on a hike in the woods and on their return the spy others on the balcony of their room. That's a start I guess.

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Colonel, I am an Army veteran of OIF. I am lucky to have served with minimal injuries physical or mental ,but many were not as lucky. What would you like to see done in the ways of improving the VA and other support programs for past, present, and future vets?

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My favorite line of your's ever is

"An enemy cannot push a button if you disable it's hand. MEDIC"

Have there been any roles you ended up be disappointed you didn't take or ones happy that you didn't?

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Cost of living comes into play.