The return of “The Hedgehog”; it’s me again, Ron Jeremy here. Have you missed me Reddit?

For those who don’t know who I am, cum on now! I’m the guy at the top in the Guinness Book of World Records and ranked #1 on the AVN Magazine “100 Top Porn Stars of all Time” list! I have worked in the adult entertainment industry for over 35 years, appeared in close to 2,000 adult films, directed nearly 300, starred in 55 music videos, as well as 60 mainstream features. However, this will be my VR directing debut.

I’m proud to have my own premium line of Rum and Gin, and now today, I am officially diving head first into the world of Virtual Reality… presenting Ron Jeremy VR, an up close and very personal premium destination for all your imagined and unimagined VR porn fantasies. And of course, all directed by yours truly.

Check out the new website, and some free versions of our movies at Pornhub. Also, Follow us on Twitter for news announcements and exclusive content: @RonJeremy_VR.

I was told prior that I am welcome here every 6 months so let’s see if that still holds true... fire away!


EDIT: 5 hours later and I'm beat. Thanks all for having me and until next time Reddit!

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AskMeAboutMySmell132 karma

Is it true that you lost your virginity before your dad did?

RonJeremyXXXX290 karma

when i was born my dick was so big my dad had stretch marks!

uhaul2631 karma

Dumb question. But, did they know you would have a huge dick when u were a baby? Or did puberty super size that bad boy?

RonJeremyXXXX105 karma

When I was born, my dick was so big, they immediately used it as a speed bump so the cars would slow down. I knew I was larger than average in the locker room gym class.

Dyinu16 karma

I heard he also dick-poked the doctor’s eye when coming out

RonJeremyXXXX49 karma

Yes & his last words were...I'll keep an EYE out for you! ; )

Tyism128 karma

Ron what STDs have you gotten from your line of work sir, anything permanent?

RonJeremyXXXX297 karma

I'm very lucky. I get tested every month even if I'm not working. Never caught anything.

BOBULANCE201 karma

Dude go buy a lottery ticket

superseamen4779 karma

He already won the genetic an career lottery. What more could he win!?

sharkbaitnoob109 karma

a 2nd dick

RonJeremyXXXX159 karma

you are one funny MOFO!!

Jade_Pornsurge127 karma

What % of your orgasms were real?

edit: oh man, ask a stupid question and get a real answer.

RonJeremyXXXX238 karma

As most men, 100% girls of course can get away with faking a bit but in the spirit of acting, where as a man must show substance. So, if they need an orgasm, we use egg white and milk or Tame cream rinse or pineapple mix... these all look like sperm. Oral with egg white is the best.

IT_guys_rule111 karma

Have you ever gotten on set and saw your co-star and just said "So, can we just snuggle for a bit?"

RonJeremyXXXX172 karma

Great question! And I have absolutely done that. The camera guy, crew or delays on sets there is down time. What a perfect opportunity to cuddle.

suaveitguy92 karma

Would you advise a niece or nephew to get into the adult film world as an actor if they asked for advice?

RonJeremyXXXX364 karma

great question. Toughest question. There is a double standard in society around the world. That's why it's easier for guys to do this over the women, which is why girls make a lot more money. We tell our sons 'go get some' we tell our daughters 'don't you dare'. This causes a double standard. So we want our kids to all be President. Porn can wait. I was a teacher first myself, for special needs kids.

housebird350228 karma

I was a teacher first myself, for special needs kids.

And some say you still are.

RonJeremyXXXX188 karma

Yes, you're right. Teaching mentally challenged prepared me for a life in Hollywood. Got my degrees from Queens college, and I taught in NYC.

uhaul2636 karma

How much money have you made in your life for having sex on camera? Just as the actor, not your other jobs.

RonJeremyXXXX78 karma

I made more money marketing Rum, doing comedy shows around the country, debating the triple X church, lecturing, penis pills and I'm proud to say that everything I ever did, worked & made money so I have very high hopes over the

suaveitguy91 karma

How do you relax after a long day at work?

RonJeremyXXXX406 karma

I fuck somebody. Just kidding, what I really do is I fuck somebody. And then when I'm done I go and I fuck somebody. It's kinda like that Sublime song 'I smoke two joints, then I smoke two joints, then I smoke some more.' Real answer: same thing you guys do. Have dinners, see movies, rock and roll, listen to comedy, etc.

fartfacepooper84 karma

How often do guys accidentally cum on each other during gang bangs?

RonJeremyXXXX262 karma

that is funny and I do not want some guys kids on my body... so I tell them to wipe your kids off my body or I'll send them college and bill you.

kellzprimer1882 karma

I want to have sex with a porn star where do I go?

RonJeremyXXXX170 karma

ron jeremy vr!

hmmgross78 karma

Hey Ron, thanks for doing this AMA. I love the movie Orgazmo and I loved your character in it. Is there a great memory you have from working on that movie?

RonJeremyXXXX133 karma

Of course, the wrap party was at Hugh Hefner's mansion... Metallica showed up and played and many do not know it, but Trey Parker said it... I was kinda the first Kenny because I died and came back with no concern. Trey Parker kicks me in the face, my face exploded literally exploded. Came back for breakfast and not even a band aid. Of course, you know the story of Kenny!

redskinsshorty75 karma

Which actress in the industry right now would you like the most to do a scene with? What about of all time?

RonJeremyXXXX148 karma

Jenna Jameson... never got to work with her. The number 1s needed to pair up but never happened.

s4ltysoup67 karma

What percentage of "orgasms" for women are ACTUALLY real in porn?

RonJeremyXXXX122 karma

Good question, I would say 50 percent.

slingerpanty64 karma

Hey Ron! My boyfriends penis is long...but thin. Any tips on positions?

RonJeremyXXXX317 karma

Do missionary, put your legs way back I mean way back and have him fuck hard. He'll probably touch the very edge of your cervix and that should feel great. And he should say, hello madam at your CERVIX. and you would say, thank you I'm diallated.

futurefires63 karma

Now that you're getting older (aren't we all) have you noticed your desire for sex and frequency with which you can perform decline?

I myself will admit while I still like sex and want it fairly often, there is a significant decrease in overall desire (can't really do it 6+ times in the same day like in my early too mid 20s).

If you don't experience that, are there any lifestyle or nutritional plans you attribute that to?

RonJeremyXXXX109 karma

Yes, men's libido drops but women's increase... doesn't that suck!

dontfeedmecheese61 karma

Are you featured in any of your new line of VR pornos? As a cameo or something? It'd be sweet if I'm getting my salad tossed and you walk by and give me high five or something.

RonJeremyXXXX88 karma

Lets shoot it. We are going to do something on those lines. Yes, I'm directing, but these girls are all so damn gorgeous. watching the monitor behind the scenes and watching all that action... holy shit I'm only human.

LawSchoolGuy8352 karma

Ron, you’ve fucked a lot of people’s mom in this thread. Who’s mom was the best?

RonJeremyXXXX122 karma

That's the easiest question of the day: why, yours.

drwho8244 karma

Hey Ron, who was the hottest girl you ever been with? In front and/or behind the cameras ;)

RonJeremyXXXX126 karma

I will not say your mom, because it gets repetitive. Ok, on camera Tabitha Stevens and Christy Canyon. Behind the scenes, this Asian still photographer... I do not know her stage name.

marmaladejar43 karma

haha I have Ron Jeremy rolling papers. they have dicks all over them!

where's the most unexpected place you've seen your face out and about?

RonJeremyXXXX84 karma

on your mom! just kidding, skateboard manufactured in Montreal & in a hot sauce made in Baltimore.

piefordays42 karma

How long did it take you to train your penis to cum on command?

RonJeremyXXXX75 karma

the first year in the business, 1978.


Who has the best boobs?

RonJeremyXXXX99 karma

I won't say your Mom, Christi Canyon! Double D natural.

warmyellowsnow36 karma

What's your favorite snack or drink after a fun session in the sack?

RonJeremyXXXX68 karma

My doctor would say water, but I like iced decaf coffee.

Superzeffa32 karma

In your performances, what is the weirdest or most illogical situation you have acted out that proceeded the sex?

RonJeremyXXXX56 karma

Back to boat in Miorca, Spain people are literally blowing chunks before sex scenes.

-selina-30 karma

Hey Ron! Is there anything you wouldn't do? Anything you think would be a step too far?

RonJeremyXXXX162 karma

well here we go... your mom! Seriously, I've never done violent porn nor gay. Nothing wrong with gay, I just do not bat for that team right now.

Skrambles30 karma

Jeff Davis recently tweeted that he bumped into you with a banana on your shoulder, and that you acted insulted when he brought it up. Genuinely curious, what's with the banana?!

RonJeremyXXXX49 karma

It makes me more...appealing :)

suaveitguy29 karma

What do you think of Harvey Weinstein's excuse that he is just old school and that's how it was in the 60s and 70s? Is there a 'Harvey Weinstein' in the adult world?

RonJeremyXXXX90 karma

There is no Harvey Weinstein in the adult world. The Woodstock era of free love, flower children, hippies (I was actually at Woodstock for half an hour) was a bit different, however the facts still have to come out. He may be a monster, I worked on two films he produced, Toxic with Danny Trejo and 54 with Mike Meyer and Selma Hayak. I heard he could be really really really mean to his performers. However, before this gets biased we have an American principal that helps make the United States a fair country, and that is: innocent until proven guilty. I can almost hear drums in the background. Certain things are irrefutable, audio tape proof just like President Clinton couldn't deny the liason cuz there was goddamn sperm on her dress, DNA was brought forward. We call it Presidue, Arkansauce or a wad of Bills. Holy shit, I could find humor in almost anything but this doesn't appear to have a happy ending for Harvey. Regardless, it his bed he choice to lay in... now back to ronjeremyvr

Gulbasaur24 karma

In an alternative universe where you never went into porn, what do you think you'd be doing for a living?

RonJeremyXXXX84 karma

I was already licensed school teacher and enjoyed it with the special needs kids and regular.

Beefsmasher98523 karma

I probably should've looked into this so I don't know if you have kids, but let's say you did have them, how would you explain to them what profession you do?

RonJeremyXXXX37 karma

double standard when you have a boy he's a little stud... a girl don't your dare. So, it was not really an issue for me, you know being a dude and all.

BreakingNews9919 karma

Hey Ron! I see you've been on Wheel of Fortune! Did you ever win a round and do you remember phrase or whatever?

RonJeremyXXXX41 karma

hollllllyyyy shit. Holllllyyyyy shitt. I have never been able to find that segment. Chuck Woolery. It predates Vana White. I just came to California and I won one round, got some great gifts, cracked a few jokes and I did the show under my real name. Please please email me at [email protected] and let me know where you got this. Or how can we find it?

oneclassybum19 karma

Hey Mr. Jeremy! What has been your favorite non-pornographic movie role/cameo that you've played?

RonJeremyXXXX61 karma

Vincenzo in Boondock Saints.

AnonymityismyRemedy18 karma

How would you rate Aiden Aspen on the deepthroat scale?

RonJeremyXXXX31 karma

I never had the luck of being there, but I've seeing it. A+

TheThirdStrike18 karma

What's your favorite memory from your time on The Surreal Life?

RonJeremyXXXX41 karma

becoming friends with a world renown evangelist Tammy Fay Baker. Really good friends. RIP.

Superzeffa16 karma

What is the best hole?

RonJeremyXXXX71 karma

which ever one the girl prefers is okay with me.

LLv214 karma

Alright, some older school stuff - always had a thing for Busty Belle. What was she like to fuck?

RonJeremyXXXX21 karma

great! she had great boobies!

jomoedoe13 karma

How's your love life?

RonJeremyXXXX29 karma

couldn't be better... like most men I have girls for my romantics needs, but more importantly I have girls for my physical needs... best of both worlds!

LessThanTaelor12 karma

How did you get involved in Detroit Rock City? Any funny behind the scenes memories?

RonJeremyXXXX17 karma

tons the director is a very loyal friend. flew me to Canada and thought I would make a great MC in the scene with Eddie Furlong and Shannon Tweed. the director/writer Adam Rifken and he has put me in many movies... again a loyal friend.

kermitsswampyears12 karma

What's your favourite cereal?

RonJeremyXXXX22 karma


Beefsmasher98511 karma

How did people react to you in high school in the lockerrooms etc, when they saw that the kid they had P.E. class with had a massive dong?

RonJeremyXXXX21 karma

all kidding aside, we all noticed it. When I saw black basketball players at Cardozo high schools, my Shmekle resembled more like the black players than the white players.


Favorite person to have sex with other than my mother?

RonJeremyXXXX37 karma

do you have a sister?

Randomfocus10 karma

remember that one time you had sex with that girl?that was awesome!

RonJeremyXXXX22 karma

good for you... that is a line from a great movie months on showtime. you all should go see it called One Eyed Monster... the trailer even won an award. my dick is a killing machine in the movie.

mztrianglereddit10 karma

Ron Jeremy, we as brothers wanted to thank you for your work first of all! Secondly, what was the worst injury sustained to your giant penis? Would let it happen again?

RonJeremyXXXX18 karma

again boys and girls... "your mom" I'm very very lucky never and I've been on sets when things did happen... one guy Jon Doe stuffed in so far hit and bent his penis to the point where a capillary (sp) bursted. Not a good sight.

Frajer10 karma

How did it feel to get mentioned in the Sublime song Caress Me Down?

RonJeremyXXXX11 karma

Worldwide attention, I even produced some of their early videos. The were unknown, but Bradley (RIP) was a friend, his son is 15 and very talented. I've been mentioned in a lot of Rock and Roll media, I have the world's record for most music video on the this Earth, clocking in at 56. What helps become pop culture is being mentioned in movies, TV and music videos. I'm also mentioned in Tommy Lee's Let's Get Naked, LL Cool J Waking With The Panther album and on album covers of Kid Rock, Poison, etc. etc.

Shashanknow8 karma

What's the best sex you've ever had in your entire porn career?

RonJeremyXXXX45 karma

together boys and girls... "your mom" seriously though me and 15 girls doing a reversed gang bang for Zane Entertainment.

Legionodeath7 karma

Hey how are you today, Ron?

What is your favorite movie? Band?

Thanks for doing this. Have a good one.

RonJeremyXXXX10 karma

manchurian candidate directed by my friend John Frankenheimer steve winwood

coryrenton7 karma

What was the weirdest thing considered acceptable behavior when you started that is no longer acceptable today, and what is the tamest thing considered acceptable today, but was not acceptable when you were starting out?

RonJeremyXXXX13 karma

There are many things that are wrong about the porn business, such as purposely popping in the eyes, donkey punch and scenes that are hard to defend. To finish this question, I would need to write an essay.

logsdon366 karma

Have you ever thought to yourself out of all the 1000's of women you nailed, that there might be at least a couple little illegitimate hedgehogs out there?

RonJeremyXXXX9 karma

Yes. But the fact that I don't have any children is a testament to my being very very very careful. If I was careless I'd have a house full of hedgehogs.

Willywear5 karma

Can we get your booze in Canada? Is there anywhere in the province of Ontario I could try it ?

RonJeremyXXXX9 karma

Yes! The Ron DeJeremy Rum is in Germany, Russia & certain provinces have it.

rattatally5 karma

Which actor would you want to portray you in a biopic?

RonJeremyXXXX73 karma

I want my 3 look-a-likes to portray me. They are Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. I mean they are dead on look-a-likes.

Mrmidhoratio5 karma

Hi and I were what I used to call “audition buddies”. I was stage managing at a bunch of auditions you did in NYC in the 80s. Did you do much stage work?

RonJeremyXXXX7 karma

Haven't don e theater in awhile, I even had the thrilled of opening for fluffy Alias Gabriel Iglesias, facing 7000 people!

suaveitguy5 karma

Does the term 'porn star' get thrown around too much these days?

RonJeremyXXXX11 karma

Yes, because according to AVN magazine I'm number 1. The only porn star is me according to Dennis Huff, owner of the Bunny Ranch on Howard Stern. He would correct Howard... their is only one true porn star. Cat House HBO or HBho, which is why RJVR will do so well because according to all magazines and press... I'm the no.1 guy to direct these movies. NOTE: not the best looking... the best known!

CrosseyedZebra5 karma

Hey Ron, why DID you have a banana peel on your shoulder after the Peaches concert?

RonJeremyXXXX7 karma

I probably stole it from her dressing room. The truth is somebody put that on my shoulder because they wanted to be more a-ppealing. Get it? It was great seeing Peaches, she gets hotter all the time. I introduced her and Amy Winehouse at Coachella concert about 6 years ago. Bjork was there too. I introduced Peaches with Danny DeVito and Tommy Lee. Talk about a great time...

mutatedwatermelon5 karma

Have you ever wanted a normal relationship with a girl?

RonJeremyXXXX19 karma

it sure beats having a normal relationship with a willing farm animal. seriously, just kidding, yes... believe it or not we all want that.

broban5 karma

Who is the person or persons you respect the most in the industry?

RonJeremyXXXX5 karma

the really good actors. The late great Jaime Gillis. The late great John Leslie. The late great Harry Reems (he almost played the coach in Greece). And Arbola. These were the guys that were the main boys when I first got into the business.

WilliamBott5 karma

Ron, you are a legend. Period.

What was your funniest "oh, shit" porn moment that you still remember and laugh about?

RonJeremyXXXX16 karma

When me and Chuck Martino did dp's (that's not director of photography) he always popped on my leg going right past the girl and made it look like an accident. I stopped doing those scenes with him. And my last words to him would be 'get your retarded children off my leg there's a towel.'

Kurkpitten4 karma

Did shooting porn make you enjoy sex less ?

RonJeremyXXXX53 karma

No, the funny thing is that it makes it better. I been with about 3000 women, 2000 was work, Ric Flair claims 10,000, me and Gene Simmons claim 3000, we're being sensible. Mostly on camera so I learned from the actresses on the scenes, I learned from the director, I learned from the camera men, all this knowledge and different points of view make you a better porn helps, on a side note, Gene Simmons of kiss gets girls like Shannon Tweet, playmate, and wife when I am not making movies, I get girls that look like Gene Simmons.

dickfromaccounting4 karma

What's the most shocking thing you've done in porn?

RonJeremyXXXX16 karma

again you all... your mom! Ok being on a boat with Italian actors Rocco and Ciccolena shooting in Miorca on the ocean everybody and I mean everybody got sick except me. Try bonine for rough seas. Never have I been in a situation where they were not blowing me but blowing chunks.

ATV2KX64 karma

Hey Ron can you really feel the difference between women’s vaginas ? Do you enjoy any specific porn stars vagina more than any others ? I sort of wonder if it all blends together and a vagina feels like a vagina and the difference between them is not noticeable (married man who only had sex with two other women before marriage and the differences were very minimal)

RonJeremyXXXX7 karma

You are very intelligent, and you are correct. The more experience you have, the more you experience different shapes, a girl's g spot can be in different places to other girls. Some are tighter than others depending if they had a child, I'm sure some moms are more flexible. Less experience would make you tighter of course! The good news, if a woman takes pilates, yoga, various exercises, they can move their muscles and create more or less tightness to fit the penis O-so-Well.

TheHighPython4 karma

What's the grossest thing you've seen while filming?

RonJeremyXXXX11 karma

Sometimes a girl will warn the director that she ate a big meal, and feels a little queazy & wants the anal scene to be gentle. Now here comes the pro in me, if you do doggie style & missionary style, no problem..if the girl rides the actor in either cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, I tell the director that he is an idiot and while I know is a great visual angle, it makes a mess and that always happens. They need to consult me for shooting anal scene lessons. You must go with gravity, gravity is your mess in that position. If they don't listen, BINGO...a mess!

Tsuki_Yama4 karma

What do you think about the future of VR? How far will it (or would you like to see it) go?

RonJeremyXXXX3 karma

Ron Jeremy VR has a great future because is the real deal. The stories are cute, girls are gorgeous, every top agent gave us their girls. real 360 movies, you feel inside a home. Of course, good hot sex as well. All of our guys are good looking! All my experience in directing in a 40 year career came into play.

BoKnows363 karma

Ron, was smoking today listening to sublime and heard them mention you in a few songs, are you a sublime fan?

RonJeremyXXXX12 karma

Yes I am, I produced their first video.

pathword3 karma

How did your career affect your dating life? Family life? What would be your advice to those in this industry to cope with some of the stigmas the career comes with?

RonJeremyXXXX5 karma

My family life didn't really get affected at all. My romantic life of course did. It helped to establish a swing relationship with your significant other to separate real love from real nooki.

SashaTwist3 karma

How would one get into the industry as a screenwriter?

RonJeremyXXXX5 karma

Porn scripts pay very little. The directors write their own, how difficult is "Oh baby, oh baby, it feels so good". You have a better shot sending your script to a B movie that utilizes real scripts. You may meed a literally Agent.


Who was/is your favourite person to work with?

RonJeremyXXXX8 karma

Christy Canyon. Tabatha Stevens. And Sunny Lane.

calculatedperversity3 karma

What was it like to eat those carrots with your head in a cage?

RonJeremyXXXX3 karma

It was very special. That show was called Silent Library. Great ratings and the boys loved seeing me on the show. Great PR. Those guys would love for all their sexual fantasies. There's a lot more fun things to look at than me eating a carrot.

BrownsBrooksnBows3 karma

Hey Ron I met you at the thirsty parrot in Columbia, SC when you were promoting your rum in late 2013/early 2014. You were wearing a shirt with your own face on it and a pair of green crocs. It was a hilarious and legendary night amongst my college friends. Do you still tour around visiting college towns?

RonJeremyXXXX3 karma

Yes, and with that same shirt and crocs. I just came off a set of a Jeff Mullin and Scott movie that was the wardrobe and it as a parody, as always.

snorlz3 karma

thoughts on implants?

RonJeremyXXXX41 karma

I think implants are a big mistake, most men and women like natural (any size). All surgery that is not life or death should never be performed. Mainly because of various infections you can get. And you often need a revisit. So, great. You gotta go back for more surgery. Just don't do it. You look fine the way you are. Hell, I got more tits than I want. Too much buffet.

Canttalkandnotcurse3 karma

Do you believe there is a non-sexually suggestive way to eat a banana?

RonJeremyXXXX10 karma

If a girl plays with it, its a turn on. If she does a nice job sucking on the banana, I would tell her that hshe is very...APPEALING!

BassAddictJ3 karma

Ron, you've cameoed in a handful of non-pornographic films. What was your favorite role to play in a non-porn?

Also, a older hot lady friend of mine once cat called you in a Vegas parking lot a few years ago (think you were all there for the AVNs...she shouted "pull your dick out Ron!". You responded with something along the lines of "I'll laying it out as a speed bump for the cars". Good times.

RonJeremyXXXX3 karma

Boondock saints & Orgasmo! Come back in January to Vegas for our next liaison!

WindowsPeak2 karma

Mr. Jeremy, I'm a fairly well-endowed white male and my girlfriend is Asian and petite. Do you have any tips on how to make sex a little more comfortable for her?

RonJeremyXXXX3 karma

You never have to put the whole thing in. You can take shallow strokes, and spend a lot of time giving her head. That's gonna save the situation.

ExBalks2 karma

Ron Ron Ron....when do you think you’ll retire for good? Who would you like to be sent off by for your last Big Bang?

RonJeremyXXXX4 karma

the day I take a pee by a urinal and somebody notices my cock and balls on the floor I'll say 'ok, time to retire,' then I'll find Pam Anderson and give her the old brajole after using Elmer's glue to put the dick back on.

yogiscott2 karma

Did you have fun making Haunted Trailer? A buddy of mine, Michael Mendoza assisted in production.

RonJeremyXXXX3 karma

The Haunted was a great movie, but a B movie, I played a genie type of ghost that haunts a house, kind of like Beetle Juice.

silenthanjorb2 karma

cats or dogs?

RonJeremyXXXX5 karma


Supa_Cold_Ice2 karma

Hey Ron, how is your mom doing? Tell her i said hi

RonJeremyXXXX5 karma

You are one funny mofo. How dare you steal my jokes. You do the typing, I do the comedy.

Part 2: it's hard to know how my mom is doing because I am too busy fuckin her.

reganomics081 karma

I loved you in Ghostbusters. The way you looked up in shock, it was so believable. Ron, in your own words, tell us... What was going through your mind as that scene was being shot? We all greatly await your answer.

Thank you very much.

RonJeremyXXXX5 karma

Well I got slimed. I met the whole cast & crew. I remember back then Dan Accorroy was shaking up due to the lost of his friend John Bollucci. I got slimmed at a firehouse in Manhattan.