Hey all! First time on reddit but you might also recognize me from Sons of Anarchy, Oz and Romeo+Juliet. Going to answer some questions today before the finale of TNT’s Claws that airs 9/8c tonight!

On the show, I play Dean Simms, Desna’s autistic brother, and I wanted to take this opportunity to give back to the community I have the privilege of representing. So I’m launching an app to share exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at upcoming projects, share the adventures I have with my own family, and donating all proceeds this month to the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, an organization run for and by autistic people. Taking on this role has taught me so much about their incredible work educating communities, supporting self-advocacy and improving public perceptions of autism and ultimately creating a world where autistic people can enjoy equal rights and opportunities. Ask away!

EDIT @1:45pmPST: Hey guys, taking a quick break to take my kids to the farmer's market before it closes but I'll be back in a few to answer more questions, promise! You can follow along on my app, it's free to download, but all voluntary proceeds will go to the ASAN. Be back in a sec!

EDIT: Thank you guys for all the great questions, it’s been a blast. Have to jump off now but I’ll continue to answer questions on my app. Download it, let me know what causes are important to you on there, and I’ll pick my favorite, give you a Skype call and we can highlight that cause next! I’ll be watching the finale tonight too so I’d love to get some live questions and comments!

Proof: http://imgur.com/a/vs9Xi

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JasonAnarchy2960 karma

Do people ever shout "Waaaalt" at you in public?

harold_perrineau3616 karma

Unfortunately, all the time.

a_bloody_taco1785 karma


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Megstiel_is_my_OTP390 karma

Came here for this! Waaaalt!

harold_perrineau1171 karma

you and 16,000 other people.

WebbieVanderquack1050 karma

Double homicide notwithstanding, I sympathized with Michael on LOST, and it always bothered me that he seemed to be the one character out of reach of redemption. I mean, even Ben made it to the pre-afterlife "place," and he was responsible for more deaths than Michael.

How do you wish Michael's story had ended?

harold_perrineau1644 karma

So, (double homicide notwithstanding) I've said this before but I think Michael and Walt should have had a chance to be together. I wish Michael could have raised Walt, on the island or back in the real world, because I think Michael was robbed of that opportunity from the beginning. But that's just me.

-selina-761 karma

Thank you for giving your life for the Oceanic Six ;) OK so I know you 're not really Michael Dawson obviously but the show was a huge part of my life for many years. Did you keep any items off the set of Lost when you left?

Also, thanks so much for raising autism awareness, dude.

harold_perrineau1554 karma

Thank you my friend. I did not keep anything from lost because I was so in and out of the show everything thats there needed to stay until the end. Tough I do have a few 8x10s of Josh Holloway that I kiss nightly 😁.

dacalpha331 karma

Do you think Josh Holloway could have played Gambit of the X-Men 10 years ago? I would have loved to see him in that role.

harold_perrineau381 karma


AdlPadl970632 karma

Augustus Hill! Loved you as the voice of Oz, definitely a classic TV show and highly binge worthy.

Do you have any interesting or memorable stories from your years of work on that show? How was the guy who played Adabisi in person? He seems like he'd be a loud, but nice and funny guy

harold_perrineau509 karma

OZ was one of my favorite work experiences. We had such a great group of creative people and we were doing something that had not been done before so it was exciting and scary all at the same time.

During the first season we would do this thing were we would shoot 2 versions of certain scenes. 1 for HBO and 1 for network television but somewhere toward the end of that season we realized that we were NEVER going to be on network TV.

Sticky_3pk113 karma

Oz was one of my favorite shows years ago, and Augustus' words of wisdom were always my favorite parts.

harold_perrineau139 karma

That would be the genius of Tom Fontana

nmmontague583 karma

Hello Mr. Perrineau! I've been a fan since Romeo+Juliet - your Mercutio was brilliant. My question today is about the Autism Self Advocacy Network - what is the most surprising thing you have learned about autism from this work? Would you care to share a favorite interaction?

TheGreyMage183 karma

I second this! u/harold_perrineau As an autistic person, I'd really love to know more about what made you decide to do advocacy for us - thank you, BTW - and why you picked ASAN over other charities?

harold_perrineau671 karma

I answered this somewhere else as well but: I chose ASAN because they are run by and for autistic people. I like that they advocate for equal rights and don't treat Autism as a disease to be cured.

whitetigergrowl528 karma

As a father to two autistic children I wanted to thank you for doing this AMA and supporting those with autism! It means a lot. :)

Which character would you say you feel best represents you? The character that most clearly resembles you as a person?

I've also downloaded and installed your app. I'm proud to be one of your supporters and fans!

harold_perrineau505 karma

Thank you for your post. Means a lot when I hear from parents in the Autism community. I would say Michael from Lost was probably most like me. He wants to be with his kid. He works hard. He's trying to do the right thing.

Thanks for checking out my app. I look forward to actually interacting with my fans there.

deh707435 karma

"WHERE'S MY PUS--... heyyy..?"

  • The Matrix Reloaded

harold_perrineau750 karma

PUSH POP. that's what I was going to say.

scorpion295190 karma

Greetings from Argentina Harold, big fan of your work. Two quick questions: 1. Are you still friends with any other LOST co-star apart from Dan Dae Kim and Josh? 2. You worked with Adewale in both Oz and LOST. Is he a cool guy on set? His characters were a bit creepy lol.

Thanks and keep it up!

harold_perrineau367 karma

Still friends with Dom. Jorge. Just had dinner with Nestor. Michael Emerson. Hear from Foxy from time to time as well as Evie. Love Adawale. He is always a cool guy to work with. Professional, kind. Ian Somerhalder. Love that dude. Who else? Don't want to forget anyone.

losttheoc94 karma

what about terry? :)

harold_perrineau242 karma

Love Terry, just haven't seen him. But if I did, would hug him for sure.

bhmhrex179 karma

First, would like to say I will be donating to this cause. I have $1,000 that I have been saving up in my coin jar to donate to a non profit and after doing some research this would be perfect. I know it isn't much, but I try and donate to one cause per year based on what I can afford.

My question: I know lost was filmed on the island of Oahu. My wife and I happen to be going on vacation there next week. Any suggestions on making the best of the island? Any specific spot we can go to that you would suggest, where filming was done that maybe not a lot of people know about?

harold_perrineau213 karma

This may be my favorite comment of the day. And $1,000 is a lot of money!

Lost was filmed all over the island. There is a tour (I think a bus tour) that you can take that will take you to a lot of the more famous locations.

Fakename998173 karma

What did you find difficult about portraying a person that is autistic?

harold_perrineau365 karma

The trickiest part was trying to connect but not connect with the other actors. I had to find very specific things to focus on in my own brain and it left me confused about what was actually happening in each scene. I hope that makes sense.

CaptainLawyerDude152 karma

Hi Harold! First of all, thanks for working with such as great organization like ASAN. In my own disability advocacy work, I've had the pleasure of working with a number of their board and staff members.

I have two questions: 1) You've had the opportunity to be part of some absolute classic movies and television shows. Is there a roll on a classic show you weren't a part of that you feel would have been perfect for you?

2) How have you (if at all) dealt with pushback from members of the autistic community that feel your role should be played by an autistic person?

harold_perrineau217 karma

Thank you CaptainLawyerDude (awesome name btw) for your work as well on disability advocacy. I'm really glad to have a chance to add my voice to this ongoing conversation. So to your first question, and the answer is boring, there are no movies or television shows that I wish I was a part of. I'm a firm believer in, you get the gigs you are supposed to get. So anything I've seen that is classic was probably done by the right people. Though there are shows I've done that I wish had a longer life. A show called "The Unusuals" for instance. It was so much fun, I wish we could have done it longer. 2nd- I have not had any pushback from the autistic community only great support.

WickedSushi122 karma

Who's your best friend on the set of Claws?

Also, I'm autistic. Thank you for raising awareness.

harold_perrineau99 karma

I work with a bunch of amazing actors on the set. But outside of work I hang out a lot with Jason Antoon who cracks me up.

DerKomissar99119 karma

How many times do you think you've said "WALT!" over the course of your life?

Related, what do you think of this spicy meme? https://i.pinimg.com/736x/23/75/a4/2375a4ccdaafe0a60170ecbad28b6815--nerd-funny-hilarious.jpg

harold_perrineau139 karma

Would have no idea, but prob more than you could imagine. Love the meme...who wouldn't want to get their kid back?

wontonsoupsucka103 karma

What was it like working with Terry O'Quinn on Lost?

harold_perrineau186 karma

Loved working with Terry. He's a lot like his character. Lots of walkabouts, good guy. Great family.

bilateralcosine93 karma

Man, just want to say you've been one of my favorite actors for decades now. No real question, but with the AMA rules in mind, could you please do a buddy cop movie with JK Simmons?

harold_perrineau161 karma

I would love to. I just did 2 indie films in a row with JK, one where I play his therapist. Love that man.

FiggyPudding1880 karma

Hi Harold,

I loved watching you in Lost, which is definitely my favorite tv show ever. Here are my questions:

  1. What was your favorite scene that you acted in on Lost?

  2. What was the funniest moment that happened on the set of Lost?

Thanks so much!

harold_perrineau104 karma

One of my favorite scenes and some of the most fun we had was the scene in the first season when Hurly takes us golfing. We'd been working so hard up to that point, that we really needed a break and to have some fun so that day was filled with much needed laughter and endless pranks

Ronburgundy209974 karma

Hey Harold I'm a big fan of your work. What was it like when you were making The Edge? The filming conditions must've been rough but it's an awesome film.


harold_perrineau137 karma

It was amazing. We were up in Canada and I'd never experienced anything like that before. I was colder than I'd ever been in my life, but I was with Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin so who cared.

Tooblekane70 karma

If you were walking down the street and heard a stranger yelling "WALT!" would you join in?

harold_perrineau197 karma

yes, and start spinning in circles in slow motion.

StephSands62 karma

As someone that works with kids that have Autism, thank you for raising awareness and money!

Were there any previously held stereotypes or biases that were challenged during your time portraying someone with Autism?

harold_perrineau108 karma

playing an autistic person, for me, is pretty challenging because of stereotypes. That's the question I had to constantly as myself and the people around me, am I falling into any stereotyped patterns of speech or behaviors. I kept looking for authentic responses.


What's your favorite kind of lizard?

harold_perrineau196 karma

Don't know anything about lizards. This is for sure a Dom Monaghan question.

theflamingskull55 karma

What was it like working with Christopher Walken, and Harvey Kaitel?

harold_perrineau107 karma

I was so young both times that I was just hoping that I didn't fuck things up. It was exciting though. They are both great actors whose work I really admire.

NotMyNameActually48 karma

Hi Harold! Lost was one of my favorite shows of all time, but you were also great on my favorite "cancelled before it's time" show, The Unusuals. You showed a real gift for comedic acting on that show, so I was wondering if you foresee or plan a return to comedy in your career in the future?

harold_perrineau56 karma

I want to do the spinoff of that show with Adam Goldberg. Its gonna be called Banks and Delahoy. Someone get me Noah Hawley on the horn...

tomparryjones42 karma

How excited are you for the prospect of Constantine joining the wider DC Universe?

harold_perrineau69 karma

I think Matt Ryans Constantine was very underrated. I would love for him to get the chance to show that to the masses. Good dude. Great actor.

Redman200942 karma

why'd you kill Libby?!

harold_perrineau103 karma

had to.

Valerie_is_pissed40 karma

Did the writers/creator have a particular type of affect in mind for Dean or was it collaborative? For lack of better phrasing, do you guys have an autism spectrum consultant? Same thoughts on him being a survivor of sexual abuse.

I really enjoy the show and though I don’t know much about the autism spectrum you seem to be giving a great amount of respect and thoughtfulness in your portrayal (like all your roles).

harold_perrineau47 karma

We did have a consultant and so the effort was a collaborative one. Dean's biggest function was to tie Desna to something very grounded and different from all of the craziness around her.

Nappy022739 karma

Hi Harold! Thank you for doing this AMA and for bringing up the cause of Autism.

I loved you in Lost and Sons of Anarchy!

What was your favorite scene you filmed in Lost? And in SOA?

harold_perrineau81 karma

Favorite Lost scene; Hurly takes us to golf and have some fun. It was a good scene and in real life we needed some fun because we were working our butts off.

SOA; when Jax meets Pope for the first time. I'd never played someone so cool and dangerous. It was fun.

juliette48151639 karma

hi harold, do you have any news from the dogs who played vincent?

harold_perrineau79 karma

No news about those dogs. One was a girl though.

Cathousechicken35 karma

Besides your own, who is your favorite character on Claws and why?

harold_perrineau63 karma

Quiet Ann. Judy Reyes is playing the shit out of that role. And with few words. If you knew her, you would know why I'm saying this. Just fantastic work. every damn episode.

squishynurse35 karma

What's your favorite kind of cheese 🧀?

harold_perrineau85 karma

Going with Havarti

OfficerNedGumbo33 karma

Hello Harold! I hope you're having a good day. My older sister has autism, and she has just graduated college. She's moving out at the end of the month to go live with our brother in Toronto to study at college. She's very nervous about moving out because she has had experiences in the past with being bullied for her autism. She's worried that everyone will see her as autistic, and she seems unsure of herself. And if things get bad, she's worried about not being able to turn to anyone for help out of fear that they will dismiss her because she is different. It's really hard to see her struggle with this. I have a few questions I want to ask, so I can relay them to my sister. Hearing these things from someone outside of our family and friends would be tremendously helpful.

Have you had the chance to work with any autistic people in the industry? Does playing an autistic character help you understand how autism effects the perception of a person? Do you think that autism can hold people back from being happy?

We grew up watching Lost together (WAAAAAALLLT!), and I'm a huge Matrix geek, so seeing an actor I respect and admire standing up for people like my sister. I'm seriously on the verge of tears. Thank you so, so much. You have no idea how conforming it is for me to know that there are other people who care. Thank you

harold_perrineau30 karma

I'll answer your last question first. Being autistic should never stop you from being happy. In fact the more you are your unique self, the happier you are end the more fortunate the world is to have you. There is only 1 you and only you can be that person. (ok, I'll get off my soap box now). Next, yes playing Dean helps me understand the uniqueness of each autistic person and their unique perceptions. And finally, I'm sure I've worked with many autistic people in this business but the label doesn't come up for me so, I can't quite say. Tell your sis I wish her good luck at school.

-selina-33 karma

Did Lost make you afraid to fly?

*edit afraid TO fly, not OF - dammit fat fingers!

harold_perrineau59 karma

Nope. But my wife was already afraid.

HaughtStuff9931 karma

You were really awesome in the Matrix sequels. Those movies didn't get the great rep that they deserve. Did you have any funny experiences with the other actors on the set?

harold_perrineau55 karma

Became great friends with Laurence Fishburne and Gina Torres. We were all in Australia for almost a year, so scuba'd the Great Barrier Reef together with our families, jumped out of airplanes etc. Just a great time.

-selina-31 karma

Hi Harold! What job do you think you would you have in another life, brother?

harold_perrineau67 karma

I would be the middleweight boxing champion or I'd be in the UFC. For sure.

HellsquidsIntl31 karma

Hello, sir. I just wanted to say thanks for supporting ASAN. As the parent of an adult daughter on the spectrum, I greatly appreciate the work that ASAN does to further autistic rights and self-advocacy.

My question, then: There are certainly other groups out there (some of whom the less said the better), so what made you choose ASAN to partner with in particular?

harold_perrineau46 karma

I chose ASAN because they are run by and for autistic people. I like that they advocate for equal rights and don't treat Autism as a disease to be cured.

HookersForDahl201730 karma

You go to McDonald's and get a 10 piece nugget. Do you use Sweet n Sour sauce or Tangy BBQ?

harold_perrineau83 karma

Neither. Definitely don't do sweet and salty. Plain or Ketchup guy.

Sporxx25 karma

Hot mustard, you heathen.

harold_perrineau70 karma

wife gets the hot mustard.

FiftyShadesOfWyatt29 karma

I'm autistic and suffer from OCD and depression, life is hard for me but I make due, graduating. Getting a girlfriend that has been with me for a year and a half. Having a steady job, I can do it so can every one, So I come here for a question. Where is Constantine?

P.s, make that 2 cause your my favorite character. The fuck kinda name is Manny for a gatdang angel

Edit: Also what's your favorite pokemon. Yes I'm serious

harold_perrineau42 karma

Hey Wyatt. Happy to hear you are graduating, and that you have found someone to share your life with.
Constantine was cancelled. Manny may have come from Emmanuel the angel.

I don't know any Pokemons.

70ga27 karma

do you keep in touch with waaaaaaaaalt?

harold_perrineau76 karma

yep. did his music video. we text from time to time, and catch up on social media.

Twat_The_Douche27 karma

I've heard that you've dealt with some interesting fans after your portrayal of Michael on lost.

Does having fans who can't separate the show from the actor cause you to have any regrets for having played that part?

P.s. - My son was just diagnosed with high functioning autism 3 days ago so thanks for raising money for the cause!

harold_perrineau41 karma

No regrets at all. I think invested fans are the best fans.

_Mikau27 karma

Hey Harold

If 28 Months Later was ever made, would you be open to return and play Flynn once again?

harold_perrineau42 karma

100 %

liamquane27 karma

What's it like working with Carrie Preston?

harold_perrineau38 karma

Carrie Preston is awesome. Funny. Amazing actress. Adorable. Genius. Good time. Love her.

SteelyDanny26 karma

Hey Harold. Where'd ya go?

harold_perrineau70 karma

right here.

YoshinoVA25 karma

I have but one question.

Do you think they'll invite you back as Manny in the animated Constantine series on CW Seed?

harold_perrineau30 karma

No idea. Thinking that it will be a different story line, but I'd love to play if they were going that route.

ramsesniblick3rd24 karma

If you could be stuck on a desert island with one character from OZ, who and why?

harold_perrineau45 karma

I'd go with Vern. Turns out he's a really nice dude after all. And we are friends in real life.

liamquane24 karma

How are the 2 new films you have been producing coming along?

harold_perrineau40 karma

They are actually coming along quite nicely. Indie film making is tough, and takes time and patience. But they are really coming along.

kuhpunkt22 karma

Hey Harold, thank you for raising awareness for autism!

My question is... do you know who else auditioned for the role of Michael on LOST? Terrence Howard once claimed that he auditioned and I'm curious if that's true and/or about other actors.

harold_perrineau38 karma

I know that T Howard did, cause we are friends. I honestly can't remember who else did...but we see a lot of the same guys in the same rooms.

WarrenAlaCarte12 karma

Any more Best Man movies coming up? The original was one of my favorite movies growing up.

harold_perrineau21 karma

Malcolm is working on Best Man 3. We all would like to do it. Just need script to come in and the cast is ready to go.

superfly35522 karma

What alternative direction would you have liked to see Michael Dawson take?

harold_perrineau70 karma

Of course reuniting with my son and living happily ever after together.

the_neal_deal17 karma

I was really disappointed when they killed your character off in the first episode of Z Nation. I loved you in LOST and wanted to see more! Any reason you didn't do more episodes?

harold_perrineau34 karma

I was contracted to another show. I always knew it was one episode, and they wanted to hire someone who you'd never thought would die.

Itskevin9115 karma

28 Months later. Can you elaborate?

harold_perrineau42 karma

Don't know much about it, but in my mind, I'm alive and well and got away in my helicopter.

mandibeers14 karma

Hi Harold,

Would you ever consider teaching a one time acting class for your fellow actors?

harold_perrineau20 karma

I would love to. I studied with the great Barbara Marchant, and if I could inspire people as she did me, that would be pretty cool.

CaptionClosed14 karma

Why no mention of Oz? Was it not a good experience?

harold_perrineau18 karma

OZ was a great experience. On set, Tom Fontana, the guys...just the best.

statusquoexile14 karma

I thought you did great as Mercutio....in fact that is your most memorable role for me. I saw it during High School when we were studying Shakespeare. I've enjoyed all of your roles over the years and glad to see you using your exposure to benefit a great cause.

Was Shakespeare a stretch for you to portray? Or was it something you had worked with before? How do you rank/remember that role amongst your others?

harold_perrineau29 karma

A little bit! I'd only ever worked with Shakespeare in school (the Zefirelli classic) and was a little hesitant to jump into it professionally, but that's exactly why they picked me for the role. Most representations are British, traditionally Shakespearean, so I was given the chance to interpret it in a more contemporary way

anuncommontruth11 karma

Probably a bit late now, but my girlfriend and I are going through Oz currently and we both agree this show would not be what it is without you. Thank you for all you do and raising awareness for Autism.

If you do read this, could you give a shout out to my girlfriend Lacy? She would go nuts.

Also, you really don't have to. You're busy and I'm an internet stranger.

Edit: typos

harold_perrineau19 karma

Hi Lacy!! Hope all is well.

FunkiPorcini8 karma

Happy Belated Birthday! You are a phenomenal actor. Do you have much interest in doing Independent films?

harold_perrineau14 karma

Thanks for the bday wishes. I love doing indie films. Just shot one in Buffalo NY called Cold Brook, and it was William Fichtners directorial debut.

phillydaver7 karma

What was it like to work with Jeremy Renner? Also what has been your favorite role that you've played so far? You were awesome in every role I've seen of yours so far!

harold_perrineau22 karma

Working with Jeremy Renner is a good time. Besides the consummate professional, he's just a good dude. One of my best friends to this day.

SkankinWill6 karma

Hey dude, love your work! What's your favorite band?

harold_perrineau21 karma

Ben Harper.

travelersoul5 karma

Thanks for your work both on screen and off.

My question is did you know that the version of Romeo + Juliet is used in high school now? And how does that make you feel?

harold_perrineau13 karma

I do know that R & J is used in high schools now. I think it's great. Our version may make kids want to engage, and that feels good.

dsigns4 karma

Hi Harold, big fan of yours on lost. I work for an organization that holds a conference for Special Ed teachers. Do you do keynotes for conferences?

harold_perrineau4 karma

I have not, but I would. I love teachers. Underpaid, under appreciated.

neifichicken4 karma

What was it like working with Rick Fox on Oz?

harold_perrineau6 karma

Fun. Rick is a good guy. Playing ball with one of the greats was pretty cool.