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Starship Troopers. What is your recollection of working in that film?

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Can you even discuss your clients clases freely? Where does the client/lawyer privilege end or how can you work around it?

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What movie, old or new, had you thinking "damn! I wish I was part of that!" and why?

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13 years is a long time.

How did you become involved in the case in the first place?

When was the first time that you realized there was really something going on?

Was there a point when you tried to give up working in this case?

Now that Cosby was finally convicted, is there more to be done?

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I remember a watching some tv spots for a soda here in México called Mirinda, where 3 guys painted orange did funny stuff in the adds.

About 5 years later I found out about the blue man group and realized that they were even copying you; or hired you and painted you another color.

very bad quality video

Was it a copy or was it something you guys did?