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What does Bob Saget smell like?

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If you were walking down the street and heard a stranger yelling "WALT!" would you join in?

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Haha, good answer. I feel bad for asking that after seeing some of your other replies in this thread. Thanks for being a good sport, I promise if I ever see you in person I will not yell things at you.

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I think it's awesome that he remembered one line from a guest spot on a show he did a decade and a half ago. Definitely seems like from this and his other answers, that he genuinely enjoys his work and the people he works with. Very cool.

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I am planning on volunteering and leaving basically as soon as possible, after I've taken care of as much as possible for the time that I'm gone. Is a person like me with no real frame of reference for a situation like this going to be helpful, or could I wind up being a burden? I'll be going through VOAD, not just on my own, so I imagine I'll have a lot of help and guidance, but any advice at all will be welcome. Things to bring or do ahead of time that might not be super obvious, even to people who are experienced?