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Hi, Leah, thank you for doing this!

I'm sure you know that if you Google your name, one of the first few results is the ridiculous Scientology site that is quite obviously spouting terrible lies about you. I've also noticed that they've created one for Mike, too. It seems bonkers that a so-called 'church' would go to such extremes and even put their name on it (but then, because of your show, we know what extremes they are capable of). Have you tried to get these sites shut down?

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To the wonderful Mike, whose own story has continually made me cry throughout series one, I read on Tony Ortega's website that you haven't seen Benjamin or Taryn for 4,900 days now, which breaks my heart. I read your open letter to your family on your blog. If there was one thing you wanted to say to your eldest kids, what would it be?

I think if it were me, it would be 'Please wake up'...

Keep fighting the good fight, Leah and Mike!

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Thank you for giving your life for the Oceanic Six ;) OK so I know you 're not really Michael Dawson obviously but the show was a huge part of my life for many years. Did you keep any items off the set of Lost when you left?

Also, thanks so much for raising autism awareness, dude.

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My heart hurts reading this. You are a warrior, Ross. Can I ask you your views on gun control in the US? Stay strong xx

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Hola Mr Bacon!

In the UK you're on a TV advert wearing Britney Spears' clothes...

Proof! http://imgur.com/a/aBOzO

My Mum thinks it's absolutely the best ad on telly :) Please can you give a shout out to Mama Bear?

We <3 you Kevin!

Edit: So Kevin had to run, but my lovely Mummy gets several hellos from the reddit world anyway - thanks guys! xxx