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whitetigergrowl528 karma

As a father to two autistic children I wanted to thank you for doing this AMA and supporting those with autism! It means a lot. :)

Which character would you say you feel best represents you? The character that most clearly resembles you as a person?

I've also downloaded and installed your app. I'm proud to be one of your supporters and fans!

whitetigergrowl5 karma

A fellow Minnesotan here! Love your movies. Will make sure to check out Before You Go as well.

Any word on the next American Pie?

And what is probably the hardest part of doing the Pie movies? Do you feel sometimes that you may have gotten typecast a bit because of how well you play Stifler?

And can you name one thing you'd like to change, even slightly, with the Stifler character for the next movie?