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I can't tell if you're kidding or if you're a former Simpsons writer. I suppose that's the point. I've always wanted to write for the Simpsons. I think it's so cool that I grew up on a show that's still evolving (even if it's debatable how well it's aged)

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Meh, he's asking the right questions frankly, because he sounds knowledgeable and the questions aren't stupid, which means they're likely to be answered. Also he asked a ton of them. Also, none of them scream "this is a commercial" to me. Other than, of course, the entire AMA to begin with...these are always ads fro upcoming movies.

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It's true. If a Jew gets their feelings hurt, the overwhelming response is "lol shut up it's a game." But when you know someone who has killed themselves or died as a result of someone's actions, it hits close to home.

I try not to judge anyone too harshly for these kinds of things. And while I'm a big believer in free speech, I sure as hell won't be the first person in line to yell at someone when they get offended by something.

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I wish your mom taught you to spell "loser" since you have to hear people calling you one all day.