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What are your thoughts about the Bombardier+Airbus/Boing battle? Do you think Embraer will loose market share due to a help from Airbus to the Cseries? Will Boeing help Embraer now that Airbus helped Bombardier?

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Do you think one day technology on our smartphones will become good enough to simulate any type of pedal with an app and output good quality sound to an amp ?

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Marvel or DC ?

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I tried my iPad and iPhone with that icable or whatnot and it sound like a cracking mess.

Tried garage band on a Mac with the RockBand cable and I got the same sound.

Even when playing Garage Band the sound is “weak”, bass lacking with the same “color”.

But when playing directly with my old Vox amp the sound is “profound”....

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Yeah, definitely!

For example, here in Brazil we have a body of engineers that make estimates and projects. But the final decision get thrown to politician that only care about reelection.

We have to start electing politician with knowledge and life experience!

But hey my dude, best of luck.