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How does it feel to be a rich man's Nish Kumar?

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Who's your favourite child? And what do they make of your comedy?

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Hi Jenny! Love the show.

I'm one of the moderators for the Reddit community for The Chase at /r/TheChase. It has been going for about a year and is relatively small but we'd love it to become a great community for fans of The Chase.

It'd also be great if you could join us on there from time to time! My questions:

  1. Of all the Final Chases you've done, which one stands out for you?

  2. What makes a great quizzer?

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Why did you first get into stand up comedy and how did you break it to your school that you were leaving them to do stand up full time? I'm also interested in how you got TV work and your thoughts on diversity in the stand-up world and the media in general.

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You've made many TV appearances here in Britain. What's your favourite show to do and why?