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Occasionally it makes my skin crawl.

This is why I wouldn't want to see an escort. I have no issues with paying for sex, and while I don't think i'm actually downright ugly or anything - i'm definitely nothing more than maybe average looking at best. it would creep me out though having sex with someone that might be disgusted by me or something and only really willing for the $$. and it seems like the better looking the girl the more i'd think this was the case haha. which is irony, cause if i was going to pay for sex, i'd probably wanna pay for someone thats way outta my league in the looks department haha.

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You might find this either really funny, or really traumatizing

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Because that makes it harder to commit fraud?

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I mean, based on an average 6 day week and 1 hour per client with 2 clients a day, it looks like you would earn about 150-200$ an hour. Thats a fairly respectable amount. im sure some earn more, and im sure many earn less.

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Well, it seemed the site was struggling with all the extra reddit attention. Cloudflare would also reduce stress like that. It would also distribute it around the world, so someone on one side of the world wouldnt need to go to wherever its hosted to get the files. Just an idea for you.