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The box station as i call it The images are through google street view cause the sun isn’t around when i come in/leave. If requested i can post a pic from inside or something.

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dustyspectacles47 karma

Do you sell more blunt wraps or silk roses?

TheFifthOneToBe48 karma

Blunt Wraps for sure. During my shift overnight i sell between 20 and 40. But in a 24 hour period we sell upwards 200.

dustyspectacles13 karma

You have a happy town, my friend. I hope your shift goes smooth!

TheFifthOneToBe61 karma

Maybe the customers are happy! My manager, not so much. We have an employee stealing cigarettes. So now the manager stares at the camera’s recordings for at least an hour every morning trying desperately to figure out who’s doing it.

I know it’s not me. I’m on Reddit all night...

Robert_L0blaw35 karma

Can I use the bathroom?

TheFifthOneToBe89 karma

I’m sorry sir, our bathroom is not open to the public. However feel free to use one of the bushes in the back.

JWAxeMan9 karma

Makes sense, especially if it's a tiny place where you're often alone and you have to use that restroom.

TheFifthOneToBe12 karma

That’s the exact reasoning. We also have a building adjacent to the gas station but behind it and customs will often go “Can i use the bathroom in the building in the back?” And i tell them no it’s a supply shelf has all of the drinks and snack. 9 Times out of 19 they don’t believe me and then give me an attitude lol.

JWAxeMan11 karma

I've had to pee really bad and been told I can't, but I never get mad. If anything it's my own damn fault for waiting until my bladder was going to pop to pull over.

TheFifthOneToBe22 karma

I had one guy who was high off his ass who punched the window because I said no. Here’s the thing, we have 3 inches of bulletproof glass between us, he DEFINITELY injured his hand.

TheTrueHaku11 karma

That “thing” may change if you live in a city where the animals are given the keys to the cages.

Bill to prohibit bulletproof glass at Philadelphia stores, because it hurts customers' feelings

TheFifthOneToBe5 karma

It hurts customers feelings... please tell me the bill didn’t get passed? (Can’t watch the video I’m at subway and have no data.... yay)

Our store actually only has two copies of the keys currently (one for the Manager and one for the store owner) if you go outside and lock yourself out at 3 am you are fucked.

TheTrueHaku6 karma

Hasn’t been passed but is being aggressively pushed by city councilwoman Cindy Bass(D). She is specifically targeting a convenience store that had the glass installed after a shooting.

Cindy is a real piece of work.

TheFifthOneToBe2 karma

It’s ridiculous I’ll agree to that.

TheFifthOneToBe29 karma

I could write a book about that... I’ll just post two or three of them.

• There was this woman, presumably a stripper or exotic dancer. Who constantly (this became a daily occurrence for at least a week) would come in attempt to buy something and then ‘barter’ a discount with offers of a lap dance or ‘a night together’. She says all of this while scantly dressed and changing poses about every other word.

• I had another guy in the parking lot holding binoculars looking towards the park, i asked what he was doing and he goes ‘Spying on my wife cause i think she’s cheating on me.’ Mind you, this is a park FILLED with children.

• Then there’s the guy we call Jesus (pronounced Spanish Hesus), he comes by once a week and ALWAYS lectures whoever he can find about the rapture and how god is going to end earth once and for all because of all these teenagers and their darned cellphones. On one occasion he gave me a copy of the Bible.

eagleth5 karma

I worked the same job and have some fun stories as well. I have had numerous people try to give me pamphlets or bumper stickers, etc. for their religious groups. It all sounds like bullshit to me (atheist) so I just nod so that they go away.

I had one woman go ape shit because I wouldn't take a check from her. For one, we didn't accept checks. Second, it wasn't even a real check. It was a sample that she was trying to pass off as real. She went inside and talked to the manager and everything.

There was one guy that kept trying to get me to buy his bike that was falling apart and the tires had been patched 10+ times, for like $15 so that he could get his kids back from child services. Like wtf?!

People are quite interesting, but I just couldn't take dealing with so many stupid people to keep working there.

TheFifthOneToBe3 karma

You see, I like you. I know EXACTLY what you mean with the first paragraph. Being Agnostic I could care less about religion but the ‘collection’ of religious hand outs i have at this point is ridiculous.

At our gas station we don’t take EBT (Food Stamps) And I’ve had numerous customers grab as much they can carry, and then after I’ve rung EVERYTHING they ask “Oh yeah, you guys take EBT right?” After a few seconds of awkward silence... “No, no we do not” NOW GO PUT THAT SHIT BACK.

Don’t forget the people who pay with change... a pack of Newport’s and $10 gas on pump 7. And then they plop down the heaviest bag you’ve ever heard WITHOUT counting it. Depending on my mood (and if i actually need the change) I do one of two things; Tell them to go to the bank and get the fuck out of here or tell them they HAVE to count it first. Which is technically true.

monsto3 karma

Being Agnostic

I could care less

This is about the only time this actually works.

TheFifthOneToBe2 karma

Haha exactly. Happy accident.

eagleth1 karma

Yes to everything. Also I guess more agnostic than atheist. Really I have no fucking idea so idk.

We started taking it shortly before I quit, but it was relatively uncommon that anyone tried to use ebt, since you know, its a gas station and most people are just getting cigs or a soda.

I didn't have too many people try to give me more than a dollar or two in change, they seemed to know better than to try. The largest sum was like three dollars mostly in nickels, but it was from a cute girl around my age, so I couldn't say no. I should have asked her out, but didn't want to be the creepy gas station attendant guy.

TheFifthOneToBe7 karma

I think of it this way;

Atheist: No God period

Agnostic: No god? Cool. There is a god? Cool too.

I have a story for you after you said the thing about ‘creepy gas station attendant’. While working there my friend would stop by here and there but one day he came by on a shift change and ended up talking to my co worker, she’s our age and a solid 9/10. Like the fool he is, develops a crush on her. So one day he decides he will ask her out for drinks or a movie. (His words, I was at home, probably sleeping) As he approaches the booth he’s looking towards the ground being shy, and says “Hey I think you’re incredible, will you go for lunch with me?” Looks up in COMPLETE horror. Instead of it being her (which she was scheduled) it was our shift leader whom is this massive 300lb dude. Who responds with “Sure dude”

Now we poke fun at him over it.

rykki1 karma

Well, how did the date go?!

TheFifthOneToBe5 karma

Ha! That’s something we have to ask him. However he did end up talking to this girl and going on an actual date with her, currently they’re ‘feeling’ out of a relationship would work or not.

monsto2 karma

they’re ‘feeling’ out

TheFifthOneToBe1 karma

Maybe it should’ve been

They’re feeling out Lmao

Masktique3 karma

Thanks for the answer. Jeez, that second one is scary if he's really doing what it seems like he's doing.

TheFifthOneToBe3 karma

Yeah, i politely asked him to leave the premises and to my surprise he obeyed. Otherwise i would’ve called the police and I DONT want to deal with that hassle on a Sunday during second shift (which messes me up because I’ve always been third but they had me cover someone with almost no notice... and second shift here is 1pm - 9pm which is exactly my sleep schedule before i go to work)

JSh1elds12 karma

How do you keep yourself entertained?

TheFifthOneToBe31 karma

My main sources are; Reddit, Steam on my laptop, and the interactions with some of my customers. Some of them provide me with enough entertainment that I feel obliged to pay them.

IsomDart7 karma

Actually doesn't sound like a bad job. You get to play video games at work?

eagleth13 karma

If its dead. I was supposed to be allowed to do homework, but really never could, because there was at most a 5 minute window before someone walked up. Thats a large portion of the reason I quit when I did. Also I realized that I really really hate dealing with stupid people on a regular basis.

TheFifthOneToBe14 karma

I know! Although once or twice a week we have what we call ‘dead days’ which literally I’ll go 1-2 hours between customers. It’s the strangest phenomenon

eagleth14 karma

Yes. There will be a dead period (10-15mins) and then 6 people show up at the exact same time. It makes no sense, but it happened multiple times per day.

TheFifthOneToBe6 karma

I’ve noticed that exactly, when they have me cover second shift here and there, when one car arrives, at least two more are right behind it at the SAME time.

TheFifthOneToBe3 karma

Ha ha the guy who responded before me pretty much hit the nail on the head!

IsomDart9 karma

Dang. That place looks dangerous. Has the store ever been held up or robbed?

TheFifthOneToBe23 karma

Yeah we were robbed twice? Once before i worked there and then again within the first 3 months of me working there. The other 3rd Shifter decided to go outside for a smoke and then “got distracted” by a customer and went to help them at the pump while someone (said customers friend) entered the building and took money from the register and ran out without being noticed.

Fellow third Shifter eventually goes back in and doesn’t realize what happened until she tries to give change to a customer with an empty draw. Thanks to her we are now not allowed to leave the booth and have all lost our smoke breaks aka my sanity break since i don’t smoke lol

dirtymoney6 karma

do you carry chore boy and love roses (in those glass tubes)?

TheFifthOneToBe5 karma

Believe it or not we don’t. In fact we didn’t carry flavored blunt wraps and blunts until a few months ago (originally only Silver/original and honey) because of some regulation that was passed. But the receded and we’re slowly restocking and getting everything back to how it should be.

squersh6 karma

What are your top 3 favorite music artists?

TheFifthOneToBe6 karma

That’s a tough one, I listen to almost everything. I guess if i had to choose;

• Consider Me Dead • Krewella • Yellow Claw

Br56u76 karma

Do you know when teens are bullshitting you for alchohol and do you ever care really?

TheFifthOneToBe14 karma

We don’t have alcohol in our booth but it happens all the time with cigarettes “i forgot my id/lost it/dont worry I’ll be back”. One of the most common tactics is Teen asks for cigarettes and ask for Newport’s for example I say no, they walk off around the corner and talk to an ‘adult’ to buy it for them (... but we have cameras so i see EVERYTHING) The adult will then come over say he wants his cigarettes (Marlboro’s or something) and then ask for the Newport’s. I have to reject him and tell him that he can’t buy any tobacco for the remainder of the day.

Htowngetdown4 karma

Couldn’t you just give the man his marlboros? He was just trying to help a brother out.

nullreturn5 karma

I went to a Walgreens apparently right after some kid tried to buy the same type of Camels as me. I was on hour 20 of a voluntary overtime shift grabbing sunflower seeds, Ramen noodles, coffee, and a pack of cigarettes. They wouldn't sell me the cigarettes.

I still feel bad for this kid and if he still worked there I would apologize, but I had been up for going on 30 hours and went the fuck off. I was hungry, tired, and hadn't had a smoke for 6 hours. All I wanted in life was a cigarette, a cup of noodles, and coffee.

I informed him in no way shape or fucking form was I buying them for a minor, if he wanted to ride the 5 blocks back he could watch me smoke a cigarette, and if he wanted I would empty the "whole goddamn freezer section and leave it in a corner so you have to put everything back".

Again I am not proud of my actions and would have told myself to fuck off, but I got my pack of cigarettes and they watched me drive off to go monitor emergency generators for another 10 hours until the Monday shift showed up.

TheFifthOneToBe3 karma

You know what it was (and i don’t blame your reaction tbh) the cashier was scared of losing their job. We are held responsible if someone buys cigarettes and hands them off, which i think under some situation is completely understandable but there are times where something like your scenario happens because of it.

nullreturn2 karma

And I've been in that situation before. If I could find the guy I'd buy him a beer. But what started as a 10 hour shift starting Saturday turned into a 32 hour shift ending Monday morning. I just wanted food, coffee, and cigarettes.

I did make bank in overtime, but it was a bitch.

TheFifthOneToBe1 karma

I believe it man. Especially when you go in not expecting to stay for so long. I went in the night before thanksgiving, should’ve left at 5 am Thanksgiving. The next two shifts after me both called out last minute with NO coverage. I ended up working until 5 am the following day. And like you said, all you want is something to eat!

TheFifthOneToBe2 karma

The thing is I could’ve and i would’ve, but the second he asked for the Newport’s for the kid I no longer can. Because if the camera caught him handing the cigarettes off to a minor I lose my job on the spot.

eaturpineapples4 karma

Has anyone ever asked you for gas money? Have you ever given it to anyone?

TheFifthOneToBe7 karma

It’s happened twice, I only helped one of them (Shane on me I guess) the first time was within my first two weeks of working there so I wasn’t sure if I was allowed too besides I was broke lol. However the second time I happened to be in a really good mood, had an awesome check and pretty or left over change from previous customers (which we have to get ride of the excess change anyway) to give this woman 2 gallons for free (which I mean, if i saw you pushing your car off the street and onto the gas station from the bottom of the street, chances are I’m going to help you)

RedditDoggy5 karma

why is Shane on you? is Shane okay?

TheFifthOneToBe1 karma

Lmao typos! That was 6 hours ago? Should’ve been when i woke up from my hour nap after work haha

RedditDoggy2 karma

yeah. plus I hear Shane really likes sitting on people when they are asleep

TheFifthOneToBe3 karma

Yeah, the prick follows me home too!

dirtymoney2 karma

to give this woman 2 gallons for free (which I mean, if i saw you pushing your car off the street and onto the gas station from the bottom of the street, chances are I’m going to help you)

sucker. You just got scammed by an elaborate scam

TheFifthOneToBe7 karma

Yeah that’s what most people thought when I’ve told the story, but to be fair i only paid 50 cents out of pocket. Because like i said before I HAVE to get rid if that excess change one way or another.

A_Bungus_Amungus3 karma

If they went to all that trouble to push the car in for a few gallons of gas, I feel they deserve it, scam or not. Thats commitment if it was a scam lol

TheFifthOneToBe4 karma

You want to hear commitment to a scam? There was a couple who, the guy would walk around his phone and then pretend to have a seizure and drop to the ground convulsing and shaking, then the woman would go to him “steal” his wallet and run away. After a few seconds he would recover and say ‘wtf? She stole my wallet!?’ And then start crying and begging bystanders for money for the bus and whatnot. I’ve watched them do it 4 Times now...

A_Bungus_Amungus1 karma

Id ask if she gave the wallet back from last time in front of everyone.....

TheFifthOneToBe6 karma

There’s this other guy whose scam is i need 2$ for the husky wife is going into labor in the next city I’ve yada yada. He tried it on me twice but with a month in between so the second time I responded with “Damn, she’s been in labor for a whole month? That’s crazy!” And he just shied away

WisperingPenis3 karma

Did you ever get shot at or knifed?

Do you have bullet-proof glass?

How about your best stories?

TheFifthOneToBe13 karma

Did you ever get shot at or knifed?

At work? Nope. But I’ve been stabbed in the leg once and then once again in the lower back. Never shot at ... yet.

Do you have bullet-proof glass?

Of course, 3-5 inches of it.

How about your heat stories?

Oh man I’ve already told most of them in other comments. Here’s another good one;

We have a regular, his name’s Jimmy. Jimmy comes once a week at 4:30am-5:30am intoxicated to the point where he can barely walk. The first time he came he freaked me out because every time the first thing he says is “I need an ambulance. I need one now.” However I’m use to Jimmy now. So of course I oblige and call the police station and I literally say “Jimmy’s here again.” And they know exactly where to go and pick him up. Here’s the thing, he’s here EVERY WEEK except he never showed up two weeks ago. Last week he showed up, same time as usual but he wasn’t intoxicated (I didn’t recognize him until he said he was Jimmy) he told me that the week before he was mugged for his wallet, phone and shoes. He then informed me that he’s been sober for 7 days and plans to never drink again. Stopped by yesterday and he’s still doing good afaik.

Here’s another story for you;

Around 2am sometime last week, I had a guy come up and the only thing he said was “I’d like to report a crime.” I myself thought he was going to say a drink or something got stolen, didn’t care much, but i ask him what happened and he goes on telling me how this girl stole his car down the street at the bank while he was grabbing money from the atm. Of course i call the cops to help him and when they arrive i overheard the details of exactly what happened. Get this; Man picked up a prostitute and went to withdraw money for her ‘services’ while grabbing the money she stole his car....

WisperingPenis14 karma

When you see Jimmy, ask him "Are you still sober?" If he keeps it up, congradulate him! He sounds like he needs a friend.

TheFifthOneToBe8 karma

Yeah he’s a pretty cool guy, especially after sobering up.

troyanator3 karma

How many gallons a month you guys sell?

TheFifthOneToBe3 karma

I don’t know off of the top of my head to be honest but I’ll check when i go back tomorrow if i remember.

DanDierdorf3 karma

Full moons are real.
I don't know if phone sex is a thing any more, but I received a few working the late shift. You ever recieve a call from a woman wanting phone sex?

TheFifthOneToBe6 karma

Nope not yet, however I had some 12 year olds try to prank call the store twice, i expected the second call so I maxed the volume on the radio and put the phone up to it. Kids never called again after that, probably partially deaf too now.

Svargas053 karma

When and where do you go to the restroom?

TheFifthOneToBe4 karma

Where; We have a bathroom inside of the booth, it’s actually a lot more spacious inside than it looks. You can have 3 people inside the building without it being cramped, anymore than that and you’re pushing it.

When; I am allowed to use it whenever I feel as if I have too. All I have to do is put a sign on the window saying I’ll return momentarily.

Svargas058 karma

Just saw your booth - I guess I was more so curious about those that work in the ones 1/4th the size of yours, like at Walmart gas stations.

Are there restrooms in those too?

eagleth4 karma

Most of the time, yes. I, however, worked in one that did not have a bathroom, so I had to walk inside the store across the parking lot. There was apparently some bullshit city coding that said that they didn't need a bathroom out there if there was one in the front of the store. They didn't want to have to run water lines out to the gas station... so they didn't. It was annoying because I was supposed to ask for a break, but I eventually got fed up with people being slow so I just put up a sign and hoped nothing went wrong while I was gone.

TheFifthOneToBe2 karma

You’ll be happy you had to leave the building to use the bathroom. I swear every other time I put the sign up all i heard was someone banging on the window of the booth because they were impatient.

eagleth4 karma

My god the number of people that think that is helpful. I literally had one woman banging on the window trying to get my attention so that I could get her something... while I was turned around grabbing something for her.

TheFifthOneToBe2 karma

It happens way too often. I could be counting cigarettes or they can visibly see me working and I’ve already acknowledged them but yet they’ll still bang the window.

TheFifthOneToBe1 karma

Actually i can answer this. I worked at Walmart before this, and our Walmart has one. I only went inside of it twice but if i remember correctly, it was about half of the size of my current booth and did not have a bathroom. However at our Walmart they had the associate in there for 3-4 hours before someone else swapped with them so they could take a lunch break and use the in store bathroom.

el_muerte173 karma

Do you ever shut the overhead lights and big sign off at night, then feign ignorance (oops, must have forgot to turn them on when the sun went down) if you get called on it?

TheFifthOneToBe1 karma

Nah, I’ve never done that because we’re open 24/7 so even overnight I’m required to keep everything running.

InTupacWeTrust3 karma

  • How do you like working the 3rd shift?

  • Have this made you into a night owl or have you always been one?

  • Do the freaks really come out at night?

TheFifthOneToBe8 karma

How do you like working the 3rd shift?

I actually enjoy working third shift quite a bit. I absolutely hate second shift now because of it lol.

Have this made you into a night owl or have you always been one?

Definitely made me a night owl. Prior to this job I’d go to bed at 8pm or so and wake up 3am or 4am to start my day

Do the freaks really come out at night?

Yes. Yes they do. I’ve made a few comments about some of the experiences I’ve had.

reddit65003 karma

How do you react when a guy with severe social phobia pulls up and, visibly nervous, starts pumping gas while aggressively avoiding eye contact with anyone?

TheFifthOneToBe3 karma

I’ve had that guy show up a few times. It’s really just matter of watching them “without watching them” or just using the cameras. I can completely understand Social Anxiety and the likes but once it gets to phobia, especially with the heightened crime rates we’ve in the area, i always keep an eye on them and any one who seems sketchy/rubs me the wrong way.

somestupidloser3 karma

I work for a gas station company in the home office and don't get too much exposure to our sites.

Operations-wise what are your biggest struggles working the third shift and what are some things the support team can do to help?

TheFifthOneToBe2 karma

Honestly I’ve hd no issues whatsoever besides having so much down time. There are nights i feel like I’m being paid to babysit the place and do nothing. That’s AFTER cleaning the whole booth, the trash and stocking everything, i mean it’s easier for me to finish my daily work since it’s smaller than your usual store.

ninjarobotmind6 karma

You just told a manager you don't have enough work.

TheFifthOneToBe3 karma

I’ve openly admitted it to her before lol

kadam233 karma

Hey I don't know if you're still around or not, but those box exchanges have always been my favorite type of booths. Having worked in one I have a question

See the drinks that are displayed outside? What happens if someone picked one up and walked away

  1. Is the owner Turkish or Indian? That's all they ever are

  2. You answered plenty of bathroom questions but didn't read any about YOUR needs

  3. Was your stabbings job relayed or whole other story? If job related I want to hear it I was tied up in the floor for about 5 hours while the thieves worked the gas pumps and registers and then left at the end of their (my) shift.

  4. Since you have you basically have a bomb proof glass. If I waved a gun around and demanded money, do you laugh or oblige?

TheFifthOneToBe3 karma

See the drinks that are displayed outside? What happens if someone picked one up and walked away

Nothing really. I mean the cameras record their face and now we know to look for them next time. We just have to write down what exactly was stolen if we saw it. We had the auditors come last week and corporate doesn’t seem to care honestly.

Is the owner Turkish or Indian? That's all they ever are

To my surprise he was actually a middle aged Caucasian man (if you’re talking about the owner of the building)

You answered plenty of bathroom questions but didn't read any about YOUR needs

I answered this somewhere just don’t remember exactly where. I just put a sign on the window saying I’ll return momentarily and then i just use the bathroom lol

Was your stabbings job relayed or whole other story? If job related I want to hear it I was tied up in the floor for about 5 hours while the thieves worked the gas pumps and registers and then left at the end of their (my) shift.

No no once was some gang violence back in the day (not affiliated just wrong place at the wrong time) the other is a culinary accident (love to cook) Now with thieves, we actually have someone, an employee stealing cigarettes. 61 Packs were missing last month.

I want to here more about your story though?

  1. Since you have you basically have a bomb proof glass. If I waved a gun around and demanded money, do you laugh or oblige?

I’d laugh a lot while secretly dialing the police to distract you. I’ve actually had a guy come up and wave his gun once (not trying to rob) because we were talking about the recent strings of mugging happened in town and he’s like “I never leave home without this”

kadam236 karma

Lol I'd still call the cops on that fucker with the gun

Last question; is your shift almost over?

Years ago I worked at a gas station in East new York Brooklyn. The name alone should tell you to never walk the streets after sunset... anyhow the gas station I was in had a huge store. But I was inside a little bullet proof bubble inside said store. Cash register, safe, lotto, cigs and me is inside bulletproof box. 2 thugs walk in, manager and I give each other the look, like shit we know something about to go down (then again something went down every 5 mins) they wander the store all casual like, come up to our bubble and pull the door. My fuck head manager forgot to LOCK. So they simply walk in all in one action sucker punch him sucker punch me. Both on floor. His friend drags him to the instore bathroom zip ties him to pipes. Zip ties my legs and hands to safe. Other friend goes and locks entrance to store, so customers don't come in. But then Continue pumping gas for customers. Working the registers and pumps like as if they had worked there them selfs. I knock out a few times and decide just to lay down and keep my head down and try to sleep it off as much as I can during the ordeal. 2nd shift manager came about 10 minutes after they left.

TheFifthOneToBe4 karma

Ha, I’m use to ‘weapons’ I don’t live in the safest place ever plus the guy was pretty chill.

Is your shift almost over?

Well, I live on the east coast, my shift ended 7 hours ago!

God damn that’s quite an experience to have. My shift lead is an idiot, he NEVER locks the door. So every time I’m there while he’s doing lottery or counting cigarettes etc, i have to keep locking the door every 5 minutes. He loves to stand between the door and outside while he smokes, right in the middle so the door can’t close. Hell i came in one day and he’s sleeping in his van in the back in the ONE blind spot the cameras have.

ModernDayEinstein2 karma

Is this Michigan?

TheFifthOneToBe2 karma

New England

narddog162 karma

Which vendor do you use for PCI compliance?

TheFifthOneToBe2 karma

As a lowly associate I have no clue. However if you tell me how to find or i can inform you. Card readers are VeriFone but i doubt that helps

faber5412 karma

Can I get ten bucks on pump 3?

TheFifthOneToBe1 karma

Regular, Midgrade or Premium?

troyl19942 karma

I went to a speedway on Long Island recently and while I was with the cashier, a kid ran behind me and stole a 24 pack of water. The cashier didn't seem too phased by it and let him go. What are your procedures during a situation like this?

TheFifthOneToBe3 karma

Yeah that’s super common actually. During one week in summer we had 7 cases of Poland springs stolen. Our procedure as a normal associate Just saying to let them have it but just make a note for the Manager. However it try my beat to stop thefts, there was one woman on a really busy night, I saw her stick a Gatorade in her purse while I was helping someone else. She walked up grabbed a soda and tried to pay only for the soda but I told her I saw what was in her purse and to take it out ( now no one has to actually listen to what i say, but if you do it with enough confidence or authority, they’ll normally listen anyway ) she freaked out and apologized. I told it was whatever, don’t do it again. Funny thing is that the soda was actually more expensive anyway.

FanOfGoodMovies1 karma

Do you sell a lot of candy? What kind?

TheFifthOneToBe1 karma

Yes. It’s probably one of the beat selling things after gas and tobacco. We sell literally most brands you’d see in your average Walgreens

BloodyStoolSample-2 karma

Have you ever masturbated at work?

TheFifthOneToBe1 karma


solutionsfirst-5 karma

which clean energy source is shown to be most promising for the energy future of tomorrow?

what's the best (that means most reliable) data source for that info?

TheFifthOneToBe8 karma

Maaaaan, you’re asking the wrong guy. I’m underpaid and overtired lol

solutionsfirst-5 karma

you'rer 'underpaid'? you're likely paid too much for /u/A_Bungus_Amungus

whne are you going to get educated so you can answer questions?

TheFifthOneToBe3 karma

Yeah, i don’t know what you expected man. I have absolutely zero interest in researching “the cleanest fuel source” on top of that, it’s literally impossible to make less than in my state, I am literally paid minimum wage WITHOUT an overnight differential on top of that.

BBCed-6 karma

What's the best way for me to fuck a gas station clerk up the ass when I visit them? Do you sell lube?

TheFifthOneToBe6 karma

Nope no lube, for some reason we don’t even sell condoms which blows my mind. I have at least 3 people a night ask and i have to redirect them down the street to my favorite corner store.

I guess if you want to get with a gas station clerk you should probably start by becoming a regular, once she has your order memorized Switch it up in her and start a conversation over it. This’ll spark some interests and you guys can bond over something you both like. Continue this for the following week. Eventually when you feel confident enough ask her to go out for drinks or lunch/dinner, breakfast works if you’re broke. Make sure she enjoys herself, afterward suggest you guys go watch a movie. After a few more dates invite her over to your place and you should be Golden from there my friend.

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I wasn't referring to a girl, I was referring to you.

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I mean it works for guys as well.

I myself however am happily engaged currently lol

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Hasn’t yet, only 19. But give it to some time lol

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Ah, okay then? I don’t see any reason to be a proper dick? Also can you clarify ‘looser’?