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And you have to be attractive.

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Retired from porn isn't the same as being retired from work.

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On the other hand the wages are so insanely high if you don't find some way to blow your six figure salary you can buy a house for cash.

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That moment when he's free soloing El Capitan and just casually walks past some climbers that spent the night is amazing! To climb that mountain with ropes you've got to be a very serious rock climber. I can't imagine having spent all that time planning, training, and preparing all your safety equipment, food, tent, water, etc. for the climb. You spend the previous day climbing and then spend the night part way up this sheer rock face. Only to wake up to see some guy casually strolling past you with zero safety equipment of any kind.

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Phew, mine is right inner thigh. I'll be fine.