Hey everyone, comedian Romesh Ranganathan here! I’m doing an AMA to promote my upcoming comedy show at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on Thursday, December 21. If you don’t yet know me, I’m a former maths teacher from the UK (hence the term 'maths'). I gave up my stable career to spend the rest of my life making jokes about issues close to my heart, and explain why everybody else is wrong about them. My next mission is to become a household name in the great U.S.A.

Here are links to my personal website and Ticketmaster in case you’d like to see me perform LIVE!

Proof: https://twitter.com/RomeshRanga/status/935228113327341568

UPDATE: I'm signing off -- thank you everyone for the questions and the support. If you're in the US, please come to my show at the Greek in Los Angeles, December 21st. Cheers!

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ThrowawayHazelwickY8319 karma

Hey do you remember me? I'm your alien you locked in a cupboard. Thanks for using it while you were on Would I Lie to You, it's a great story to tell while I'm at uni.

I loved being in your maths class, and I know you'll do great oversees :D

Romesh_Ranganathan226 karma

I'm really sorry mate. Hope you're well!

Hassaan18311 karma

How does it feel to be a rich man's Nish Kumar?

Romesh_Ranganathan241 karma


klesmez225 karma

did Josh Widdicombe give you your wedding ring back?

Romesh_Ranganathan238 karma


derawin08183 karma

How does your Dad feel about you being back in America with your Mum?

Romesh_Ranganathan286 karma

You're A Big Fat Quiz fan aren't you?

derawin08173 karma

Does it freak you out a bit that all these randoms are so informed about your work, and can ask very specific questions?

Romesh_Ranganathan179 karma


Nallycz129 karma

What does that eye actually see?

Romesh_Ranganathan288 karma

It gives me a different angle on life. It's like I'm running two cameras at all times.

baldpig97 karma

What's worse, school kids or hecklers?

Romesh_Ranganathan363 karma

Year 9 Friday Period 5 was worse than any comedy club.

abraxian89 karma

Hey Romesh, my partner at the time and I followed you and Seann Walsh through Windsor to find a gig you were doing once.

What's the oddest fan interaction you've had?

Romesh_Ranganathan716 karma

Once a couple of pricks followed me through Windsor.

Haltonch79 karma

On episodes of "Taskmaster" and interviews following it, quite often you acted like you genuinely weren't enjoying being on the show and regretted agreeing to appear (particularly this interview - transcript/video). How much of this was your grumpy stage persona and how much is genuine? What was your experience of "Taskmaster" really like?

Romesh_Ranganathan163 karma

Everything I do is genuine. I enjoyed Taskmaster but I was aggrieved at some of the injustices.

DKezza78 karma

In your early career, what was the worst gig you ever did?

Romesh_Ranganathan207 karma

I died on my arse in Essex when i first started. They didn't even clap when I finished.

ILiveInThePostOffice68 karma

Romesh mate. Any plans on more of them BBC3 “interviews cum conversations” that you had with Jack Dee, James Acaster etc.?

3 minute YouTube clips just aren’t enough.

Romesh_Ranganathan79 karma

I cannot confirm for definite. But maybe.

cleverpseudoname67 karma

What questions do you wish you were asked more often?

Which is more annoying to listen to: cheeky remarks about your eye, your maths teaching career, or your vegan diet?

Romesh_Ranganathan130 karma

They all piss me off.

jjs5455 karma

Did you used to smoke weed with Mr after teaching maths?

Romesh_Ranganathan173 karma

Who the hell is this?

mrunfunnyman12154 karma

What is your honest opinion on Dara O Brien from your time on Mock The Week?

Romesh_Ranganathan136 karma

He's lightning quick and a good bloke.

nootnoot_pingu_noot51 karma

Have you eaten watermelon since Taskmaster?

Romesh_Ranganathan78 karma


Signihc50 karma

On a scale of 1 to Sadiq Khan, how much of a coconut are you?

Romesh_Ranganathan153 karma

I am a Krishnan Guru Murthy.

kusemek49 karma

Romesh, I feel as though I was born in the wrong country because I absolutely love British humor. As one of my favorite comedians I always use you as one of my go to comedians to introduce Americans to how much better comedy is over there. I have to say in addition to all of your stand up that I absolutely love Tree Wizard. Did you ever think it would be as well received as it was? Video for those that haven't seen it. Tree Wizard

Romesh_Ranganathan72 karma

I did Tree Wizard just as a task and the song was something i just improv'd on the day. I am delighted to see its genius recognised.

SyNiiCaL44 karma

Hi Romesh,

I recently saw your stand up sometime last year in Southend at the Cliffs Pavillion. The show was great but what really stood out for me, and I wonder if you remember it was the incident with the fly that would not leave you alone on stage, and your handling of it was to a comedic point absolutely perfect.

My question for you is of all your stand up gigs you've done, except for 'the fly' what has been your favourite bit of improvised comedy, based on something an audience member said or something that happened on stage where you thought about it afterwards thinking 'I fucking killed that bit, couldn't have handled it better'?

Really enjoy all the shit you do, you were great last year on BFQOTY too so thanks for the entertainment!

P.S. if you come back to southend can I show them this comment and get up front row?

Romesh_Ranganathan64 karma

THat fly thing was the maddest thing that happened on the whole tour - Thanks for coming!

SyNiiCaL34 karma

Pleasure was mine. Do you still Boycott Tescos because they fired the lad in the front row?

Romesh_Ranganathan51 karma

Of course.

derawin0842 karma

Are you a junk food vegan? What are your go to meals/snacks, and is your family vegan too?

Romesh_Ranganathan74 karma

Yes. I love Oreo thins.

eightgalaxies32 karma

Is there any joke that once those words left your mouth you instantly regretted, or thought you went to far, and if so, what was it?

Romesh_Ranganathan86 karma

My mum and wife are a bit pissed off about what i said about them this morning in an interview.

Hassaan1831 karma

Who's your favourite child? And what do they make of your comedy?

Romesh_Ranganathan80 karma

They are not allowed to watch my comedy. So there's some counselling ahead.

derawin0827 karma

Do you think your style of comedy will have to be modified in any way for the US audience? I saw the clip you tweeted on the American news/breakfast show, and I feel like they were a bit taken aback at your sarcasm, dead-pan way and saying things like you hate living with your mum.

Romesh_Ranganathan99 karma

I'm a one trick pony so change is not an option.

derawin0824 karma

Were you raised vegetarian? Why did you go vegan? I love hummus.

Romesh_Ranganathan51 karma

I decided to go veggie at 12. And then veganism followed five years ago.

Signihc21 karma

How often do you use Reddit?

Romesh_Ranganathan78 karma

Literally first time.

nootnoot_pingu_noot20 karma

Have you always been a Tree Wizard?

Romesh_Ranganathan44 karma

It is what I was born to be.

blackmagemasta20 karma

Romesh, how do you keep your beard looking so good? What's your secret?

Romesh_Ranganathan53 karma

I use a Mango and vanilla oil. It's amazing

efielder9619 karma

How do you think the boys played tonight against Huddersfield?

Romesh_Ranganathan71 karma

I am more happy at a potential Spurs decline

PM_ME_GECKOS18 karma

Have you heard of your German rapper doppelganger, Samy Deluxe?

I really like this song: Eines Tages.

Here he is rapping: Weck auch mich.

I chose a picture of him with a watermelon, as that is my favourite moment of you on TM! Do you have any memories from filming it, in the pioneer series?

Romesh_Ranganathan25 karma

No but I"ll check it out. Thanks for the reco

derawin0817 karma

Any news on Series three of Asian Provocateur? I am hoping for a series Down Under, featuring Uncle Rags - I think he lives there?

I can hook you up with the Lankan scene in Sydney - I was an honorary member of UCB, the United Curry Brothers in high school.

Romesh_Ranganathan31 karma

Rags is up for it. He is actually in the room with me here.

Never say never. But very unlikely.

derawin0810 karma

Hey Uncle Rags!! I love all your different hairstyles.

So are we saying unlikely to the Aussie version? Or to series 3?

Romesh_Ranganathan18 karma

Unlikely to Series 3.

Rags says thanks.

jennyy115 karma

Hey Romesh! My husband and I are big fans of you from Taskmaster, but that's the only thing we know you from. It's kinda hard to follow our favorite British comics when we live in America. :( What projects are you most proud of? We'll try to find ways to watch and share the best we can!

We use Taskmaster as a background show to put on when we have family/friends over and try to show others what great humor panel shows have. It's gotten great reception... If it makes any difference, your name is definitely in this American household often!

Romesh_Ranganathan50 karma

Please watch everything. I'm not proud of any of it though.

PM_ME_GECKOS14 karma

Any news on when we will see The Reluctant Landlord? Has it been picked up past a pilot? How did you find the experience different to writing and shooting documentary style? I am just imagining all your relatives as guest stars, especially Uncle Rags!

Romesh_Ranganathan30 karma

Series starts next year

Haribo8014 karma

If you could interview anybody for HHSML who would it be and why?

Romesh_Ranganathan40 karma

I would love to interview Nas.

Rojo-Valencia13 karma

How come nobody ever mentions Atmosphere on your hip hop saved my life podcast? Love hhsml though, who raps the intro?

Romesh_Ranganathan19 karma

A friend of mine, comedian David Jordan

joeybadbum12 karma

What's the second worse thing that's happened in the class room whilst you were teaching? (Locking the child in the closest obviously being the first worse thing I assume)

Romesh_Ranganathan31 karma

When other teachers found out what happened.

iloverichardayoade12 karma

Where can I get some poo mangoes?

Romesh_Ranganathan22 karma

My mum's house.

battychefcunt11 karma

Arsenal win the league but you have to have hair like marouane chamakh for the rest of your life. Yes or no?

Romesh_Ranganathan20 karma


Hassaan1810 karma

Why did you first get into stand up comedy and how did you break it to your school that you were leaving them to do stand up full time? I'm also interested in how you got TV work and your thoughts on diversity in the stand-up world and the media in general.

Romesh_Ranganathan35 karma

I think diversity is an ongoing issue but I would love to see a lot more diversity behind the camera too.

SkippyGoodchild44910 karma

Did you have a hard time traveling to America because of Trump? Did anyone mistake you for a "bad hombre"?

Romesh_Ranganathan33 karma

The immigration people were more welcoming than I had been lead to believe.

MotherfuckerHans9 karma

Wu Tang Clan or Curry?

Romesh_Ranganathan41 karma

Curry while listening to Wu-Tang.

Tiggercoco9 karma

Will your Mum be sitting in the front row at the Greek heckling you?

Romesh_Ranganathan27 karma

Yes she will. She says she won't heckle.

derawin089 karma

Who convinced you to do a Reddit AMA?

Romesh_Ranganathan56 karma

I can't remember but I am regretting it.

IFrapsGamer9 karma

Who have you seen perform or worked with that makes you laugh the most? :)

Romesh_Ranganathan50 karma

I'm a massive Bill Burr fan

nootnoot_pingu_noot8 karma

I tried to spruik you over at r/vegan for this AMA but also for your attempt to 'crack America', but you only have the Greek Theatre show advertised! Are you mostly focusing on the doco, or doing smaller local shows there too, and how can people find out about them?

Romesh_Ranganathan16 karma

I will tweet all of my gigs in the run up to the Greek

coffeesforclosers8 karma

How are you finding the differences between British & US crowds and you have to tailor your material to suit?

Romesh_Ranganathan39 karma

US crowds are offended by different things. but otherwise the same.

Turkmenbashy8 karma

When you ceased to be a regular on 'The Apprentice: You're Fired' two years ago, the BBC stated that you would still appear occasionally.

Can we still hope to see you on there, or were they just spinning us a damn, dirty yarn? (For the record, you were the funniest guest on the show)

Romesh_Ranganathan17 karma

I was supposed to go back on but i just got too busy.

killkillkilltron8 karma

Hi Romesh, I'm also a stone faced brown man and as such I'm a big big fan of your work. I really loved the interaction with your little cousin in both series of Asian Provocateur. What's the stupidest question you've gotten while in America and does it top the stupidest one you've gotten in the UK/elsewhere abroad?

Romesh_Ranganathan20 karma

Someone asked me why Islam is so evil.

straightouttaLDN6 karma

How did you get into supporting Arsenal?

Romesh_Ranganathan26 karma

My Dad lived in North London when he moved to the Uk. He became a gooner and so now the family is Arsenal.

justins96786 karma

My mom saw you on one of the soap operas (U.S.) she watches last week.

She couldn't remember your name and asked me "who's the black British comedian with the travel show?"

I said "Richard Ayoade?"

"YES! Yes, that's it."

That didn't sound right to me so i looked for a clip of the show. It took me about 20 minutes to track one down.

My questions are 1) what are you doing playing a camera man on a shitty soap and 2) is my mom a bit racist?

EDIT: Here is the clip. Romesh comes on at 7:55 into the video.

Romesh_Ranganathan7 karma

I thought it would be a laugh and it was.


Are you the guy from Master of None or The Big Sick?

Romesh_Ranganathan10 karma


Jamescoleman996 karma

You get one tweet for the rest of your life. Who do you tweet and what do you say?

Romesh_Ranganathan60 karma

I'm leaving Twitter.

gina-colada5 karma

Who is funnier, your Mom or your Uncle?

Romesh_Ranganathan36 karma

Neither of them are funny.

connie_thunder4 karma

Are you ever performing in the UK again??

Romesh_Ranganathan15 karma

Definitely. Tour being written as we speak.

apberg14 karma

Any recent success in finding good vegan cheese?

Romesh_Ranganathan10 karma

I currently like Miyoko and Tyne Chease

derawin084 karma

What is your next youtube video with Theo going to be themed on? I think he is adorable, and my favourite bit was when he yelled out 'God damn it Dad!' and when we was concerned about you staining the wall.

Romesh_Ranganathan11 karma

He is here with me now - his name is Theo and we have another set of videos coming soon.

que-asshole4 karma

Are you ever going to release a rap album?

Romesh_Ranganathan38 karma

I love hip hop too much to insult it like that.

JMAR17IPS4 karma

I want to ask something but I can’t think of anything interesting so I’ll just say that I think you’re a very funny bloke and that I hope your show in LA goes well.

Edit: Just got a message saying that there needs to be a question in this. Alright mate?

Romesh_Ranganathan6 karma

I'm good mate.

Jerryfizzlepop3 karma

As a guy who wasn't always appreciative of his teachers back in the day (say about ten years ago), how could said guy make up for being a bit of a bell-end in class?

Romesh_Ranganathan28 karma

Don't worry - part of teachers' job is to be underappreciated.

que-asshole3 karma

How's Rags? He's funnier than you.

Romesh_Ranganathan11 karma

He's just started doing stand up so check him out.

Gilleasbag3 karma

When did you first start doing comedy? and how the hell did you get so good at it?

Romesh_Ranganathan8 karma

I'm nowhere near as good as I want to be - I started about 8 years ago.

jjs543 karma


Romesh_Ranganathan4 karma

Who is this??

VJoshz3 karma

Who's your favourite comedian other than yourself?

Romesh_Ranganathan18 karma

Bill Burr is amazing. As is Chappelle.

derawin083 karma

Do you like the mix of working on different projects, like stand up, docos, sitcoms and other shows?

If you were guaranteed success, which one would you choose to do most of?

Romesh_Ranganathan7 karma

I always enjoy doing live most, but everything is fun.

kingoneeye3 karma

Have you ever smoked weed with your Mom?

Romesh_Ranganathan31 karma

No, but Mum has just said she is up for giving it a go.

adaughterofthesun3 karma

How come you don't have any merch with your face on it? T-shirts, stuff like that?

Romesh_Ranganathan5 karma

There is some on the way.

HoodJiminyCricket3 karma

How many shows had you performed before you knew you’d be a professional comedian?

Romesh_Ranganathan16 karma


derawin083 karma

Do they ask you to think up a good story when you go on Would I Lie to You? And if your story is too boring do they give you a lieto tell instead?

For the 'This is My' section do they just give you the lie as to how you know the person?

Romesh_Ranganathan3 karma

I think they just see how it goes and pick the best ones.

HagridsLeftTesticle2 karma

Love your stuff. What was it like filling Asian Provoceteur? In some of it you looked genuinely scared

Romesh_Ranganathan5 karma

I genuinely found some of it terrifying.

adaughterofthesun2 karma

I seem to remember you said you liked the Marvel movies on RHLSTP, which one is your favorite?

Romesh_Ranganathan3 karma

I loved the first Iron Man because of the surprise factor. Deadpool was great too.

Daniel_DeLongpre2 karma

Does your mom live with you full time?

Romesh_Ranganathan4 karma

No, but I do see her too much.

goedegeit2 karma

what's one project you want to do one day but haven't been able to get a start on?

Romesh_Ranganathan5 karma

I've always wanted to do sitcom.

derawin082 karma

What is your tattoo of?

Romesh_Ranganathan3 karma

Richard Pryor.

derawin082 karma

Are your kids going to an American school right now? Are they having a blast?

Romesh_Ranganathan8 karma

They are being home schooled, and they hate it.

derawin082 karma

How many cousins do you actually have? I have one.

Romesh_Ranganathan5 karma

Like, loads. Maybe 40.

gina-colada2 karma

What do you think of Donald Trump?

Romesh_Ranganathan11 karma

Big fan

ColonelBabs2 karma

Favourite member of the Wu-Tang Clan?

Romesh_Ranganathan7 karma

I love Ghost.

MikeeeyM19922 karma

On play to the whistle you are hilarious, What is Frank Lampard a hero of mine like in real life?

Romesh_Ranganathan2 karma

Top dude

SkippyGoodchild4492 karma

Are you gunna smoke weed with your mom someday?

Romesh_Ranganathan2 karma

We are actually planning a session as I type.

Ollie-North2 karma

Hey Romesh. Huge fan of HHSML, and everything you're doing for UK Hip Hop.

My question is what are your opinions on Jam Baxter? I know he can be a bit out there and wondered what your thoughts are on him and his music.

Cheers, keep doing what you're doing.

Romesh_Ranganathan3 karma

I am a massive fan and he'll be on the pod soon I hope.

derawin082 karma

Have you started doing judo again?

Asked on behalf of u/KimmoS.

Romesh_Ranganathan5 karma

How do you know I did judo??


Tell me your funniest joke?

Romesh_Ranganathan12 karma


smbkr1 karma

Hey Rom, what happened with the pilot for "That's It For The Week"? I came along to the taping and enjoyed it.

Also, do you want some drink or something?

Romesh_Ranganathan2 karma

Yes I do want some drink. And TIFTW is still being discussed.

derawin081 karma

When are you touring next in Australia? I think this year was your first down here? How did you find the Aussie crowds, much different to back home?

Romesh_Ranganathan3 karma

Aussie crowds are wicked. Defo coming back.