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Hey Romesh, my partner at the time and I followed you and Seann Walsh through Windsor to find a gig you were doing once.

What's the oddest fan interaction you've had?

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Well, I don't want my kids online stumbling across stuff I'd rather they didn't see.

You know you can stop that yourself, right?

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I think the sub is the hope

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Oh, no no no. Don't go into eVoting. It's a terrible idea. The pen and paper works just fine.

But it would be good to get a notification when my MP votes on something.

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Heya Liam!

In your role, you may well share some sympathies with Matt Hancock, the member who obviously tried to bring the constituency process into people's phones with his app.

What are your thoughts on a generalised Matt Hancock? Momentum have used apps before to engage their membership in campaigning, but Labour don't have one to mobilise members.

Additionally, can you envision a sort of MyMP app in the future? To streamline the caseworking process, allow for discussion, and let ordinary people break into the Westminster bubble.

Let me know what you think!