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Pretty awesome you were able to do that for your translator. I had a solid one who in 06 who got killed in Basra by insurgents. Luckily the next one I had survived an attack. He was just as good and was able to work the rest of my tour safe-ish.

Was your interpreter ever victim of an attack?

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Thank you. Thanks for yours as well. Almost the same thing happened to my second interpreter. Did yours ever live on your fob or did he live off base?

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Hey how are you today, Ron?

What is your favorite movie? Band?

Thanks for doing this. Have a good one.

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I have very little respect for their movement. Same as I have very little respect for white supremacists or BLM. I don't believe there is much validity in their cause, meaning I don't see gross fascism being displayed in this country. (Doesn't mean it isn't there, just that I don't see it). My question seeks to remove your personal beliefs from the scenario. Were they able to prove to you or show you how fascism is prevalent or on the rise in our country?

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How deep is the chamber? I'm a skinny, muscular guy so I don't float in pools haha. Does your body rest on the bottom of the chamber or are you fully suspended in water? Is there anything in the water to make you float more, like salt?