Hey guys! Phoenix Marie here, AVN Award winner and 10 year veteran of the adult industry. Here to answer all your questions!

If you have more questions I will be answering them live on cam after this AMA on Camsoda

Proof: https://twitter.com/pmarizzle/status/930563387917975552

I'll be here to answer questions early from 2:30-3:30pm PST and later on from 6-7pm PST. After that you can catch me on Camsoda for a special show, and you can find a free video preview here!

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elegant-jr176 karma

If the sun is hot , then why is space cold?, i ask because we asked bill nye and he didn't know.

camsoda_com272 karma

it is a vast void that can not absorb light/heat matter?

elegant-jr146 karma

Hmm, that's the same story "big solar" tells us. Hmm...

camsoda_com78 karma


Swimtothemoooon167 karma

Hi Phoenix, will you go to prom with me?

camsoda_com137 karma

18+ lol but you will get a good one I'm sure

elegant-jr156 karma

Is Joe Flacco elite?

camsoda_com49 karma


fadetoblack1004126 karma

How many miles of dick do you think you've taken? I mean, if the average cock is 6" and the guy thrusts, say, 400 times before orgasm (probably low for porn) that's 200 feet of dick.

camsoda_com235 karma

Lmao... to the fucking moon baby

elegant-jr118 karma

How much do you bench?

camsoda_com140 karma

WTF? Lol do you ask other girls this? 125

camsoda_com99 karma

where's everyone at?

badlilbella37 karma

I’m right here, I’m the only person who needs to be here

camsoda_com32 karma

true true lol

elegant-jr85 karma

Whos the most famous person in your cell phone?

camsoda_com100 karma

LMAO Thats top secret luv


Why did you choose the name "Phoenix?"

camsoda_com183 karma

I was asked to pick a name... I loved comic books and wanted Pyslocke but was told probably not the best name so I did phoenix which people still misspell


Psylocke would have been a damn cool name, too.

camsoda_com79 karma

I know right

FeatheredSun34 karma

Marvel would sue you into the Earth 491 if you tried to use it though. :-(

camsoda_com40 karma

they didn't on phoenix

AwildBurduli71 karma

Is a Hotdog a sandwich?

camsoda_com49 karma


KelloPudgerro47 karma

Hey phoenix, average fan of your here, was wondering what kind of daily routine do you have to stay in your seemingly amazing shape while also doing lots of porn?

camsoda_com64 karma

I work out a lot... lift heavy and cardio


What kind of cardio? Are you a runner?

camsoda_com47 karma


goatcoat5 karma

Can you give us more details on your routine? Exercises/weight/reps?

camsoda_com15 karma

I started posting on my only fans me working out and giving tips... listen to my podcast with Ryback (Conversation with the big guy) we talk workout tips

Heefee45 karma

Alright so I hear you’re a comic fan, so obvious question. Which super hero/villain would you sleep with and why?

camsoda_com79 karma

Wolverine because I love his claws tearing into my skin... Gambit because of the accent

8thCity30 karma

Hey phoenix, do you ever talk to/come across flower tucci? I haven't heard anything from her in forever.

camsoda_com48 karma

Flower is well and happy

sn0wman12329 karma

Who is your celebrity crush that you would like to do a scene with?

camsoda_com58 karma

James Franco

Cyborgsumo29 karma

Thanks for doing an AMA!

  1. Do you plan on doing more Amazon type scenes

  2. Any thoughts about Shyla passing?

camsoda_com29 karma

I love doing Amazon stuff its fun!!

It really hurts me that such a wonderful heart and soul was taken to quickly!

[deleted]2 karma


camsoda_com14 karma

She stopped shooting porn but she's been living a life she wanted

MannequinFlyswatter27 karma

U down wit OPP?

camsoda_com48 karma

Yeah you know ME!

gapes25 karma

Which porno dick do you like riding the most and why is it Manuel's?

camsoda_com22 karma

LMAO You're so funny how you put your answers. Manuel and I have had some amazing scenes together true

estllbthry21 karma

Hi Pheonix! I'm a big fan of yours! I'm also a female performer.

1) What are the things you appreciate most from the companies you work for? 2) What changes would you like to see in the porn industry? 3) What do you think of the current porn trends and what content would you like to see more of?

Also I am going to AVN for the first time next year, what would be your number one networking recommendations? I'm so worried about fucking up! I've been to our 2 award shows in the UK but our industry is so small here compared to yours.

Thank you so much for your time!


camsoda_com40 karma

1) I only work for the bigger companies so I know my scenes are going to be viewed and enjoyed. start there. get an agent that cares... Robert at 101Models or Nexxxtlevel in LA. 2) Changes... I see more girls being used and thrown away over the years truly understand this is something that will follow into you future for better or worse... think about it 3) I think the trends have always been there the Incest rise is intriguing to me but Fuck It call me Mommy Lol

probsa18 karma

You've been my favorite for as long as I've been watching adult film, your work with Kink is legendary. Do you see yourself still doing this in 10 years? You're definitely one who gets better as she goes.

camsoda_com26 karma

Thank you and no I'll be retired, traveling, family.

bigern30517 karma

Phoenix, you are fine as hell!! If you were a pizza what kind of pizza would you be?

camsoda_com25 karma


SamsquanchSmasher16 karma

Hey Phoenix, what do you see as the future of adult entertainment? Do you see changes coming?

camsoda_com43 karma

I sadly see it going away.. VR and Escort industry are really what people want the hands on experience. I don't do either sooo ..

fartfacepooper15 karma

What does DP feel like? Asking for a friend.

camsoda_com18 karma

If done right... epic!!

amzwamz13 karma

How do you feel about the news revolving around Kevin Spacey, Weinstein and Louis C.K?

camsoda_com55 karma

Bitches are thirsty and want to get paid.

burritomeat13 karma

Cats or dogs? And why is it dogs?

camsoda_com33 karma

LMAO I like both... I have Luke Cage ( Cane Corso) and Monte (Orange Tabby)

razzleromper13 karma

hey phoenix As a proper amazonian beauty - do you not think you should be starring in a comic book film? How are they not remaking Barb Wire with you? Now that would be amazing Sam x

camsoda_com10 karma

Thank you I know but really I think Nicolette is the only one who can compete on that level

Evr0n12 karma

Hey Phoenix,

Big fan of yours. Do you like to read? If so, what are you currently reading?


camsoda_com27 karma

I do like to read... I am actually writing my own book currently so I'm re reading that often

Evr0n5 karma

thats great! is it about your life in the industry or a more peripheral scope of your life outside of it?

camsoda_com10 karma

My whole life

gapes12 karma

Is porn going to be something you do long term? I hope so because you are aging like a fine, slutty wine. You're seriously hotter than ever.

camsoda_com8 karma

Thank you... not too much longer.

8thCity11 karma

Hello phoenix Marie!!

  1. When did you try your first BLK cock?

  2. Whats your favorite position?

camsoda_com27 karma

After High School and Cowgirl Anal Choking!!

bentplate16 karma

Jesus that must be what, like a 3 foot dick to get all the way from the anus to the throat?

camsoda_com24 karma

have you seen lex's cock

lithiun9 karma

I've always been curious, can it be awkward performing with someone who is significantly younger?

camsoda_com20 karma

yeah that is why I don't work with the younger guys exception being jordi.

gapes7 karma

What's it like working with Abella Danger? I read that she came up really looking up to you / idolizing you. Must be amazing inspiring this next generation.

camsoda_com8 karma

I am very lucky to call her my Skipper. lol

I hope to lend advice to others like I had given to me or learned.

scottwdavenport7 karma

Huge fan! In your personal life, what kind of sex do you like to have? Do you prefer anal?

camsoda_com12 karma

I prefer passion. it's all I crave on or off camera.

Turbo_Dee6 karma

If you weren't in the adult industry. What do you think you'd be doing for a living?

camsoda_com18 karma

still doing F&I/selling motorcycles

gapes6 karma

How wild / out of control were the brazzers live scenes? One of my favorites was Brazzers Live 5, boxing themed... Seemed like it was fun, crazy, and out of hand, including you doing an impromptu double anal! What was the atmosphere like on set?

camsoda_com9 karma

I love live scenes they are usually unscripted and balls to the wall. I wish they continued

msf95036 karma

Hey Phoenix, big fan out here.

1) how do you see webcam models and the industry?

2) is there any talent in Russia and Eastern European countries and how would you approach them?

3) do you see happily married with a Latino?

camsoda_com6 karma

1) There's definitely a line, there's web cam girls and pornstar that are camming. 2) Proxy Paige is in the Czech Republic, also Anissa Kate and many others. 3) Maybe someday

marck8716 karma

Hi!! What the favorite scene you filmed??

camsoda_com17 karma

I have filmed soo many scenes... I tend to reflect back now about where i started... Milf Hunter The stripy hair

Sleepy31355 karma

What the best relationship advice you could give ?

camsoda_com3 karma

Be open and honest

IPlayeGaymes4 karma

How do you get payed?

camsoda_com5 karma

In checks but I prefer cash.

amzwamz4 karma

How do you think Jordi shot to fame? Seems like he came out of nowhere and is now in scenes with all the big names

camsoda_com7 karma

Cause he's young, well endowed and respectful.

rooDzz4 karma

How does sliding into your butt feel? Greetings from Germany

camsoda_com7 karma

Like putting butter on toast.

Defavlt4 karma

Not sure if you're still answering questions (I'm not in the US), but hey, it's worth a shot.

1. How has having sex in a profesional setting changed your private life? Both in and out of bed, so to speak.

2. How did your family react when you revealed to them your choice of career?

camsoda_com7 karma

Personal life and porn life are actually the same. It's because I enjoy fucking the people I like being with. Family loves me no matter what.

paralaxsd4 karma

has the way you're approaching a scene nowadays evolved over time or where you always confidently in control, no matter what?

camsoda_com5 karma

I knew I always had the right to decline what was happening... I always felt like I was in control... But now it's even more respected.

[deleted]4 karma


camsoda_com9 karma

Lol I'm kinda dorky and hey if you don't say it how do you know if it'll work or not. Being happy with who I am is the key


What is the first story that comes to mind when I say "awkward set moment"?

camsoda_com3 karma

Brando... Because it's what we say to each other

murse18813 karma

Hey Phoenix what do you think of male being nurses?

camsoda_com14 karma

Sexy I'm about to be one... a nurse not a male...

gapes3 karma

Phoenix, is there a scene of yours that you are most proud of? I still remember your first dp for brazzers, was so raw and incredible. Definitely made me realize I was more of a freak than I realized ;)

camsoda_com3 karma

I did love that dp scene with Jordan ash and Scott nails. I think the double anal that was removed was a definite a plus

AwildBurduli3 karma

IF you had to pick one, who would win in a fight? A trillion Lions or the Sun?

camsoda_com5 karma


AlamutJones2 karma

Who was the nicest person you’ve worked with?

camsoda_com2 karma

There's a lot of nice girls in porn... elaborate...

flotador72 karma

How did you get started in that line of business?

camsoda_com4 karma

That's way to long to answer here read my blog

gapes2 karma

Are there any fresh faces in porn that you think we should definitely check out?

camsoda_com10 karma

Gina Valentina

DeepGiggles2 karma

Was the best sex you've ever had during a shoot, or in your personal life?

camsoda_com6 karma

personal life always

murse18812 karma

Hi Phoenix Marie would you ever consider going out on a date with a fan?

camsoda_com3 karma


Mr_Potamus2 karma

How much are you enjoying "Star Wars Battlefront"?

camsoda_com6 karma

I haven't played but I'm watching all the star wars rebels and cant wait for the last jedi

ozzymahn2 karma

hey Phoenix I'm your biggest fan, who is the best male actor you've acted with?

camsoda_com3 karma

Currently, I really enjoying fucking Johnny Castle

gettingthereisfun2 karma

I've seen you in Pittsburgh. What's your favorite city to come to?

camsoda_com2 karma

Chicago for food, friends, Exxxotica

nymica1 karma

What's your funniest or awkward blooper to ever happen to you while performing?

camsoda_com6 karma

I lucky can say I've never dropped a girl but laughing during a scene happens waaayy to much

tbfyhthavhituram1 karma

What should more people know about the porn industry?

camsoda_com2 karma

That we get tested every 14 days. That it offers you a safe environment to explore your sexual fantasies.

robertsmith2163561 karma

Back here to the classic question, does size matter?

camsoda_com2 karma

I doesn't if you're connected with the person your fucking.

pm_me_ur_bubblebutts1 karma

What was it like working with Preston Parker? Watching him put a glass dildo in your ass was so hot. You're a bad girl.

camsoda_com1 karma

Lol Preston is harmless that was one of my first anal scenes for bangbros and it was sweet

leclittoris1 karma

On a personal level, what are some of your favorite films?

camsoda_com3 karma

The Watchmen, The Notebook, Star Trek First Contact

fitizen691 karma

Hi Phoenix, who have been your favorite actors/actresses to work with?

camsoda_com5 karma

I pick who I fuck soo All of them.

financialanon1 karma

What do you consider your finest piece of work? For someone just discovering your work.

camsoda_com3 karma

start evil anal 7

[deleted]1 karma


camsoda_com1 karma

No it's not my thing

nutgobblah1 karma

Is there any chance of you doing a scene with Tim von Swine in the future? That would be swell.

camsoda_com2 karma


stevemisor1 karma

If my car was on fire would you help me put it out?

camsoda_com2 karma

Yes, I would but I don't squirt though so with real water.

Johnreynolds091 karma

What’s the youngest age you would date a guy and are you single?

camsoda_com1 karma

youngest age... I don't know... I am all about connections