I'm Steven, and I'm running against Kevin Brady because I disagree with pretty much everything he represents in Congress. Whether it is net neutrality, healthcare, tax reform, or renewing CHIP. AMA. Proof - https://twitter.com/stevedavid/status/935135824445952001

EDIT @ 10:40AM CST - Holy cow y'all are asking questions! I am still answering, but trying to be as thoughtful as possible.

EDIT 2 @ 10:57AM CST - Forgot to put my website link up. www.electstevendavid.com

FINAL EDIT: I'm gonna close it out. This has been amazing and I appreciate all of the questions and dialogue. Clearly I am going to do another one in the future, so keep an eye out. Shameless plugs: like my FB page @ https://www.facebook.com/stevenforcongress/. and follow me on twitter @stevedavid

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The_Perverted_Arts2167 karma

What do you have to say to the people who think someone with a first name for a last name can't be trusted?

stevendavidtx081835 karma

I refuse to answer this question because it only has 1 updoot.

stevendavidtx081821 karma


I can't convince you to trust someone with two first names. However, my middle name is Randolph, which is Germanic in its etymology. The literal translation of my middle name is "wolf-shield". HOWS YOUR TRUST NOW?!

EDIT* words SECOND EDIT: It has been suggested to me by a friend that I make campaign shirts that say 'Vote for Wolf-Shield'. Thoughts? Design suggestions?

TheUnRealTylerDurden522 karma

How would you vote in regards to H.B. 38 concealed carry reciprocity and why?

stevendavidtx08974 karma

This is a decent bill that creates consistency among states regarding licensing (similar to driver's license), however I would vote no. There isn't consistency on how states issues those concealed handgun licenses, meaning that a permit from a state that only requires you to sign a form to be able to conceal carry is just as valid in a state that requires classes and training by a licenses individual. That gives me HUGE concern. This bill puts the cart before the horse. I'd like to focus on the horse.

TheUnRealTylerDurden452 karma

Do you feel there should be a national guideline for background checks and safety training to issue a concealed carry licence? Would consider voting yes to hb38 is all states were on the same playing field as far as requirements go?

stevendavidtx08651 karma

Yes to both.

Sufjammin464 karma


stevendavidtx08372 karma

Thanks for the feedback. This was my first AMA, and I have definitely learned a lot.

I promise to listen and be transparent about what I'm hearing. This "my community supports me" is a joke. I'm a data dude at my job and we count stuff like this. Constituent sentiment should be a KPI for electeds and tracked publicly.

iDisc321 karma

Where is your voting base or how are you building a base? Based on your work history with the City, I imagine your base and network of connections live closer to the city and can’t vote for you. Rep Brady’s district is pretty far from Houston.

stevendavidtx08484 karma

I think my voting base is people who feel that this type of government isn't what they want. I do work for the City, and the interesting thing about it is that it is non-partisan. Yes, we know what each elected officials party is, but your party isn't worn on your sleeve when you sit down to work on a problem. I think that we (Americans) work this way naturally. We have a set of values that drive us, and maybe we choose to subscribe to a party platform, but at the end of the day we believe more in our values than in our party.

I work for the City, but I live in the district. I am running because we don't have someone who is thinking about us in the middle-class.

Colddeck64131 karma

I wish I could vote for you.... Andy Biggs is my districts elected representative and could care less about the middle class in the district. He only seems to care about the donors that donated to his election fund....

stevendavidtx08252 karma

Thank you. You should consider running.

Sky_Lobster308 karma

Have you ever sexually harassed, molested, or raped a woman of any age? Sounds like a dumb question, but apparently this can't be taken for granted these days.

stevendavidtx08398 karma

No, no, and no. Also, not a dumb question. Apparently we live in that kind of society.

nate725267 karma

What's your stance on medical/ recreational cannabis? And what's your opinion on the idea that many of our politicians are sociopaths?

stevendavidtx08836 karma

I couldn't care less about marijuana, but I care a whole lot about over-incarceration. As states legalize marijuana we see precipitous drops in citizens going to jail for something stupid like possession of marijuana, and that is a great thing. In Harris County jail, like 60% of pre-trial inmates are there for drug possession, and average wait time to trial is 10 months. Its ridiculous.

Furherevynn238 karma

Hi Steven. I'm a constituent within Brady's district. Haven't lived here long, but I already know that Brady does not support my views. So, I'm glad you're doing some outreach.

Here's my questions:

1) Net Neutrality. Brady, as well as our Senators, seem to think that the concept of Net Neutrality is anti-competition and by removing the Title II regulations will improve the internet. They also seem to think that companies will, on good faith, not block or throttle content. However, we've seen in the past that this is not true (for example, from 2007 to 2009, AT&T tried to force Apple to block VoIP services when not on Wi-Fi, and in 2012 they straight up blocked FaceTime unless users upgraded their data). Where do you stand on Net Neutrality, what kind of regulations (or lack of) would you support in order to keep the internet free? And will you pay attention to the public on this issue?

2) The Rising Cost of Education/Student Loans. What do you plan to work towards in terms of the ever rising costs of education and the burden of student debt. I recently got my master's degree in Computer Information Systems and have a strong interest in public service jobs, though I am not in one right now. The recent tax bill proposals could kill student loan interest deductions and, if I'm not mistaken, also the public service loan forgiveness plan used to encourage people to join public service jobs. As a representative, how will you target fixing the costs of education and the ever growing debt problems?

3) Healthcare. The constant fight over healthcare nowadays is just frustrating. What healthcare proposals do you support, and why?

4) LGBT Rights. Texas is not exactly a bastion for equal rights for all. I'm LGBT, and watching the recent trend of "bathroom bills" and discrimination hiding under the guise of "religious freedom" is really discouraging. Just Monday, the Supreme Court sent back a case to the Texas courts that has the potential to deny benefits for city same sex spouses. Will you fight for LGBT rights in the US House? Where do you stand on these issues?

5) Getting Elected. Brady has a strong grip on the District. And while I have known you were running for quite a while, I never really see a whole lot about you floating around. What's your strategy to get your name out more, and how are you trying to get the voters to know just who you are and what you stand for?

Looking forward to your responses and thanks for doing this AMA.

stevendavidtx08382 karma

1) The internet should be free. Plain and simple. I whole-heartedly disagree with the notion that we should trust telecommunications companies.

2) I did a little bit more of an in depth answer below, but the tl;dr is that PLSF is key to getting highly-educated people for work for governments and non-profits and we need to keep it in place, and someone having the guts to take out debt to get an advanced degree should be rewarded and incentivized to do so, not punished. I will say, however, that I believe that college is becoming WAY to expensive and it is incumbent on college to ensure that these 'non-profit' colleges are not gouging students.

3) Ultimately, I support single-payer. I don't think we can get there right now because there needs to be contingency planning for the impacts to the ~800k jobs that are healthcare industry related. The ACA was a good start, but just a start. You don't throw out a bill like the ACA just because. You build on it.

4) This is going to be cliche, but love is love. These attacks on LGBT, particularly transgendered people, are being done by sorry excuses for human beings. When the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage, that should have been the end of the discussion.

5) I plan on shaking as many hands as possible, and hopefully look forward to shaking yours.

soundsofjesus115 karma

Would you currently support a public option for healthcare?

stevendavidtx08168 karma


SeasofCheeseburgers142 karma


stevendavidtx08190 karma

I think we are going to find out your question pretty soon. Whatever is going to happen with Trump is going to create a very big divide among Republicans. Separately, as electeds become younger we are going to see it better reflect society.

I'm still on the fence on that.

ragnarokrobo104 karma

What's your position on the second amendment and gun rights?

stevendavidtx08236 karma

I believe in the second amendment, but also believe that the government is obligated to regulate extenuating circumstances to gun ownership. They already do it with felonies, but don't really do it with people who beat their spouses up. This kind of inconsistency is what gives government a bad wrap.

Rhino_486 karma

They already do it with felonies, but don't really do it with people who beat their spouses up

What about the Lautenberg Amendment? When I was in the military people who were convicted of domestic violence were discharged because they could no longer own firearms.

stevendavidtx08127 karma

We found out with the shooting in Sutherland Spring that the military didn't do a good job on conveying the information that they should have. This is what I mean when I talk about inconsistency in government process.

YOLO420allday87 karma

You mention student loans a lot on your website and have touched on it in this AMA.

What is your plan or proposal to address overwhelming student loan debt?

How will it work to differentiate between those in high income sectors (law, banking, consulting) and those in lower paying sectors? Is it fair at all to differentiate, why shouldn't lawyers and consultants receive the same benefits of some sort of forgiveness program as everyone else?

stevendavidtx08164 karma

This is a good set of questions.

I think that an undergraduate degree should be free. We can afford it, and there are a litany of studies that demonstrate the positive economic growth associated with a more educated society.

Having said that, my wife is a dog groomer. She didn't go to college but a training program, and she is the bread winner in our house. We have bought two houses because of her, and to not recognize the enormous, driving impact a vocation has on our economy is folly. I bring this up to say that not everybody needs a college degree, but your ability to get credit or your income should not be a barrier to success.

As far as loan forgiveness goes, I think you're referring to a specific program called the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. The PLSF is, as far as I can tell, the best program to incentivize young people coming out of bachelors and graduate programs to be civil servants for a time. The loan forgiveness program also applies to non-profits. So if lawyers and bankers want to have their advanced degree debts forgiven, they should go work for a District Attorney or a Controller.

SonOfSite82 karma

Hi Steven, Over the years, I've become pretty jaded in regards to politicians and their promises. What separates you from all the other fresh-faced aspiring politicians, who once elected, abandon the people who got them into office and bow to special interests, and all of the sudden get rich and become a career politician?

stevendavidtx08122 karma

Trust. Politics is a dialogue with people, not with pundits or tv screens. Alexis de Tocqueville said that American Democracy is best because we participate out of fear of not getting the same as the next gal/guy. I agree with this sentiment, but I'm less cynical about it. Please don't exit politics. It's arduous and frustrating, but it's worth it!

super_shizmo_matic81 karma

A root cause analysis of Americas political problems would boil down to these two major factors.

How much of your time will you devote to annihilating these two issues?

stevendavidtx08132 karma

Gerrymandering is a HUGE problem and needs to be addressed by a non-partisan panel of experts. NOT POLITICIANS.

Lobbying is less of a problem to me than spineless politicians. You want to give me money? Fine, but when I still vote my conscience, you'll only be giving to me once.

PanicHouse81 karma

I hope you win but Reddit is very liberal so I assume you will get Redditors support just by wrapping yourself in blue but how can you win in this very conservative district where liberal is used as a slur?

stevendavidtx0883 karma

I haven't spoken with as many people in the district as I would like, but I have spoken with a lot. Overwhelmingly I am hearing very intense nervousness around healthcare and economic opportunity. People are genuinely afraid of their healthcare costs going up, or, through the potential repeal of the ACA, losing their healthcare altogether. Additionally, a whole bunch of people my age are VERY concerned about what is going to happen regarding their student debt. This district is very different than the rest of Texas in regards to education; 30% have a bachelors or higher. With this tax reform going through, people who are graduate student, or have graduate degrees face an enormous disincentive. People are just upset, and I think that this election is going to be about issues and not about what party you're a member of.

Rand_L75 karma

Do you wear socks with sandals?

stevendavidtx08268 karma

I'm not a monster.

monkee_see73 karma

Are you at all concerned that countless folks could Photoshop your AMA photo so that the piece of paper you are holding up appears to state something horribly offensive?

stevendavidtx08183 karma

If it happens I'm coming for you.

wanttoknowaboutit46 karma

Will you work across the aisle or will you just go with what your party is telling you do to?

More generally, how do you see the divisiveness of congress and the country? As a layperson it seems that there is so much focus on making sure that the people in power will fail at everything they do and a refusal to work with the other side because it "makes you look bad".

stevendavidtx08127 karma

Of course I'll work across the aisle. I think a defining trait of my generation, and younger, is our stubbornness and disregard for being told what to do. I know how to do my own research, as well as listen to experts, and if it stinks I don't support it.

T1mac32 karma

Hi Steve. In your answer about student debt, I wish the Dems framed college that doesn't charge tuition to students as an investment in America's future. The return on investment is enormous, but saying it's "free" gives the Republicans an easy opening to attack. With that said, how is the best way to fund college with no tuition costs?

stevendavidtx0843 karma

I think that free college is one of those things that SHOULD be debt funded. I'm ok with increasing the deficit for things that are proven to increase GDP.

a_y_l_m_a_o_o_o_27 karma

Any views you associate yourself with that often aren’t favored by Liberals/Democrats?

stevendavidtx0857 karma

Guns. Economic incentives for businesses (but tying them to jobs and public infrastructure agreements).

amooseme20 karma

Can you explain American politics to me in five words or less?

Can you describe trump in four words?

Can you describe yourself in three words?

stevendavidtx08100 karma

Not representative of Americans.

Out of his depth.

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. (Idealistic. Generalist. Stubborn.)

sinsemillas19 karma

What kind of cheese you like on your burger?

stevendavidtx0848 karma

Swiss or Sharp Cheddar.

MikeAndAlphaEsq19 karma

Even though I disagree with essentially all of your policy positions, as an early-thirty something individual myself who's extremely interested in politics, what do you think needs to be done to get more millenials running for federal office? Our founding fathers were mostly less than 40 years old, while the average congressman today is near 60. Regardless of your political beliefs, diversity of age in congress is a good thing. What do you think needs to happen?

stevendavidtx0843 karma

People our age just need to recognize that we are having our opportunities for a successful future/retirement thrown down the drain by our parents and grandparents generation. Also, I don't care that you and I don't agree on things. If you want to run, please let me help. I've run campaigns before and would be happy to give you advice.

TexLH18 karma

What is your opinion on a wall between the U.S. and Mexico? Why do you hold that opinion?

stevendavidtx0886 karma

Immigration from Mexico is net negative, and there are a whole lot better ways to spend $10 billion. Also, 10-foot wall = 11-foot ladder.

JaiX123417 karma

Why do you consider or label yourself as a democrat? Do you ever just want to represent a group of people based on common values instead of what a job title expects?

stevendavidtx0840 karma

Yes, but the two-party system is king here.

lampshade8114 karma

Hi Steven, I am a 32 year old who is not a democrat running for congress. I am presently sitting in my pajamas browsing reddit.

What good decisions did you make in your life to get you to where you are today?

stevendavidtx0825 karma

I have made a TON of bad decisions in my life. If you care about the direction our country is going and want to change it, go volunteer for something you believe in. That is where I started in 2008.

notparanoidasu8 karma

I would like to know how you think the Democratic Party should move forward? What flaws do you see? I’m a democrat, yet I believe in the second amendment, as do many other democrats that I know...but we do believe that we absolutely need to keep guns out of the wrong hands... how can you let the other side know that ‘No we are not taking your guns, but yes the laws need to be enforced on the purchasing of these weapons’.

stevendavidtx0826 karma

I think that you said it perfectly. There is nothing wrong with saying that a person who beats their spouse or has a violent past shouldn't have a gun, and a robust, transparent process of screen people is what government is obligated to do.

dryactive3 karma

What is your favorite gas station?

stevendavidtx088 karma


drakansteal33 karma

Do you not worry that putting concrete answers on something like the internet could be your downfall? People in Washington are really good at digging up history.

stevendavidtx0815 karma

If I don't win because I talked about what I believe in, then fine.

spaceslother2 karma

Hi! As an 18 year old constituent in your district, a lot of my peers are currently unhappy with what Brady has been doing regarding policy and his work in DC. While most of the district is older, white collar workers, I’m wondering how you will reach out and engage younger voters (who often find the political climate in Harris County discouraging) while still swaying the older voters who’re comfortable with what’s been going on, and generally overwhelmingly conservative?

Thank you for your work, and I look forward to learning about what you’ll be doing in my community!

stevendavidtx083 karma

I think it's going to take people your age getting active. I'm not hear to revolutionize the political process, I am just tired of seeing things happen that I don't agree with.

I just want to play Destiny 2 and not get throttled. AMIRIGHT?!

kvothe-althore2 karma

what do you think about HR392 and the fact that some high skilled immigrants have to wait for 70 years (no, its not a typo. It is 70 years) for their green card in the current system?

stevendavidtx086 karma

I haven't read HR 392 yet but I will. Having said that, a 70 year wait for a green card is ridiculous.

HunterWindmill2 karma


Could you please respond to this video? It sums up my view better than I could ever type out. Thanks.

stevendavidtx0818 karma

I'm not opposed to tax cuts for people in the middle-class. I'm opposed to the theory of supply side economics being the driving factor for the tax cuts. It encourages governments to cut corporate and wealthy people tax rates with the assumption that they will increase the pay of their employees, which never happens.

FoxBearBear1 karma

What’s your major and why do you think you have the skills to be a congressman.

Do you think that for one to be elected into a position that it will have him dealing with the public’s money he/she needs a degree relevant to it!? Like business, accounting or engineering?

stevendavidtx083 karma

Major - Political Science. Minors - Business, Big Data Analytics.

We need more non-political science people, non-lawyers in office. Diversity of thought, education, and life experience is a strength!

Fat_Akuma1 karma

When is the last time you had heart burn? Asking because i have heart burn today.

stevendavidtx081 karma

Zyrtec for life.

SlickInsides5 karma

Ah, so you’re in the pocket of Big Pharma!


stevendavidtx082 karma

Haha. Awesome.

whitefreckle1 karma

Why do you look like you have a couple dead bodies under your garage?

stevendavidtx082 karma

I hit none of the 12 check marks on the psychopath checklist thank you very much.

Tuarham1 karma

H-E-B Or Kroger?

stevendavidtx088 karma

HEB - the one near my house has beer taps in it. I have 3 growlers that stay on rotation.

lufan1321 karma

How do you feel about patent reform that puts users first instead of corporations? Like the ability to engage in modifications of protected materials becoming illegal at distribution and malicious intent and not becoming illegal at circumvention as it is now? I know that others are opposed as they planned to draw a line at providing access. (Likely to guarantee guilt in US v. MegaUpload)

stevendavidtx087 karma

I don't know a lot about this. Do you have any materials that I can read and become informed on?

Swizzle441 karma

What is your stance on Net Neutrality?

stevendavidtx084 karma

The internet should not be controlled by profit-driven ISPs. Keep it neutral.

ashameanshope1 karma

What are your major points of contention with Brady's work in office?

stevendavidtx084 karma

AHCA, Tax Reform Bill, not championing the renewal of CHIP, not supporting Net Neutrality.

letsgettalking1 karma

Do you support Congressional term limits, why [How many years?] or why not?

Also, and arguably more important, boxers or briefs?

stevendavidtx083 karma

I'm definitely open to it, but we just need to weigh the benefits of experience. Losing experience is a bad thing, but getting stagnant ideas out is a good things.

Tommy John, ftw.

Joocemann-2 karma

What makes you different from the monotony of oligarchical representative intermediates and default offerings set by false dichotomy? Why are you a Democrat when independent voters are the majority now?

stevendavidtx0813 karma

Because a two-party system has its roots in the founding of our country. Are you asking me to upend the 241-year history of our nation?

Having said that, I do not agree completely with platform of the Democratic Party. I am a Democratic because I believe that, above all else, the party embraces the variance of ideology. The Republican Party routinely has litmus tests that I fundamentally disagree with (e.g. supply-side economics, muslim ban, transgenders in bathrooms) and I refuse to be boxed in like that. I don't think that groupthink is what my generation is defined by.