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Here is a question I always ask cops.....

What would you do if you saw a fellow cop (in your dept) get a little too abusive/out of line when dealing with a person (noncop)?

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I only hear about cops getting fired or meaningfully punished when the cop does something against their police dept. or fellow cops (like stealing from property room, fudging overtime, even stealing other cop's food from the breakroom fridge, etc etc.... and rarely when some cop shoots some poor fuck in the back, shoots a tiny little harmless purse dog, beats someone to death etc etc...

Why is that?

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do you wear ear-protectors when rehabbing dropbears?

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THIS! so much this! This is what cops do when a video is posted from a non-police source (news crews and the public) and it shows the police acting badly (that's putting it lightly). The police sit down, review the footage and find ways to justify their actions that ONLY rely on the cop's word and what cannot be seen in the footage.

Example... if the man's hands cannot be seen in a video... the cop can say the man "balled his fists" as a sign of imminent aggressive intent. This relies wholly on what the cop says happened.

I've been watching and following video police abuse stories for at least ten years now and I've seen this tactic police use happen over and over and over.

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