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Ask and ye shall receive!Thank you so much!

Edit: Wow! Thank you so much, anonymous wiseman carrying gold! Merry Christmas to you! (Photo has since been removed. Thanks to all who enjoyed it!)

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I introduced my kids to Home Alone just last night! Thanks for that! They laughed at all of your physical gags, so I've got to ask, just so I can tell them, what were your favorite and least favorite moments shooting the movie? Happy holidays!

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Congratulations, America. Shitting has become a partisan topic.

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Colonel, how does flying the Blackbird compare to some of the other types you've experienced over your career? Thank you for your service and your time, sir!

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It varies. From my quick research, FDNY starts at about $43,000 and LAFD starts at about $51,000. Those salaries, however, are very small considering the cost of living in those cities.