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About 15 years ago I lived at a house with a pool. I remember one night while drinking we all decided to jump into the pool but one of the guys jumped into the shallow end.

When he stood up, blood just started pouring down his face. He cracked his head open right at the hair line. We took him to the hospital and he got a bunch of stitches and a gnarly scar, and the nick name "Thud" but the realty of it is that it could have ended in a much worse way.

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I've heard that you've dealt with some interesting fans after your portrayal of Michael on lost.

Does having fans who can't separate the show from the actor cause you to have any regrets for having played that part?

P.s. - My son was just diagnosed with high functioning autism 3 days ago so thanks for raising money for the cause!

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You and your friends bought a town. So I've got 2 questions:

1) roughly how much did it cost?
2) who is the mayor?

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Hi Gary,

What sparked your interest in helping military and veterans? Was it some specific event, family history, or related to information you learned through different actong roles?