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Are you guys profitable yet? Any long-term plans to develop revenue streams that allow profitability?

Asking because I LOVE imgur. You tolerate my giant hi-res coin images without degrading the colors much, if at all, and don't cap how much bandwidth I can use. Keep it up, you guys are awesome!

Happy Birthday!

EDIT: Quick example of a toned coin with some color that I'm referring to.

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How many miles of dick do you think you've taken? I mean, if the average cock is 6" and the guy thrusts, say, 400 times before orgasm (probably low for porn) that's 200 feet of dick.

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You should see it in-hand. This is a highly reflective coin, the fields on the die were heavily polished, so you can see your reflection from like, a foot away. Awesome coins, albeit quite pricey if you want nicer ones. This one is somewhat "cheap" at about $450 cost to me.

Here's an example of a toner, which shows how imgur maintains quality of colors, which is a big issue with Photobucket and other sites.

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I must be living under a rock, I didn't realize you guys had blown up, but I listen to your stuff all the time. Congrats on the success and here's hoping you get more of the same!

What was your single biggest driving musical influence when you guys were coming together as a group?

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As a guy with a hearing loss who played hockey, I've had lots of people come after me when I'd take a shot or make a hit after the whistle, since I didn't hear it. Do you have this problem too, and if so, any funny stories?