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Statute of limitation laws aren't inherently bad. Very simply put, prosecutions depend on accurate evidence to determine a crime took place and who is culpable. Convictions depend on that evidence proving a person is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. After decades, evidence like eyewitness testimony deteriorate. If there's concrete evidence out there that would lead to a conviction beyond a reasonable doubt, I don't think statute of limitations should be honored, but that needs to be determined on a case by case basis.

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As the sea stars are integral members of the marine ecosystem and a large die off could upset the natural balance of these systems, what are the possible consequences and how bad could things get?

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Are you aware if the city (or any other governmental agency) is providing the affected citizens with point of use filters to mitigate the higher levels of lead? What can people do as a low/no cost solution?

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Much respect for the lost art of shamanism. I have a few questions i hope you can answer. Can you eleborate on any spiritual experiences from using DMT containing brews and why you use it? Do you have any good recipes for ayahuasca? I was able to make a brew with m.hostillis and Syrian rue but the effects were underwhelming.

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I've seen you in Pittsburgh. What's your favorite city to come to?