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at least you got dem gainz

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he also targeted his friends specifically and shot 2 of his cousins. this case was definitely not stereotypical

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guy in the ghillie suit is the best. its like getting arrested by moss

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sounds like no one really knows but likely a breakup/rejection from one of the girls he shot and a fight involving racial slurs with another kid that got him suspended

*apparently, the above may have been the reason he wanted to commit suicide but he killed his friends so they would be in the afterlife with him. His suicide note states something along the lines of being sorry for taking them with him and "I needed my ride or dies with me on the other side"

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That's barely enough time to complete any sort of meaningful training here in the US.

guessing the training is toned way downs cause its meant for everyone to have some basic idea, whereas the US is all volunteers who are trying to become professional soldiers