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_______puff-ery-day186 karma

How's your shoulder?

Noah-and-Sloane168 karma

Who... are you....?


Pubeshampoo99 karma

Well this is awkward

Noah-and-Sloane113 karma

Scared the shit outta me i'll tell you

Pubeshampoo58 karma

Since you're here I'll ask one or two.

How long do you plan on doing this? You said it was for money and you're a student, so I assume you want to pursue a career. What's that career?

Noah-and-Sloane76 karma

I plan on doing it for not long actually - less than 6 months total.

I don't want to give away my career aspirations - if anyone I knew read this it'd probably give me away immediately.

But it's in the healthcare field, generally

Le7o18 karma

you gonna tell future hubby you worked as a hooker?

Noah-and-Sloane10 karma

I really don't know. I may or may not, depends on the circumstances at the time. Perhaps they're someone who doesn't feel they need to know too many details of my sexual history? Or maybe they're more open minded are curious?

too many variables

Le7o3 karma

If he asks if you worked as a hooker and you know he would break up with you if you did, would you lie or say the truth?

Noah-and-Sloane10 karma

I'd tell him the truth, obviously he's not for me

_______puff-ery-day89 karma

Your imgur name is the same...

Noah-and-Sloane105 karma

ah ok well I fucking fixed that connection now. Thanks for pointing that out!

Noah-and-Sloane82 karma

Also my shoulder is still pretty messed up, actually.

asailorssway-2 karma

Dood. Seriously?

_______puff-ery-day12 karma

It's not my fault I'm observant.

Noah-and-Sloane13 karma

More than just observant ;) curious i'd say

Noah-and-Sloane4 karma

? Seriously what?

4i6y6c21 karma

Did you two know each other?

Noah-and-Sloane67 karma

I hope not, but that's what it seemed like for a moment! Thought I just got outed.

Pretty sure they just figured out my other reddit account and got more info from there though..

4i6y6c15 karma

Makes more sense. Also a question for the ama, have you ever rejected a client and if so for what reason

Noah-and-Sloane17 karma

I have. Because he was obviously gay (wearing pvc leather and spiked jewelry and stuff..), about 60, and he stank...

bippsee148 karma

Do you intend to answer these questions for no cost?

Noah-and-Sloane128 karma

Aw I guess I might

time_delay141 karma

If in a country where it isn't legal, what are your thoughts about legalizing prostitution?

Noah-and-Sloane315 karma

It is legal in my country. I think it should be legal everywhere. It makes it a lot safer for everyone involved.

redblueorange138 karma

This. Legalize, tax, and regulate.

wtfpro51541 karma

Exactly. What's wrong with this!?
Feels like everyone wins in this situation.
Legalize to give those a legal way to find an escort worry-free.
Tax it to give the government a reason to legalize it.
Regulate it to prevent any sex-trafficking and underage escorts.

Who loses?

Noah-and-Sloane48 karma

I only found out that it isn't legal in most of the world when I started in the job.. It's bizarre to me.

I'm guessing y'all are mostly Americans??

MadDogTrogg27 karma

It's weird seeing a non-Southerner (and a non-American at that!) use the word y'all.

Noah-and-Sloane8 karma

One of my bestest friends is a Southerner - I've picked it up :D A lot of people get confused by my accent in real life too - a couple of times a week at least, people will tell me I have a twang in my voice

Odd-Richard3 karma

Am a southerner. Can confirm that sooner or later we will assimilate the whole world into our accent. It's only a matter of time.

Noah-and-Sloane3 karma

I hope so!

Nickkmobile134 karma

Condoms mandatory?

What about during oral?

Is finishing on you allowed?

Edit: sorry i asked my questions like a robot lol Thanks for doing this AmA

Noah-and-Sloane51 karma

Condoms mandatory for oral and penetrative sex.

I've allowed one guy to finish on me.


JonEasy4 karma

What was special about this client? A regular?

Noah-and-Sloane29 karma

I just wanted him to stop fucking me to be honest. And he asked. So I was like sure get the fuck outta me and jack yourself off

RpgTips111 karma

What was or is your relationship with your father like?

Noah-and-Sloane128 karma

Distant, uninvolved. He was somewhat of a workaholic, traveled a lot. My parents divorced when I was 8 and I didn't see him again til I turned 16 (mother wouldn't let me til that point.)

I got close to my step-dad after my mother remarried but then he carked it while I was a teen too.

RpgTips59 karma

Thank you. All the best.

Noah-and-Sloane84 karma

For my own curiosity - why did you choose to ask this question specifically?

Klexal52 karma

Presumably because there's an association with prostitutes having "daddy issues".

Noah-and-Sloane43 karma

So Freudian

enigma2g2 karma

Well your clearly Aussie.

Noah-and-Sloane7 karma

I'm not actually.. was that because of my use of the phrase "carked it"?

I guess that is an Australian phrase!

Amrit220699 karma

were u scared the first time?

Noah-and-Sloane182 karma

I was extremely nervous, especially because they'd given me a nice gentle man who wanted lovemaking type of sex.. I'm a bit raunchier than that and don't engage in "love making" in my personal life so it made it hard, I really had to ACT, not just have sex.

Adnan_Targaryen42 karma

Do you still have to act or it comes more naturally now?

Noah-and-Sloane113 karma

For GFE (Girlfriend experience) type of clients, again, those wanting lovemaking and spooning.. That is all an act from me.

But with my more straight up and down sexual clients I don't have to act :)

Wartortlesthebestest93 karma

How much do you charge?

Noah-and-Sloane152 karma

$400 an hour is the base rate

KeatonMaskSoldier37 karma

Lets say I don't need an hour... Could I get 5 minutes for $33.33?

Noah-and-Sloane22 karma

60 minutes is the minimum amount of time clients can book for.

kurtis117 karma

What is included in the base rate? What causes you to charge more? Do you charge ugly/fat dudes extra?

Noah-and-Sloane15 karma

It includes any combination of drinking, having conversation, kissing, showering together, flirting, grinding, lapdance, oral, sex, massage, manual sex, cuddling, roleplay etc

I charge more if they're wanting fantasy/fetish type of stuff.. Also in massage any extras beyond actual massage and a handy (xD) are additional (kissing, intimate touching etc).

Rosepetalwitch63 karma

Whats the worst part of your job?

Have you had a "I don't know if being an escort is the career I want anymore" moment?

Noah-and-Sloane112 karma

The worst part of my job is paranoia about STDs and pregnancy.

I have definitely had those moments - but only when I've ignored what my body is telling me. It really depends on my (menstrual) cycle too - if I'm ovulating the work is easy, if i'm at a non-fertile part of it and I try to work everyday, I start to feel smothered and violated and yuck. That would be another "worst" part of the job - it takes a lot of emotional energy.

thethinkingguy16 karma

This was something I was wondering about. During ovulation, is work easier because hormones? Do you also feel more a change in your behaviour as well?

Noah-and-Sloane13 karma

yes yes yes 100 times yes.

My hormones control me. There's about 6 days each cycle where I have no sex drive at all, and during active ovulation I go howl-at-the-moon-insane if I don't get enough sex.

Arektoteles63 karma

Do you enjoy the sex at work? And do you still have/enjoy private sex? What are things you won't do?

Noah-and-Sloane108 karma

I sometimes really do enjoy it - sometimes I really cum. Sometimes I don't mind it. Occasionally it makes my skin crawl.

I guess I kind of don't have a lot of sex in my personal life at the moment.. But that's due to distance. I have been wondering how different it'll feel to have sex with someone I'm truly attracted to! It's like i've forgotten a bit..

I won't do anal - but most things are on the cards. Some of the work I've done has been fulfilling very specific fantasies.

Blunt1nstrument72 karma

Occasionally it makes my skin crawl.

This is why I wouldn't want to see an escort. I have no issues with paying for sex, and while I don't think i'm actually downright ugly or anything - i'm definitely nothing more than maybe average looking at best. it would creep me out though having sex with someone that might be disgusted by me or something and only really willing for the $$. and it seems like the better looking the girl the more i'd think this was the case haha. which is irony, cause if i was going to pay for sex, i'd probably wanna pay for someone thats way outta my league in the looks department haha.

Noah-and-Sloane8 karma

The ones who disgusted me - it wasn't about their looks. Obviously in part it is, but mostly it's about hygiene. If you're obviously CLEAN, you trim your pubes (SERIOUSLY MEN, doooo iiiiittttttttt, even better - shave), if you're not very overweight, and you're friendly - we don't mind servicing you. It's our job. We don't expect all our clients to be hot. We just want to make people happy so if you're amenable and show appreciation etc then we'll have a good/at least reasonable experience too. It's the cold and detached creepy assholes who smell weird that I don't enjoy.

Or also when they get too intimate after sex with the spooning. That gets creepy too after a few minutes.

Arektoteles10 karma

Interesting. Is it more the mood you're in or is the client the factor that makes it enjoyable/repulsive? Are the majority of your clients attractive since you work in an upper class environment? Ahh so many questions :)

Thanks for doing this btw!

Noah-and-Sloane6 karma

I think it's more my mood than the client.

No they aren't more attractive because they're upper class - quite the opposite!! I found that the young bucks go to the cheaper places. The higher price attracts older, wealthy men.

TTTT2751 karma

Your proof should reference your username.

How did you get started in this line of work?

How much do you make in a typical week?

Noah-and-Sloane64 karma

I'll get a photo with my username when I go in tomorrow :)

As written below, I got started out of pure curiosity.

I don't make as much as you might think. I take one or two clients most days a week. About half of those are sensual massage only (which pays much less).

But I'd say roughly $2000 a week - sometimes more sometimes less

Adnan_Targaryen96 karma

I don't make as much as you might think


I'd say roughly $2000 a week


Noah-and-Sloane42 karma

So is that about what you'd think? I thought escorts would earn more to be honest!

Blunt1nstrument28 karma

I mean, based on an average 6 day week and 1 hour per client with 2 clients a day, it looks like you would earn about 150-200$ an hour. Thats a fairly respectable amount. im sure some earn more, and im sure many earn less.

Noah-and-Sloane21 karma

You're exactly right - some earn more, many earn less.

Adnan_Targaryen26 karma

Well, I guess it's not that much considering the work that goes in it.

Just a joke on how broke I am.

Noah-and-Sloane16 karma

For what it is I feel that it's not all that much.. :) Guess you could consider a new line of work haha

yuckyucky11 karma

does 'sensual massage' mean a happy ending massage, rub and tug type situation?

Noah-and-Sloane32 karma

Yeah it means me sliding my oiled up body all over him and then rub nd tug o.O

FaceballsMcBallface51 karma

What do you think about circumcised vs uncircumcised?

Noah-and-Sloane80 karma

I prefer uncircumcised, they're much easier to handle :)

But really I don't mind

Arektoteles32 karma

easier in which sense?

Noah-and-Sloane91 karma

Easier in that you can use the foreskin to cover the head, so you don't have to use as much lube/worry about overstimulating them.

KingKnee43 karma

Do you like movies about gladiators?

Noah-and-Sloane19 karma

Can't say I've seen many/if any :)

888Yawaworht40 karma

How/why did you start?

Noah-and-Sloane165 karma

I started as a kind of fetish fulfilment/adventure.

I was curious about the industry. I needed to get laid.. Dating apps were depressing me because everyone seemed to be asking me for sex immediately.. so I thought why not get paid if I'm gonna go out there and have casual sex anyway..

Murdvac39 karma

Are you in an area where prostitution is legal?

Noah-and-Sloane58 karma

Well it's decriminalized actually

Scottler38 karma

Are the stereotypical substance abuse problems true?

Noah-and-Sloane56 karma

In the parlour I checked out it looked like they could be true.

Not at my regular (nice) workplace - though we have one alcoholic girl I suppose... But she's not a mess of an alcoholic (yet).

TheBlondeGal36 karma

Do you have a boyfriend? If so, is he okey with everything?

Noah-and-Sloane55 karma

I have a non-monogamous partner. He doesn't always feel so great about what I do.

buttman67836 karma

What's the creepiest client story you have?

Noah-and-Sloane100 karma

Creepiest.. Well my second client ever was a disabled man, very tiny and skinny and resembling a gremlin. He couldn't get hard but proceeded to thrust his flaccid cock against me for an hour :/

I came outta that pretty thoroughly creeped.

Generally the guys aren't creepy - some a little awkward maybe..

Blunt1nstrument44 karma

You might find this either really funny, or really traumatizing

Noah-and-Sloane37 karma

I'd actually seen that video long before joining the industry :) Probably served as inspiration to be honest!

buttman67814 karma

Just a bit curious... How big is big enough?

Noah-and-Sloane18 karma

As in.. size of the person? or size of their... members...

buttman67817 karma

Their members.

Noah-and-Sloane31 karma

6-8 inches is a good length :)

Agamemnon3233 karma

Which is more important, girth or length?

Noah-and-Sloane4 karma

Oohh I couldn't say.. Both equally, really

qtm124 karma


Noah-and-Sloane48 karma

Not me - but a few of the girls have done superheroes... Like.. Wonderwoman, Batgirl etc haha

kaante18 karma

Hi. How you doing?

Fave Simpsons character?

Noah-and-Sloane23 karma

I'm doing great thanks! How about yourself? xD

My favorite would be Abe!

doubbg18 karma

Do you have any STDs?

Ever turn down a client?

What are your true views of the clients that you sleep with?

Noah-and-Sloane31 karma

At my last STD check two weeks ago I was clean of any STDs, but it is a legitimate concern.

In the parlour (I only worked two nights there, just to see the difference!) i turned down every second guy...

My view of the clients totally depends on who they are as a person. Some of them are interesting, intelligent, engaging, nice people. Some are misogynists and simply looking for a hole to unload their balls into. Some are hideous and boring. It really depends - but mostly I don't judge them for being my clients - I make my judgement based on my assessment of their qualities.

princelabia4 karma

Why every second guy?

Noah-and-Sloane5 karma

Because they were gross and I'd rather wait for another. The men were for my picking there, not the other way around (to an extent hah).

FirePower300018 karma

How often have you encountered men with STDs?

What did you do when you did realise they had an STD?

Noah-and-Sloane23 karma

I haven't encountered any men with obvious STDs. If I did I would turn them away and recommend them to get treatment.

zakte9617 karma


Noah-and-Sloane5 karma

He was 19, and a virgin.

I prefer experienced men for sure, but teaching less experienced guys is also fun.

bhishmapitamah13 karma

Hey, thanks for the AMA. 2 questions:

How long do you intend to go on.

You said STDs worry you, do you also do bareback?

Noah-and-Sloane25 karma

Not long - I plan to be in the industry less than 6 months total

I absolutely do NOT do bareback

Suprasong9 karma

Who had the biggest dick?

Noah-and-Sloane33 karma

Gavin, the Irish lad

Dreadedsemi9 karma

How much?

Noah-and-Sloane17 karma

Depends on what is being asked of me.

Base rate is $400 an hour.

bravobracus9 karma

What's the ratio between married/unmarried guys in your clientele?

Noah-and-Sloane27 karma

I don't think my experience has been typical - about 20% married. I thought it'd be a lot greater.

bravobracus8 karma

Yeah, I would have guessed at least a 50/50 ratio

Noah-and-Sloane15 karma

That was my expectation, too. Unless they take their rings off!

Adnan_Targaryen10 karma

Maybe they don't always admit they are married. Who knows.

Noah-and-Sloane7 karma

I always look for the ring.

JimMorrisonGod7 karma

Im curious about what made you choose this career. Is it enjoyable to you or is it just for money?

Noah-and-Sloane17 karma

I chose it initially because i'm sexually adventurous and wanted to see if I COULD do it.

Then I found out I was good at it, and I got addicted to the rush I suppose..

imagine_amusing_name5 karma

if we ask the wrong question do we get charged?

Noah-and-Sloane14 karma

No wrong questions :)

O-shi2 karma

Have you ever called the police on a John?

Noah-and-Sloane8 karma

Nope, never had anything remotely close to an issue that would require police.

WiseWordsFromBrett1 karma

Why not show your face in the picture? Is that a legal concern?

Noah-and-Sloane20 karma

To protect my personal privacy. Not a legal concern - I'm not breaking any laws :)

eristic11 karma

Do you have a home on whore island?

Noah-and-Sloane1 karma

...? Can you elaborate please

seksMasine1 karma

Is Das Boot the best movie?

Noah-and-Sloane2 karma

Never seen it!

Gigibop0 karma

I require more proof, asking for a friend

Noah-and-Sloane1 karma

Will get it tomorrah

vtjfvkc1-6 karma

Is type 2 diabetes an STD, or is it just type 1?

Noah-and-Sloane2 karma

I can't tell if you're uninformed or if I am, or if you're simply fucking with me

[deleted]-19 karma


sockmess18 karma

Every profession is prostitution. We give time for cash. Some get their hands dirty, some get their genitals dirty.

Noah-and-Sloane10 karma

Yeah - most of us are selling our asses for the man, one way or another..

Also my genitals don't actually get dirty with the whole condom thing. Covered in lube perhaps. So ok I guess you're right.

Noah-and-Sloane13 karma

Well, according to the redpill, a whore is the only honest woman..

Also I'm a student - I'm on my way to a completely different vocation. This is merely for my personal entertainment and some extra cash.