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Double homicide notwithstanding, I sympathized with Michael on LOST, and it always bothered me that he seemed to be the one character out of reach of redemption. I mean, even Ben made it to the pre-afterlife "place," and he was responsible for more deaths than Michael.

How do you wish Michael's story had ended?

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No, it's not just you. Thanks for answering!

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Apparently The maximum time an individual can go without water is about a week, especially if you're inactive and sheltered from the sun, as you would be in a cattle car.

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It makes her sound like exactly the kind of tutor a lot of parents would want for their kids.

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Not OP, but: the underbite develops so gradually throughout your childhood, and you're changing so much anyway between the age of 5 and 15, that your friends and family don't notice. As someone said to me, "it's not weird, it's just you."

That actually bugged me, because I didn't think it was me.

I didn't have any concept, really, that something dramatic was happening to my face. I just knew I didn't have a great smile, in the same way that some people have an over-large nose or squinty eyes.