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Can you even discuss your clients clases freely? Where does the client/lawyer privilege end or how can you work around it?

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What movie, old or new, had you thinking "damn! I wish I was part of that!" and why?

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I remember a watching some tv spots for a soda here in México called Mirinda, where 3 guys painted orange did funny stuff in the adds.

About 5 years later I found out about the blue man group and realized that they were even copying you; or hired you and painted you another color.

very bad quality video

Was it a copy or was it something you guys did?

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I remember from way back when no man's sky was still under development, that you said you knew what happened when you got to the center of the universe of that game, or that you knew what was in the center... something of the sort.

Was it the same thing that we got in the final product?

Was it changed?

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Who do you think is (or was) the best drummer out there, and most importantly why?